Funimate is a superb video editor that allows you to be innovative by adding music, text, channels, emoticons, etc. You can easily add music, changes, text, and stickers. Due to these, individuals continuously search for free Funimate Pro accounts. 

To get a free Funimate Pro account on your Android, you should first download the Funimate application. Then login or create your account. After logging in, search for the Pro account option. Click on it and give the expected details. IPhone/iPad users should follow the same steps as Android users. Additionally, you can confirm the account through your Apple ID.  

You can get Funimate Pro for free before the end of the trial period. You can also use Funimate Pro apk. One can explore one’s creativity and boundaries of editing by using Funimate Pro. Thus, you should know how to get free Funimate Pro accounts. To understand this in a detailed and easy manner, keep reading!

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2 Methods to Get a Free Funimate Pro Account

The greatest benefit of Funimate is that it permits every one of its clients to experience this large number of benefits without cost when you initiate a 7-day free trial.

Regardless of your gadget or design, you can get a free trial with no commitment to proceed with the Pro subscription. Drop your Pro within 24 hours before the free trial expiry, and you won’t be charged for it.

This skill will enhance your editing proficiency as you practice and refine your editing abilities further. Besides this, we will give you routes to get free Funimate Pro accounts across various gadgets. Thus, we should dive into these methods in detail now.

Method 1: for Android Users

These steps show how to get free Funimate Pro accounts for Android-run gadgets.

  1. Download the Funimate application on your Android by visiting the Google Play Store.funimate on google playstore
  2. Launch the application on your phone by looking for Funimate.funimate banner
  3. Log in to your account by creating or selecting the login symbol. Enter your login credentials, or press the Facebook/Twitter button to sign in with these.
  4. You will arrive at the home screen once you have signed in. You will see a “+” button in the middle at the base. This permits you to make edits and add editing on funimate

You can initiate your free trial and go to Funimate Pro. By doing this, you will get Funimate Pro accounts free of charge and won’t have to bother paying for them. You can also make use of these emails and passwords to get access to pro Funimate account!

Email IDPassword
[email protected]Password123
[email protected]SecurePass456
[email protected]RandomPwd789
[email protected]SecretCode101
[email protected]PasswordMike22
[email protected]123RandomLisa
[email protected]Brownie456
[email protected]LauraPass77
[email protected]Random888Brian
[email protected]JessPass999
[email protected]DMart@777
[email protected]TaylorSoph222
[email protected]KWright555
[email protected]Clark44Pass
[email protected]AJones777Pass
[email protected]EJohn123Pass
[email protected]WhiteWill333
[email protected]MiaPass789
[email protected]MooreM@777
[email protected]AvaDavis111Pass
[email protected]EthanBaker22
[email protected]MGreen444Pass
[email protected]JacobHall999
[email protected]Murphy555Pass
[email protected]LiamR123Pass
[email protected]Carter888Pass
[email protected]WoodNoah666
[email protected]EmilyEdw789Pass
[email protected]HillLogan22
[email protected]CollinsMia333
[email protected]BStewart444
[email protected]HarperR777
[email protected]SamHall999Pass
[email protected]AmeliaWard111
[email protected]DylanH555Pass
[email protected]AbiScott123Pass
[email protected]JLewis888Pass
[email protected]VJenkins444
[email protected]MBrooks777Pass
[email protected]OHughes222Pass
[email protected]WilliamW666
[email protected]MurphyEmma789
[email protected]SParker123Pass
[email protected]JamesHall999
[email protected]CAdams555Pass
[email protected]LiamE888Pass
[email protected]CarterMia222
[email protected]ODavis333Pass

After editing your videos for free using Funimate Pro, ensure you know how to easily brand them on Instagram before posting.

If you don’t want to pay for the Pro subscription, you must cancel the subscription 24 hours before the end of the trial period. However, you can relax and experience the full 7-day free trial regardless of whether you previously uninstalled the subscription.

Follow these steps toward dropping your Funimate subscription:

  1. Visit the Play Store. In the upper left corner, tap the menu button.
  2. Tap the “Subscription” Choice in the menu.
  3. Click on Funimate Pro, go to Manage Subscriptions, and tap on Cancel Subscription.
  4. You should choose the reason why you are not continuing the service.
  5. At last, click on the drop subscription to finish deactivating the Funimate Pro subscription.

Learning to see hidden hashtags is essential to effectively share your edits from Funimate Pro on Instagram. This knowledge will help you expand your reach and connect with a broader audience on the platform.

Method 2: on iOS/iPhone/iPad Users

You can also get Funimate Pro free on your iPhone or iPad. You can initiate the free trial and drop the Pro subscription before the finish of the trial. 

This is how to get Funimate Pro for devices other than Android-

  1. Download Funimate on your iOS store
  2. The application will ask you to select your birthday when you open it.birthday picker in forms
  3. To access your Profile, click the small individual symbol on the base left of the home screen. “Get PRO” will appear in the middle of the screen below your display image.funimate
  4. Click on Get Started and select the subscription choice, such as week after week, month to month, yearly, etc. You can sign in utilizing your favored technique (email, Facebook, or Apple ID). apple id
  5. Begin the Funimate Pro free trial by confirming through Pro ID, contact ID, or giving Apple ID and secret key. A confirmation message will appear after you complete these steps.different tools in funimate

You can begin using all the premium features now. 

To cancel your Funimate Pro subscription on an Apple device, follow these steps:

  1. To access the iOS design, navigate to your iPhone’s settings and click the stuff symbol.
  2. Click on your name, and the screen, select memberships.
  3. Go to the ‘Subscriptions‘ section here and choose active subscriptions. Hit the option “Unlock everything.” 
  4. In the window that appears, select “Cancel the free trial period.
  5. Hit the cancel button to drop your membership and avoid paying for the subscription.

Editors often need to maintain multiple accounts on Instagram to post their edits. They often seek clarification regarding the allowable number of Instagram accounts they can have.

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What is Funimate Pro?

A Funimate Pro account is an exceptional video editing application with extra features and advantages compared to the Funimate video editing application. With a Pro account, you can get Promotion-free editing, access to pro edits and effects, limitless video transfers, and the capacity to eliminate the Funimate watermark.

What are the advantages of a Funimate Pro account?

There are no ads in between. You likewise gain access to a more extensive scope of editing effects to make your edits stand out. One can send any number of edits. You can dispose of the Funimate watermark.

Is Funimate free trial available?

Indeed, Funimate offers a free 7-day trial of Pro so you can evaluate every one of the features before choosing the subscription.

How can I drop my Funimate Pro subscription?

You can drop your Funimate Pro subscription through the application settings or your gadget's application store. You will be charged for the following billing cycle if you don't cancel your subscription before the trial period ends.


We discussed the detailed steps to get free Funimate Pro accounts here. Funimate generally Provides a free trial period.

Before the expiry of the free trial, you can undoubtedly drop the Pro subscription. Doing this will mean you will not need to pay for anything you got during the trial period.

By using these methods, you can easily edit your photos and videos, and that too for free! So, keep editing! 

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