Before informing you about the easiest and safest ways to get a free eNotes account, we would like to tell you all about what eNotes is.

eNotes is an educational website that brings educators and students together to streamline the teaching-learning process. Founded in 1998 by Brad Satoris and Alexander Bloomingdale, the site provides material that helps students understand concepts, complete their homework, and study for their exams. While eNotes is most famous for its literary criticisms and reviews, the platform hosts content on a wide range of topics beyond just English Literature. 

One of the most significant assets of the website is that most of its content is provided by teachers and professors, undergoing rigorous scrutiny and analysis before being posted. eNotes also facilitates active communication between students and educators via the homework help portal, allowing doubts to be clarified without delay. Thus, eNotes is a website that significantly benefits many students as they embark on their academic journey. Hence it is essential for a student to have a free eNotes account.

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How To Get A Free eNotes Account?

Many students always look for an alternative to get free notes for their completing their homework. As mentioned earlier, enotes is a paid educational platform that urges you to buy their various subscription plans. Rather, we will tell you to get free eNotes account and get a subscribed account perks without actually buying it.

Method 1: eNotes Free Login Accounts and Passwords 2023

Method 2: Free eNotes Account By Free Trial

Perhaps the most straightforward option, eNotes, provides a 48-hour free trial for new members. This is one of the most basic as well as easy methods that one can use. The website offers a trial for 48 hours wherein one can have an in-general idea about the entire yearly subscription plan of the website. This is one of the easiest ways to get a free eNotes account.

The only impediment to this method is that the free trial lasts only for two days, and you can only access the answers for that period. After that, the answers get blurred if the subscription is not bought. 

free enotes account

You can only use this method per user, and to get another trial, you must create a separate, new account. This way, by creating new accounts, again and again, you can use this method of free trials several times. 

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Method 3: Free Account Generator

Several online websites offer a free account generator tool that generates free eNotes account for you. But, first, you will have to perform a few simple tasks, followed by sharing their page on various social media platforms. This will reveal a never-ending list of sites that generate new free eNotes accounts or provide login information for existing accounts utterly free of cost. Some areas may even give the details for premium accounts loaded with extra benefits if one is lucky.

free account
Free Account

One such website that provides free eNotes account is Free Accounts. You will receive the eNotes username and password after you have completed the tasks on the website itself. With these free account-generating websites, the login details are sent immediately in the comments section once you have posted your comment altogether. 

Method 4: Inspect On Google Chrome Trick

Another method to get free eNotes account is using Inspect on Google Chrome trick. This method works only if the browser uses Google Chrome, as no other browser allows this method to be used. This is the easiest way to unblur the blurred part of the answers. To do that, follow the below-given steps:

google chrome
Google Chrome
  1. Right-click on the hidden section and click the Inspect option available on the dialog box.
  2. A new section will appear and look for the line “hh-box__answer__text redacted anon-hide obscured”
  3. Right-click on it and then select “Edit attribute” from the dialog box. Then change it to “none.”
  4. Close the tab by clicking the exit button on the top-right side of the inspection page
  5. The complete answer will get visible, and you can enjoy your free eNotes account.  

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Method 5: Disabling Of JavaScript

 Another method for having free eNotes account is that if one’s browser has enabled JavaScript, that needs to be disabled. This can be done by following the below-given steps:

  • Pressing “Ctrl+Shift+P” or “Command+Shift+P” (for Mac) on the keyboard so that Command Menu starts.
  • Type “JavaScript.”
  • Select “Disable JavaScript.”
  • Press “Enter” so that the command is run and the honest answer is visible.

Method 6: Control+U Trick

This method enables the user to view the complete answer in a new tab that consists of the coding for the entire eNotes page instead of a free eNotes account. To do that, follow the given steps.

  • One must go to the answer for which an entire solution is required.
  • Press “Ctrl+U” so that a new tab with coding opens.
  • Press “Ctrl+F” so that a tiny search box appears.
  • Type “date” and search for it until the question is found on that page. As that part is read further, you can see that the honest answer is visible. You don’t even need a free eNotes account now.

Method 7: Download enotes-pass

enotes-pass is an extension that allows students to view hidden content on the eNotes website, and others, by removing the blur and purchase advertisements.


This extension/app currently works on the following websites:


You don’t have to make a new free eNotes account for this method.

