The best premium link generator sites with an effective niche interface will be made known to you by this article. They are easy to use and do not require paid access. 

We understand how it can be a task to find the best premium link generators for yourself. There are numerous link generation sites on the internet like the Ex-Load premium link generator, but beginners find themselves deceived due to the poor quality of services. Looking for good-quality link generator sites? Your search ends right here! The best premium link generator sites are Cocoleech, Neodebrid, Hungry Leech, Real Debrid, Prooleech, Leech Ninja, Multishare, Reevown, Premium Zen, and The Leechall.

Only the best link generators have made it to the article. We promise your work will become ten folds easier by the end of this article. So, get ready to bookmark your favorite ones!

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What Is A Premium Link Generator

Before we go on to the listing, it is integral to understand the very essence or foundation of a premium link generator. Most people upload their files on file-hosting websites, which benefits both the uploader and the downloader. This is because they are available in free and premium versions, ensuring better safety, storage, and remarkable premium features. However, not everyone is willing to purchase premium versions of these hosting websites. As a result, the demand for link generator sites has increased exorbitantly.

premium link generator

Premium link generators are programs that help download files from premium hosting sites like Turbobit, Uploaded, and others for free. You may quickly and for free download these files at very high download speeds. These individuals can post a link to the file using premium link generators. They will receive a direct download link as a result of this. They can then download the file via the created link, just as they would if they had a premium file hosting account. Thus, you get all of the premium users’ features for free. When many files have to be downloaded, people use sites like IDM, Torrent, or premium versions of hosting sites. However, link generators are faster and, unlike torrents, not dependent on complementary factors. Premium link generators are called Leechers, Leech Sites, or Uploaded Premium Linkers.

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List of the 10 best Premium Link Generator sites

Here is a list of the best premium link generator sites.


This premium link generator is recognized worldwide and is extremely user-friendly. Around 40 hosters are compatible with this service, and it generates Rapidgator premium links. Cocoleech also offers 1GB of free storage, has unlimited bandwidth, no captcha, and supports torrents thereby making it to the top 10 list of premium link generators.


People use Cocoleech because of its rapid downloading speed. It allows you to transmit up to five files per day. However, if an individual needs to deal with more files, a premium version of this site is highly recommended. The premium version comes with various additional effective features. Thus, it is imperative to visit the website and draw a parallel between the free and premium versions of the site.

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Visit: Cocoleech


Looking for a premium link generation service that supports a bigger number of hosts? Neodebrid has got your back. The Neodebrid offers a free edition with 1GB storage, allows you to use other download managers, such as IDM, and offers a VPN connection.


You just need a few clicks and bang on; you can upgrade your download links to premium links. This link generator requires you to register on the premium website. A premium account holder can avail of a VPN, unlimited traffic, limitless speed, and much more. However, the premium account upgrade is very expensive for Neodebrid.

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Hungry Leech

This premium link generator supports only four hosts- NitroFlare, Rapidgator, FileBoom, and Depositfiles. However, it is known for its remarkable quality, free service, and rapid download speed.

hungry leech

Follow these steps to use Hungry Leech- Go to the Hungry Leech official website. Copy and paste the link. Click on the Captcha – “I am not a Robot”. Check off the terms and conditions box. Click on ‘Generate.’ To share a file with someone, the indigenous user needs to first upload the file on his account after which a link will be generated.

Visit: Hungry Leech

Real Debrid

This premium link generator is the coolest and an excellent choice for large files. It is simple to use and makes file storage easy. Imagine not being bombarded by senseless ads every minute. That sounds like a dream, isn’t it? Well, not anymore with Real Debrid.


Several advantages this site provides include affordable premium plans with great features, high security, and support for 50 hosting sites. However, users need to register to access the site, making it more time-consuming than the others.


A service that supports 74 hosts, yes, it is real. We are talking about the well-known premium generator link, Proleech. It is extremely affordable, reliable, and provides 1GB of free space along with the free version of this site.


Guess what? You can resume aborted downloads and get unlimited file size options in the premium package. However, Proleech lets users transfer only two files in a day. Doesn’t that sound like quite a deal?

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Leech Ninja

If you think the description sounds familiar, you are correct. Leech Ninja is most similar to Hungry Leech as their administrators are the same. This premium generator supports only four hosts- NitroFlare, Rapidgator, FileBoom, and Depositfiles.

leech ninja

However, it is known for its remarkable quality, free service, and rapid download speed. Moreover, this site may be known to provide greater security than its fellow counterpart. Thus, the steps followed to access this premium link generator are the same as those used for Hungry Leech.


An effective Rapidgator premium link generator, Multishare is the way to go! It supports  52 hosting servers. It has an unlimited download speed, and a clientele of over 90,000.


Follow these steps for downloading the files- Visit the Multishare website> Register and receive a 2 GB credit free> Click on the Search bar on the top left corner> Enter the URL of the webpage you wish to download. It is done in no time!


This site is a fantastic and memorable user experience. It displays relevant information about the produced connection, bandwidth and traffic statistics, and other useful metrics. This platform also supports a variety of file-hosting sites, including Rapidgator, Uploaded, Filefactory, and others. Furthermore, this site is free and provides users with essential information, a great user interface, a fast download speed, and no registration.

Premium Zen

This premium site generator serves the following hosting sites- Mediafire, Uploaded, Turbobit, Uploadgig, and Rapidgator files. It is also very easy to use. Here are the steps to get your work done in a blink of an eye- Log on to the website. Copy the desired links. Paste it into the download box. Click on the ‘file generate’ option. Download the generated file.


Known for its auto-delete feature, this site automatically deleted the links 8 hours after generation. Thus, you do not have to worry about links accumulating on your device.


This premium generator site also has a fast download speed. It allows up to 30 GB at a time, supports 50 hosting files, and does not require registration. However, it has a limit of 3 file downloads at a time.

Visit: Leechall


How does a premium link generator work?

When given the link of a file you wish to download, it generates a second link for free without premium subscriptions.

How can I get free premium links?

To generate the premium link for free, use the website.

Which one is better- Leech Ninja or Cocoleech?

Cocoleech is better because it has more host sites and unlimited bandwidth.

Are all link generators free?

They all have free versions and services, but they also have premium versions with subscriptions for better features.


If you have made it to the end of the article, you know you have found your link generator. This article has compiled all the necessary information about the best 10 premium link generator sites. Now, the choice is yours. Choose the one that is the most tailor-made according to your needs and file sizes. Do you want to make your downloading life easier? Start using a link generator right away!

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