This is a complete TONOR TRL-20 Review. We all want to look perfect on the camera while recording or attending a meeting. The cameras we use for these purposes are designed to adjust automatically with the surrounding light. And usually, dull, shady, and dark faces (no light at the beginning). ring light

The selfie ring light can save your day every day. Ring lights are LED lights arranged in a circle with various color modes and brightness. The ring light is used for recording videos for Youtube, Instagram, or tick-tok. You can even use it to attend meetings online and while streaming live.

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When the bright light touches your face, no shadow or dullness remains. It adjusts the light around you on its own so that your face visibly brightens up. Good morning is all you need to enhance video quality and visibility.

How To Set Up The TONOR TRL-20 Ring Light

In this section, you’ll understand how to set up the TONOR TRL-20 ring light with the tripod. This TONOR TRL-20 review will tell you everything you need to know. The tripod is user-friendly, and nothing in the tripod or ring light is complicated. You can assemble everything quickly, and it also comes in a portable bag that is portable and easy to manage.

The below steps elaborate on using a tripod and arranging the ring light with the stand.

  1. This tripod functions like regular ones. The tripod’s three legs can be stretched out easily to increase its height. So do that and choose a level till where you want. To move the center rod, release the nut and pull it upward or downward as per your requirements.tripod
  2. Now you need to set the angle. You will find a pan in the center that you can move around. With this panhandle lock nut, you could move it horizontally. It can go left, right, forward, and backward. Using this mechanism, you can set the angle.
  3. Now on the top, you will find a release plate. Unscrew it from the tripod and attach it to the ring light. Fit back the release plate with the ring light. Now screw the phone mount in the ring light threaded hole. The ring light cable has a USB-C connector. Connect it to the spare iPhone charger and plug the charger into the socket. In the line, you get a controller with four control buttons. Turn on the power button and check which angle and distance suit you.unscrew from tripod

Further in the article, we’ll understand the correct way to use the ring light and more about it.

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How To Use A Ring Light For Youtube, Zoom, and Live Streaming

In this section, you’ll understand to use the ring light for three different purposes.

We see a lot of youtube videos that are perfectly recorded, and it seems like a dream. Sometimes we don’t know what we have been missing while recording, and lighting could be one of the factors you couldn’t think of.

ring light

It is possible that you might be using the ring light but incorrectly. Or the color modes you have chosen do not fit the light around you. Knowing the correct method to use the ring light and get the best results is essential. That’s why we have tried to give honest TONOR TRL-20 review to help you with streaming online.

People record various videos like dancing, makeup, singing, tutorials, and much more. And all these videos are mostly recorded via phone, and the phone light ring makes the best video with perfect lighting.

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The correct way to record is always to place your phone in the center of the ring. It will eliminate the shadows and see bright light highlighting you. youtubeSetting your camera away from the ring light will highlight shade as well. 


During and after covid, most of the offices and schools preferred working from home. And thus, office meetings, classrooms, and the rest of the world shifted online. And now, people like doing most of the tasks online.

To attend any meeting on Zoom, people mostly use laptops or computers. Not all laptops or computers have a high-quality web camera; thus, the quality gets even lower due to insufficient light. It affects your communication with people over call.zoom

Place the ring light behind and slightly above the screen. This is the correct way to use a ring light. If you wear glasses, the ring light will reflect in your lenses. To avoid this, place it sidewards and not directly in front of you.

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Live Streaming

People stream live while playing games or doing some other activities. For fun, it is usually done through laptops where players play live, and all of that is being recorded. 

The same situation also occurs here, just like Zoom through laptops or computers. You should similarly place the ring light to get better video quality. live streaming

In the case of other activities, it can be done through either device, phones, or webcams. You can apply the same method discussed in the youtube and zoom sections.

Features of TONOR TRL-20 Ring Light

After you know how to set up the ring light and the tripod, let us talk about the features you will have access to with the TONOR TRL-20 ring light. We have mentioned all the features in this TONOR TRL-20 review which must be known.

  1. Connectivity Technology: You can connect it to a USB with wireless Bluetooth.
  2. Color Modes: TONOR TRL-20 provides you with dimmable light. It has three color modes: natural, more relaxed, and warmer, suitable for any use. You can record or attend meetings with any of the 10 brightness levels.colour modes
  3. Color Temperature: Its color temperature ranges from 2700K-6500K.
  4. Quality Light: It comes with 160 high-quality LEDs bulbs. Its brightness is enhanced 30% more than the 10-inch.
  5. Life Span: It gives you over-voltage protection. Its electrostatic shield technology increases its life to 20000H.features
  6. Tripod Stand: The upgraded tripod has four retractable sections through which you can adjust its height to 52-inches. The tripod stability gives you an accurate angle. The Samsung and the iPhone can fit into the phone holder.

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What Do You Get With A Ring Light?

In the TONOR TRL-20 review, you get more than a ring light. Let us take a quick look at the accessories you will find with it.

  1. It comes with a Selfie ring light which is 12-inches wide.ring light
  2. A stable tripod stand with a panhandle mechanism
  3. It also includes a camera or phone holder mounting
  4. You get a Bluetooth shutter release
  5. A user manual will help you know everything about the ring light and its accessories. 


What is the alternative for the ring light?

You can go with the ring flash that will wrap around the shadow for any background you wish while shooting. Also, an umbrella can do the task for you, and you can try both and decide what fits better as an alternative to a ring light.

Is the ring light better or an LED panel light?

LED panel light is suitable for shooting where full-body has to be recorded, like while dancing. Ring light works better for photography and beauty-related recordings where the focus is your face.



In this TONOR TRL-20 review, we have discussed every feature and use of the ring light. It is the ring light you were looking for, is affordable, and provides more features. You can buy a TONOR TRL-20 ring light from Amazon.

Now with the goodness of light and the correct brightness, you will look as you want. You can record videos, attend meetings, and stream live with a free mind. You only need to practice figuring out the right amount of light.

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