Free Disney Plus Accounts | 6 Easy Ways to Get Free Subscription


A Disney plus account is a great investment if you’re a sucker for Disney’s films. This includes Pixar movies, Marvel’s films, and also the whole Star Wars series of films. Also, you get the opportunity to watch some of Disney’s content for free. However, the latest releases and bestsellers all require a membership to view. With the Disney plus subscription, you can watch thousands of films and TV programs from any given device. The best part of owning a Disney plus account is that you have the chance to download any movie or TV show to view it offline. Therefore, you can enjoy your favorite Disney related content at all times. This definitely sounds great, but have you ever wondered if you could access a Disney plus account at no cost to you? Free Disney plus accounts are certainly hard to come by but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Not just Disney plus, you can now access any streaming account like Netflix, Crunchyroll and others.

Until recently, Disney did allow all of its new consumers a 7-day complimentary trial. Unfortunately, that service has been terminated, which is why several people are looking for alternatives to obtain free Disney plus accounts. The membership fee for the account is reasonable. However, you can certainly capitalize on the various ways of obtaining a Disney plus free account listed in this article. So without further ado, let’s get right into it.

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Free Disney Plus Account for Verizon subscription

The first method to obtaining a free Disney plus account login is by being a subscriber of Verizon’s services. Depending on the package you choose, you could get a free of charge Disney plus account for a total of 6 months. Some subscription packs also offer free HULU, but with advertisements, ESPN plus, and Disney Plus completely free of charge.

verizon free disney plus accounts

Additionally, it seems so that this offer isn’t time-bound, i.e., it doesn’t expire. You can check Verizon’s website for their various subscription offers if you’re considering to purchase their service. If you’re already a subscriber of Verizon, make sure to check the benefits of the subscription service that you have opted for. This is a great way of striking two birds with one stone as it guarantees you free Disney Plus accounts.

One Month Free For Xbox Game Pass Holders

Microsoft released this offered for a limited period of time. The subscribers of this service will be given a whole month of Disney plus for free.

xbox game pass
Xbox Game Pass

This offer, however, is only valid up till 31st January 2021. The claim for the one-month subscription at no cost must be redeemed by 2nd March of 2021. You can check out Xbox’s website for more details regarding the same.

Get free Overwatch Account.

Free Disney Plus Account for Chromebook owners

There is no question that Chromebooks are a good investment. They’re great for browsing throughout the web as well as viewing great content. Now, Chromebook owners can also claim three months of a free Disney plus accounts.

chromebook  free disney plus accounts

This offer is limited to a certain time period; however, it hasn’t been specified for how long it is valid. This particular offer is only new Disney plus users and residents of the US only. Check out Disney plus’s help section to know more about how you can redeem this offer.

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Free with any Fortnite game

Fortnite took the world by a storm when released back in 2018. It is, till today, loved by several avid gamers. Just when Fortnite couldn’t get any better, it does. You can now get free Disney plus accounts for two months on any purchase you make within the Fornite game.

fortnite free disney plus accounts

This purchase, of course, has to be in real money. This offer is only valid up till 31st December 2020. Keep in mind that this offer can only be availed in select few countries. Check out Fortnite’s website for more details on the same. To get your free Fornite account, Click here.

Free Disney Plus Accounts for US Mobile subscribers

If you’re a subscriber of US Mobile’s wire carrier service, you have the opportunity to get a completely free Disney plus login accounts. This benefit can only be exercised by all users who have signed up for a multitude of lines for the same account.

mobile subscribers
Mobile subscribers

In fact, you don’t get just free Disney Plus accounts; you get much more than that. By availing of their service, you will get Disney plus, ESON, and Hulu completely free of charge. This pack generally costs $12.99. You must have 3 lines that are unlimited for the account. Then, you can pick the aforementioned pack.

Delta SkyMiles benefits

Delta SkyMiles members as well can get a complimentary Disney plus membership for a period of two weeks. This offer is available for subscribers who fly a certain route with the airline.

delta airlines free disney plus accounts
Delta Airlines

You can find more information on how to avail this offer by visiting Disney plus’s help center. Additionally, Delta flyers can enjoy select content from Disney Plus via the usage of their in-flight entertainment system.

So here is our comprehensive article on how you can obtain free Disney plus accounts. There is a possibility for you to find a Disney plus accounts free list. This list would constitute usernames and passkeys that you can try on the login page. However, the chances of them working are pretty weak. The Disney Plus service’s subscription price isn’t exorbitant. Therefore, if none of the aforementioned methods appeals to you, consider subscribing to the service instead.

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