Yousician is a Finland-based music service application that lets users learn about music on its platform by teaching 5 instruments: guitar, ukulele, bass, piano, and voice through digital Q&A sessions & feedback. 

If you want to access the premium version of this musical tutor app, Follow the given steps and information below: 

Step 1: Install the application from the Play Store on your Android, iOS, PC, or tablet. 

Step 2: Log in using the given email IDs, and enter the passwords as specified below

2 Ways to Get Yousician Free Premium Account

Method 1: Using Yousician Mod APK

To get access to the mod APK of Yousician, you can try these easy steps:

  1. To begin with, you need to install the Yousician Mod Apk from here.yousician mod apk
  2. After that, enable the “install apps from unknown sources” option in your device’s security settings.
    install from unknown sources
  3. Once enabled, you can locate the downloaded APK. Click Ctrl+J (for browsers) or navigate to your downloads folder depending on your browser (e.g., Google, Bing, Baidu).
  4. Finally, run the Apk following the provided instructions.
App NameYousician
Latest Versionv4.94.1
File Size83.26MB
DeveloperYousician Ltd.
RequirementAndroid 7.0
Official Website
Downloads10 Million+
Last Update21 Feb, 2024

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Method 2: Yousician Premium Account Lists

In case method 1 doesn’t work well for you, here is a list of Yousician Premium accounts for your enhanced accessibility of the pro features:

[email protected]P@ssw0rd123
[email protected]RandomPwd789
[email protected]SecurePass456
[email protected]1234Passw0rd
[email protected]P@ss123word
[email protected]Random123Pass
[email protected]P@ssword789
[email protected]5678SecurePass
[email protected]Passw0rd!23
[email protected]RandomPwd456

Yousician Premium+ Account List

Here is a list of Yousician Premium accounts for your enhanced accessibility of the pro features:

[email protected]Passw0rd1234
[email protected]RandomPwd!5678
[email protected]SecurePwd!5678
[email protected]P@ssword123456
[email protected]P@ssword!5678
[email protected]Secure123Pass
[email protected]Random!234
[email protected]P@ssword1234
[email protected]5678Secure!23
[email protected]Random!5678

Yousician Premium+ Family Account List

Here is a list of Yousician Premium accounts for your enhanced accessibility of the pro features:

[email protected]Passw0rd1234
[email protected]RandomPwd!5678
[email protected]SecurePwd!5678
[email protected]P@ssword123456
[email protected]P@ssword!5678
[email protected]Secure123Pass
[email protected]Random!234
[email protected]P@ssword1234
[email protected]5678Secure!23
[email protected]Random!5678

Yousician Premium Features

With more than 25 million active users, Yousician’s domination in the music education domain is the best in the world. The reason for its success is its addicting productivity.

Consequently, not limiting itself to basic features, the app has also brought its premium features via 3 plans into the market.

three premium plans

Here are some of the features Yousician Premium, Premium+, and Premium+ Family offer:

Access to all 5 Instruments

While the basic Yousician version limits you to a certain amount of exercise time and restricts you to choosing only one instrument. The Yousician premium plans, on the other hand, break these limitations. With it, you will have the flexibility to select any instrument you desire, from the guitar‘s classic sounds to the bass‘s warm tones.

Additionally, you can explore the ukulele‘s versatility or the piano‘s sophistication. And don’t forget, singing is also an option, allowing you to express yourself through your voice.

select your instrument

Furthermore, you can learn them simultaneously. Henceforth, you can master multiple instruments at your own pace.

Exclusive Songs and Courses by Top Artists

When a user opts for a premium Yousician account, it allows them to learn directly from top artists and professionals like Metallica and John Mayer. For this purpose, you must use the search bar feature to find and access these video tutorials.
coruses from top artists

Moreover, these music teachers advise you to get into the intricacies of music and instruments through a microphone recognition interface and a beep at every mistake you commit.

Full access to the song library

With new songs added daily, the application will assist you in grasping the instrumental chords of more than 10,000 songs.
instrumental chordsHence, you can select your favorite song or artist according to your mood and start learning. However, note that these songs are not downloadable and will require a high-speed internet connection for smooth playback.

Individual Progress Tracking

The family membership plan for 4 provides each member with individual progress reports, allowing everyone to track their performance.
track progressAs a result, this lets you compare and monitor each other’s progress and achievements. Learn together, inspire one another, and get inspired!

Ad-free Learning

When users use Yousician’s services for free, they will encounter a lot of advertisements. However, with a premium account, advertisements won’t interrupt you.

As a result, it will allow you to maintain greater concentration and focus while using a premium Yousician account.

Additional Features

A premium Yousician account also allows the users to access Sheet music, Guitar tuner, Chord diagrams, Metronome, tablature, and Tempo control.
guitar tunerIn fact, it provides a customized experience based on the subjective demands of its users. Besides that, some fun weekly challenges will test your progress.

Features on various plans over Yousician:

Yousician PremiumPremium PlusPremium+ Family
900+ lessons and Youcisians songs.10,000+ lessons and popular songs.10,000+ lessons and popular songs.
1 account1 Account4 Accounts
$ 14.99 per month.$19.99 per month$29.99 per month.
Limited access to song library with yousician songs.Full-access to the song library with popular songs.Full-access to the song library with popular songs.
1 instrument5 instruments including guitar, piano, ukulele, bass & singing.5 instruments including guitar, piano, ukulele, bass & singing.
No courses by top artists.Songs & courses by top artists.Songs & courses by top artists.
No progress tracking.No progress tracking.Progress tracking fro each family member.

Pros and Cons of using free Yousician accounts

Introduction to music learning for freeNo family accessibility for shared learning
Explore either of the 5 different instruments.Can’t learn all 5 instruments simultaneously.
Ideal for beginners.No access to exclusive courses and lessons.
Includes basic features like song screens and tabs.Limited lesson time (15 minutes per day)
Access to songs libraryRestricted access with advertisements.

Growth of Yousician’s user base over time:

yousician graph


Is there a free version of Yousician?

Yes! The Yousician's classic is the free version of it. Its basic features include limited exercises, progress tracking, tutorials, song screens, and tabs.

What is the difference between Yousician and Yousician Premium?

Yousician's premium version gives better access to popular songs, unlimited lesson time, and family accessibility with a paid subscription. In contrast, the classic version is unpaid and has only basic features with a limited time of 15 minutes daily.

How long is the Yousician free trial?

Yousician also gives its new users a free trial of its premium features for 7 days. After the trial ends, the user will auto-enroll to the premium account, which can be canceled anytime.

Do we have to pay for Yousician?

You do not need to pay anything if you use the classic version, whereas if you opt for the premium, premium+, or premium+ family, you need to pay $7.49, $11.66, & $14.99 per month, respectively.


In conclusion, this article provided valuable information on how to access a Yousician account’s premium features at zero cost.

Consequently, you can get a hand on the advanced & addicting game-like experience at the Yousician Premium and enhance your skills with your favorite instruments to sound more melodic than before.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, get your free premium Yousician account now and enjoy the interactive music learning space. Lastly, the Free My Singing Monsters account can also be a great alternative to this app.

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