You can find the extension here

Method 8: Inspect Element Technique

 Another method to create free eNotes account is this Inspect element technique. This is by far the most complex technique on this list. However, after a few repetitions, it is easily the most effective trick. You must note that this technique does not give the user access to an account; it only allows the user to read the blurred/redacted answers. Thus, it would be best if you repeated it each time an answer is to be revealed.

As of the time of composing this article, this trick has not been patched by eNotes. The steps involved in this technique are as follows:

  1. Load up the eNotes page with the desired answer.
  2. Right-click on the screen and select the “View Page Source” option.
  3. This should bring up a new screen. On this screen, press Ctrl + F and type in “dateCreated.”
  4. On pressing enter, you will locate the first instance of this term in the source code.
  5. A short scroll downwards will reveal the term “text,” followed by the answer.
  6. This answer can then be copied and pasted into another document, allowing the answer to be viewed in its entirety.

Method 9: Web Portals

Several websites provide free eNotes accounts and their passwords. Most of them are genuine and can log in to the portal and access all the answers/information for free.

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Method 10: Online Coupons And Codes

If one is looking for ways to use free eNotes account without paying the hefty subscription fee, this may be a suitable alternative. eNotes themselves provide coupons and codes that grant benefits such as a free 2-day trial or up to 70% discounts. These coupons are aggregated by several websites and are usually verified before being posted.

However, a demerit of this method is that these coupons may not always provide free access to content, and hence, searching for the right coupon or code may be a time-consuming process.

Method 11: Alternative Websites

Besides the techniques listed above, many other educational websites provide content similar to what is found on eNotes. In many cases, the content locked for non-members on the eNotes website may be free to access another website.

Hence, if students are only concerned about the content, they can explore the vast expanse of the internet to locate the resources they require. You can use this method instead of going through the hassle of creating a free eNotes account.

What Are eNotes Features?

Students can finish their schoolwork/ assignments/projects with no trouble and pointless exploration, and you can be more productive in your instructional life. There is a different segment on the portal for tests. More example questions are available on the site for students who will take the test.

eNotes has been selflessly serving as an educational application and website since the beginning. One of the most outstanding accomplishments of the platform is that it is one of the most downloaded applications from all over the world. Before knowing how to get a free eNotes account, let us have a look at its features.

  1. eNotes provides several study guides, which experienced teachers and scholars write.
  2. They make sure that every direction meets the needs of high schools and undergraduate college professors, and children.
  3. Lesson plans are also provided, showing all the teacher’s tasks while teaching a particular lesson.
  4. Another facility allows students and teachers to upload the material they have prepared during lectures to help others study. 

Subscription Price

However, like most other educational websites, these benefits come at a price. The website requires the user to pay a $14.99 monthly fee or $49.99 annual subscription fee (without discount) to enjoy access to the web site’s resources, among other related benefits. 

The monthly plan will charge you $14.95 for the eNotes subscription of one month. Also, this plan will include benefits like 100% ad-free content, allowance of 4 PDF file downloads in the month, and other content available for free.


On the other hand, the annual subscription will cost you $24.99, and it is considered the most effective deal. Apart from giving monthly subscription perks, it includes several other advantages. Also, if you are looking for long term assistance, the annual plan is worth spending the money on. 

Many students are either unwilling or cannot afford to pay this subscription fee, negatively impacting their education in the process.

We believe that these students should have the right to learn, regardless of their financial situation. Hence, we have taken it upon ourselves to compose this article and help such students access their desired resources without worrying about the cost. Hence, the next section contains ways to get a free eNotes account for yourself.

Accuracy of Answers

All of the educational material available on eNotes are by experts of respective fields. Some of them are actual professors and teachers who are providing lectures to the students. Moreover, after creating a free enotes accounts and submitting each piece of the paragraph, it goes through a proper editing process. The answers are analyzed word by word, and the editorial team makes sure that the data is correct. This is the reason why students are hyped-up with the idea of a free eNotes account.

Moreover, the level of originality does not change, and everything remains normal. In the end, the answers are published by the experts for the general users to preview. You can rely on the accuracy of the subject as everything is helpful and precise. Hundreds of free eNotes accounts are making use of this beneficial service.

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It is safe to state that eNotes have come a long way from their initial days in the community. Today, almost every child is aware of their benefit and extremely useful information. The eNotes team will leave no stone unturned to bring out the best in the young scholars. Create a free eNotes account on their online website and get started. There is no doubt that the teachers who have joined the portal will help you in every way possible. Each and every resource on the website is quite helpful, and you can search the study material accordingly.

We hope this guide on how to get free eNotes account is useful to you. Let us know your experiences in the comments section below!

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