More often than not, while applying your product for a free listing on Google, you may find yourself in a situation where your account isn’t eligible for enhanced free listings. If not dealt with, this could spell doom for your products and online business, as account suspension is not uncommon.

The main reasons for your ineligibility are missing fundamental requirements, account-level issues, trust score, and item-level issues. Common fixes include Having proper return and refund policies, Having a secure payment gateway, Frequently collecting customer reviews and Including Unique product identifiers

In this article, we will look into all the hurdles you may face while free listing on Google and how to overcome them. Missing out on a few points is common while advertising your product on Google. We assure you that when you reach the end of this article, you’ll be familiar with all the shortcomings of your account and how to surpass them. Why Are My PayPal Funds On Hold? Check Out to know.

What is Enhanced Free Listing

Before we dive further into the pool of shortcomings, let us first give you a glimpse of Google Organic Listing and how it works. Listing your product on Google for free product listings increases its chance of being discovered. If it has a higher chance of being discovered, it will have a greater chance of being sold.listing for free

If you list your product as “enhanced free listing,” it is more likely to be discovered than the products listed as “basic standard listing.” Enhanced listing requires a merchant to provide additional details about their product. Check all the boxes in this article to ensure you are eligible for an enhanced free listing on Google. 

Fundamental Requirements for Enhanced Free Listing

There are some fundamental requirements that your product should pass before removing the error of “your account isn’t eligible for enhanced free listings.”


With them, your product would stand under the limelight it deserves. Here is a checklist of requirements

Claimed Website

The website on which your product is listed should be verified and claimed by you. It is also vital that you make sure the website stays verified and claimed by you.claim website Google provides a step-by-step guide to verify and claim your website and kickstart your journey as a merchant online.


To list your product for free listing on Google, you first need to create a feed where you will post it.feed for listing There are multiple types of feeds you can make as per your requirements. So remember to post the data about your product on a well-maintained feed.

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Required Product Data

You are also expected to provide relevant data to the full extent to Google. 

Shipping Methods

shipping page layout

Setting up the variety of shipping methods you provide for your product should also be considered while listing. 


Providing the information on sales tax on your product comes hand in hand with listing your product for Google organic listing.  tax information


Make sure that you are familiar with all the policies of Google and that you meet all of them. policy updateYou must agree to all the terms and conditions to move further on your journey with Google as a buyer. You can review Google’s policies and terms and conditions for buyers on their website.

Common Account Level Issues faced while listing your product

Now you’ve passed all the fundamental requirements to make yourself eligible for a free listing on Google, but you still face the issue of “your account isn’t eligible for enhanced free listings,” it’s time to look at your account. problems while listing

Often, the reason that your account isn’t eligible for free listing lies at the account level, and those problems sometimes affect the item level, too. So, let’s jump into some common account-level issues faced while listing your product on Google and how to overcome them.

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Missing Return and Refund Policy 

Adding information about your return and refund policy is more important than you think.refund problems Whether or not the buyer will buy your product depends highly on how you frame your return and refund policies. 

Insufficient Contact Information

Providing the shoppers with a helpdesk will convert doubtful buyers into confirmed customers, as any queries they might have can be answered. insufficient inforA helpline or FAQ section will also be crucial to helping you grow your business.

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Insufficient Payment Information

The payment channels that you provide to your customers should be well-defined, and you need to make that information available to the customer. payment methodsYou also need to ensure that you give the customers at least one conventional payment during checkout. You can also check out these steps if you are having problems transferring your Google Pay balance to PayPal.

Incomplete Checkout Process

Your website must provide a way for customers to purchase the listed products through an approved online payment service.checkout problems Your account will be eligible for a free listing with a proper checkout process. 

Checkout unsecured

Google requires you to ensure that any data you collect from the customer during checkout is processed securely.checkout unsecured on google

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Destination URL Down

You need to ensure that the website you’ve provided as your destination URL is up and running. If it is down, you must troubleshoot any problem and try again.url settings

Suppose you’ve already complied with all the guidelines and policies laid down by Google and still find yourself with the same error. In that case, your account might be ineligible for enhanced listings because Google does not have sufficient signals to enrol your account.

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The trust factor is crucial in making you eligible for an enhanced listing on Google. trust in adsA high enough trust level will keep you out of Google’s good books and make you eligible for enhanced listing. To build your trust, you can follow these steps.

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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews are the most vital trust signals. Not collecting customer reviews will also keep you from being eligible for enhanced listing. reviewsWe suggest you immediately start taking customer reviews about your product to build your trust in Google. Doing so will surely increase your trust score.

Connecting your Merchant Center with a Third Party Platform

Connecting your website with third-party platforms is another excellent way to build your trust score. third party integration exampleFor example, you can connect your payment page with gateways like PayPal, etc.

Connecting Google My Business Accountgoogle my business features

Connecting your website with your Google My Business account verifies the business details that you’ve mentioned and, as a result of this, increases your trust score. 

Common Item Level Issues faced while listing your product

Now that you’ve overcome every account level issue and have built an appreciable trust score over time, the problem may lie with the information regarding the product you’ve listed online. Let’s glance at those shortcomings and surmount them.listing defects

GTINs and UPIsgtin number

The reason for your ineligibility for enhanced listing is likely no information regarding the product’s Unique Product Identifiers like GTIN.


You should never forget to include product images on your website. google adsThe image should be of appropriate size and appreciable quality. Another common mistake that people make is that they make the background of the image non-white.

Price/Availability Mismatch

This situation arises when the product price or availability you mention in your feed contrasts with the price or availability in your store. mismatched market scenarioTo deal with this, consider turning on automatic item updates, which will help you update your store without your intervention.

Missing Required Product Attributesdifferent product attributes

Always remember that you must provide ample data on different fundamental product attributes to be eligible for an enhanced free listing on Google.


Do Google merchant center products expire?

If you wish to maintain the products Google Merchant Center offers, keep updating your item data every month, as the delivered products will expire after 30 days if the item is not updated.

How do I show products on additional surfaces across Google through free listings?

You can show your products in free listings on Google by selecting the option for the same when you sign up for Merchant Center. If your account isn't eligible for enhanced free listings, then you should follow the steps mentioned in this article.

Why are my products not showing up on Google?

You should start looking for errors in your Google Merchant Center account using the products, diagnostics, and overview pages. Other ways to make sure you make yourself eligible for Google Organic Listing are given in the article.

Why is my SEO not working?

The reason for the non-functionality of your SEO may be that your content doesn't have any backlinks. Backlinks are crucial for your SEOs as they link your site to another.


For people like you who want to kick-start their businesses by listing their products on Google, your competitors will overshadow your product if your account isn’t eligible for enhanced free listings. By following all the steps mentioned in this article, you can make yourself suitable for the same. This will help you reach the audience you’re targeting.  

Reaching the targeted audience will increase the sale of your product and hence will increase your net profit. Advertisement always plays a massive role in the success of any product, and Google organic listing provides you with one of the best platforms to start your campaign.