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eNotes is one of the most essential tools for students who are struggling with their studies. It is more like a learning website that provides educational material for young minds. They aim to deliver helping notes to students for completing their home assignments. It was established by Brad Satoris and Alexander Bloomingdale in the year 1998 and had been serving students to date. In order to get access to their portal, you require an active enotes account. The information provided on the portal is highly researched and accurate to the most precise readings. Apart from the students, hundreds of teachers are also associated with their source of knowledge. Today, we are going to discuss some ways using which you can get a free eNotes account in 2021. This will help you to directly connect with them and read their astonishing study material.

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Subscription Price

All of the eNotes features come along with a price tag. For the sake of getting answers and educational notes, you have to subscribe to their annual or monthly plan. They will charge you $14.95 for the eNotes subscription of one month. Also, this plan will include benefits like 100% ad-free content, allowance of 4 PDF file downloads in the month, and other content available for free.


On the other hand, the annual subscription will cost you $24.99, and it is considered the most effective deal. Apart from giving monthly subscription perks, it includes several other advantages. Also, if you are looking for long term assistance, the annual plan is worth spending the money on. Apart from this, the next section contains ways to get a free enotes account for yourself.

How to Get a Free eNotes Account?

Many students always look for an alternative to get free notes for their completing their homework. As mentioned earlier, enotes is a paid educational platform that urges you to buy their various subscription plans. Rather, we will tell you to get free enotes account and get a subscribed account perks without actually buying it.

Free Trial

The enotes website also allows the users to start a free trial to get an overview of the subscription perks. This trial only stands valid for 48 hours, and after that, you can’t access the answers. In case there is an assignment deadline, and you only require enotes for a short period of time, it is advisable to get the free trial.

free enotes account

You only need to fill in the details followed by the enotes login and password to create the account. This is valid once per user, and you have to create a different account to get the free trial next time. You can use this method as long as you want. However, the only condition is that each time, you must log in from a new enotes account.

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Free Account Generator

Several online websites offer a free accounts generator that does exactly what it is called. You just have to perform some simple tasks, followed by sharing the page on various social media platforms.

free account
Free Account

One of the most popular websites is Free Accounts that is responsible for providing free enotes account. You will receive the enotes username and password after successfully commenting on the website itself.

Google Chrome Trick

This is one of the simplest ways to read any answer on enotes without paying any money. This trick, however, only works on Google Chrome, and other browsers don’t support this method. You might have seen that the first part of the answer is visible to the free account users while the rest of it is blur. You have to follow the given steps to read the complete answer on the website.

google chrome
Google Chrome
  1. Right-click on the hidden section and click the Inspect option available on the dialog box.
  2. A new section will appear and look for the line “hh-box__answer__text redacted anon-hide obscured”
  3. Double click on it and change it to “none.”
  4. Close the tab by clicking the exit button on the top-right side of the inspection page
  5. The complete answer will get visible, and you can enjoy your free enotes account.  

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Accuracy of Answers

All of the educational material available on eNotes are by experts of respective fields. Some of them are actual professors and teachers who are providing lectures to the students. Moreover, after creating a free enotes accounts and submitting each piece of the paragraph, it goes through a proper editing process. The answers are analyzed word by word, and the editorial team makes sure that the data is correct. Moreover, the level of originality does not change, and everything remains normal. In the end, the answers are published by the experts for the general users to preview. You can rely on the accuracy of the subject as everything is helpful and precise. Hundreds of enotes accounts are making use of this beneficial service.

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It is safe to state that eNotes have come a long way from their initial days in the community. Today, almost every child is aware of their benefit and extremely useful information. The eNotes team will leave no stone unturned to bring out the best in the young scholars. Create a free enotes account on their online website and get started. There is no doubt that the teachers who have joined the portal will help you in every way possible. Each and every resource on the website is quite helpful, and you can search the study material accordingly.

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