TiviMate is an IPTV Player like Flix television, Kodi, and Perfect Player. TiviMate additionally offers an easy-to-use UI with many elements that make it work smoothly. It also provides highlights like customizable channels and program guides, which help you navigate the application. This article will give you ways of getting to free TiviMate premium accounts.

You can get free TiviMate premium accounts using the free login IDs and passwords. You can also use TiviMate Mod APK files to get free access. TiviMate also provides a free trial for limited days to check that out.

Now that you know how versatile TiviMate is, let’s dive deeply into the three easy ways you can get a TiviMate premium account free and use this fantastic player for free!

3 ways to get Free TiviMate Premium Accounts

Now, we will share three easy-to-follow methods to get your hands on TiviMate premium. You can use these methods and get TiviMate instantly!

Free Accounts & Passwords

The simplest method to get free TiviMate premium accounts is to use this list of emails and passwords to the fullest! These will instantly unlock the doors to TiviMate Premium and let you enjoy all its premium features. So here’s the list-

[email protected]aduvagel046
[email protected]novialbone
[email protected]craysing9206
[email protected]4368253168
[email protected]difes6m16
[email protected]SecurePassword
[email protected]ouyragn7117
[email protected]TmintGnp8
[email protected]freshmod
[email protected]olvsyihym
[email protected]grumany665
[email protected]tribapmona49
[email protected]trMxok68
[email protected]outrapick.416
[email protected]aduvagel046
[email protected]Pu4MALks4
[email protected]efvalyk1235
[email protected]Gazk57701
[email protected]tutbagel66
[email protected]gTpxak5803
[email protected]Gm4zLAK9
[email protected]TmintGnp8
[email protected]Pos4496Ma
[email protected]p4i7mxLK
[email protected]triyvax468
[email protected]318964278
[email protected]Mpsk8467

DirectTv also offers services similar to TiviMate. Additionally, to discover choices for online TV streaming, you should look at some free DirectTv accounts.

Use the TiviMate MOD APK File

You must install the TiviMate Premium APK to use these unique features for free. For Android television, the steps are similar. This is the way you can install TiviMate Premium on Android. 

  1. First of all, download the TiviMate APK Mod from here. You should enable third-party installation on your Android device. Go to your settings on your device and search for ‘Unknown Source.‘ Then, you can easily install your downloaded file.tivimate premium apk
  2. Return and tap on the file you downloaded. Tap ‘Install‘ to permit installation. It might take a few minutes to install. Once you complete the process, TiviMate Premium becomes available for use. download tivimate premium apk

This way, you can easily download the MOD APK file and enjoy TiviMate premium without paying even a single penny!

Free Trial

You can go for a free trial for TiviMate by following these steps-

downloader app on playstore

  1. Go to the Play Store and search for the application named “Downloader.” Allow access to TiviMate in the same manner you enable “Unknown Sources.
  2. Enter the URL browser.aftvnews and click on download.
  3. Go to the URL tab and place the following code depending on the version to download: TiviMate Lite- 508879, TiviMate Premium- 516663, and tap on “Go.” After this, tap on the blue “Download” button.

After finishing, return to the home screen and access the TiviMate app; your TiviMate free trial will be ready. So, these are the methods to access free TiviMate premium accounts. Now, you don’t have to worry about the TiviMate premium cost.

Another widely known streaming application is Sony LIV, and you can get the experience by getting free Sony LIV premium accounts.

What exactly is TiviMate Premium IPTV Player?

With TiviMate, an Android application, you can watch TV on your Android gadgets—the application links with your IPTV membership, giving you access to an immense choice of channels worldwide.

Tivimate Premium IPTV Player offers various alternatives, including HBO Go, which enables you to download content for offline viewing. Therefore, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with watching HBO Go offline.

tivimate iptv player

It is a notable application that lets you stream live television. There are two types of the Tivimate application: the premium version and the free version.

While the free version is perfect, the premium one offers many more things that can take your television streaming experience to a higher level. Due to this, the premium TiviMate offers even more qualities and customization choices than the free TiviMate version.  

Netflix’s monthly plans are also affordable to some. In this way, everyone wants a less expensive and faster method for watching our top shows with practically no breaks.

This is where TiviMate IPTV Player APK steps in. Additionally, using M3U server streaming, you can watch over 10,000 TV channels for free with this free Android app.


Here are some of the features that you can take advantage of if you get TiviMate premium-

  • Different Playlists: One of the vital elements of TiviMate is that you can also add numerous playlists inside the application. Moreover, switching content effectively as per your state of mind and mood makes it simple.
  • Catch-Up: If you still need to complete your #1 show/series, there is nothing to be stressed over. With the assistance of the Catch, you can undoubtedly get to recently aired content for specific channels.
  • Adjustable Appearance: With the assistance of free TiviMate premium, you can modify the application’s appearance and have access to changing the color theme of the whole application. DisneyPlus also offers a customizable appearance for its application. Therefore, you should get your hands on a free Disney Plus account.
  • Different Profiles: TiviMate Premium allows multiple client profiles so that you can set up a customized setting for every relative. This will ensure your content is consistent with that of your family members and friends.
  • Refresh Rate Switching: TiviMate offers the Refresh Rate Switching choice for premium clients. With the assistance of the TiviMate username and password, you can also allow Refresh Rate Switching for a smoother experience in TiviMate.


Is there a free version of TiviMate?

You can get the TiviMate Lite app for free. It is a lower version of the actual TiviMate and offers fewer features. However it is useful to decide whether you want to get TiviMate or not.

How do I get TiviMate premium on my computer?

You can get Tivimate premium by downloading and installing BlueStacks. Then, search for the TiviMate IPTV player in the search bar. Click to install and complete the installation process by logging in through Google.

Is TiviMate a secure app?

According to TiviMate, it does not share its users' information with third parties or other organizations.

How can I renew my TiviMate?

Go to settings and tap on subscription. Then select the option 'Renew'. You will then proceed to the payment page to renew your TiviMate subscription.


This article provides three easy-to-use methods to get free TiviMate premium accounts. Tivimtae also offers a free trial so that users can determine its suitability.

It also delivers a lite version of the TiviMate app, which is free. You can use any of these ways to get TiviMate premium and utilize it for free! Also if you have pull for Indian content then aha account will be a better choice for you. You can even get an Aha Premium Account for Free.

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