Do you know what Skillshare is? How does it work, and how to get the best out of it? If not, continue reading to check out more about Skillshare. In this article, let us explore how to access a free skillshare premium account.


Everyone has a hunger to build their skills and do the best in their profession. Don’tDon’t you want to be the best? Obviously, who would not wish. But how do you accomplish that? Hard work? Yes, but you can do smart work by signing up with Skillshare. Don’tDon’t worry about subscription charges, as this article will teach you the best trick to get a free Skillshare premium account.

Also if you want to know how to get a free account on, then click here.

Best Method To Get Free Skillshare Premium Account

Are you still thinking about how I can get such a boom of the premium accounts without any cost? Stop thinking and continue reading to crack the solution to your wondering. The best and the only method is cookies. Cookies? Come on, read ahead. You have heard of cookies, right? Not that flavored flour baked in the oven. These are browser cookies. Come on, let us explore further to know what these cookies are.

Method 1: Free Skillshare Login Account & Passwords (Premium List)

You can see a few usernames and passwords which you can use to get a free Skillshare premium account.

[email protected] = CRFy7baM

[email protected] = aYW6pPbx

[email protected] = d2wqMtAN

[email protected] = 3uyQR8bH

[email protected] = yFf6PgUn

[email protected] = EBr9PaXx

Alas! Use any of the above login user accounts and passwords and access a free Skillshare premium account.

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Method 2

You have to start by downloading a Cookies Editor and adding it to the extension

  1. Go to the Chrome Web
  2. Search for Cookies Editor and download it.cookie editor
  3. After the completion of the download. Add it to the Chrome extension.

Alas! You are done completing your first step successfully. Continue and do the last step and get a free Skillshare premium account.

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Method 3

Hoping that you have successfully added a Cookies Editor to your chrome extension. If yes, then you are ready to do the next step. 

  1. Open your Skillshare account.skillshare
  2. On the login page, click on the extension menu to the top right and open the Cookies Editor.extension
  3. You will have four options, but only delete and insert in options are essential. Start by clicking on the delete in the Cookies Editor extension.delete
  4. Again click on the Cookies Editor extension and click on insert.  insert
  5. Paste the cookies that are given below in the box and click import.import
  6. Wait for 3 seconds and then reload the page.skillshare

Boom! You have opened your free Skillshare premium account.

Things to remember: Never log out of the account after using the cookies, as the cookies may not work to help you log in again. If you do not want to use that account anymore, then clear the cookies but remember never to log out from the account.

Method 4: Browsing Cookies Method

This is a tricky but easy method if you understand how it works. Don’t worry; you will be able to crack it quickly as you continue reading this article.

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What Is Skillshare?

Skillshare is an online platform; you can learn courses in versatile fields, mainly which are creative. It has courses related to art, fashion, lifestyle, design, creativity, entrepreneurship, and many more. It was started in 2012 to appease the hungry souls who are quenching for knowledge and skills. Popular courses offered are illustration, photography, design, and pre-recorded videos of 20-50 minutes.


 It launched with just 25 courses but is now the biggest with 25,000+ courses in various niches. You can access only 2,000 courses without a premium subscription, and let us explore premium account advantages in the following section.

Visit: Skillshare

Benefits Of Skillshare Premium Account

Skillshare premium account comes with the following cons.

Free Trial

If you sign in with Skillshare and log in to a premium account, you can enjoy a free trial period which ranges from 7 days to 1 month. Before getting a free trial, you must give your payment details and proceed further. If you do not like the experience, you can quit your free trial plan, and no cost will be charged.

Unlimited Access

You can access all the 25,000+ courses with a premium subscription. The premium account of having flexible timings at your own pace. Also, remember that these are the courses to build your skills, but they are not accredited.

Offline Access

If you get a premium subscription, you get offline access by paying or following the tricks in this article. You can download the videos on your device and access them in your free time, and this will save your data and make it possible for you to access the course in times of weak internet connection.


It also provides other benefits such as ad-free content, versatile courses from industry experts, uninterrupted courses, and discounts on a few unique courses and plans. Enjoy all these benefits with a Skillshare Premium account. 

But if you think these benefits are negligible, you can stick to the regular user account and get access to 2,000+ courses. But if you are provoked to get a subscription, continue reading this article.

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Cost Of Skillshare Premium Account

Few courses on Skillshare are worth it as industry professionals and experts conduct them. As of now, Skillshare does not provide monthly billing. The annual billing price is $167.88 per annum, which is $13.99 per month. You have to make the payment once a year. 


They accept online transaction platforms like google pay, PayPal, phone pe, and others. If you think it is not worth it, try the tricks mentioned in this article to get a free Skillshare premium account.

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What Are Browsing Cookies?

Browsing cookies are like dam gates that are present on every site. These are present to give you the best browsing experience. Cookies are like gateways. When you click on a website and log in, these are saved as cookies.

When you visit this website the second time, you do not have to enter the login credentials again if the cookies you have used previously match with the cookies you have in the browser at the second login time. You have understood what, is cookies right. Then continue to learn the trick. Follow the below steps to use this trick successfully.


Does Skillshare have free classes?

Yes, without a premium subscription, you can access 2,000+ courses.

Is a Skillshare subscription worth it?

Yes, it is helpful as pre-recorded videos ranging from 20-50 minutes. Essential aspects are dealt with closely by industry experts with detailed explanations in the easiest way.

What are the sources to get a free skillshare premium account?

There are several sources to which users can access a free skillshare premium account. They include using the browsing cookies method, free online login credentials, etc.

What is the cost of the skillshare premium account?

There are several price ranges for the premium account of skillshare. Plans even vary based on the selection of monthly or yearly plans. Starting from $14 a month, it goes up to $168 a year.

Till how long the skillshare premium free trial last?

The free trial of the premium account lasts for only 30 days. Before the start of the trail the bank details of the user are taken for the amount to get deducted at the end of the trial period.


Skillshare helps you learn the necessary skills to excel in your professional field, and the Skillshare premium account is a gift pack with additional benefits. Hoping that this article has guided you to learn the best tricks to get a free Skillshare premium account.

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