7 Best Methods to Get Free Hulu Account | Free Hulu Plus (Latest 2020)


With the progression of technology, we have so many ways to entertain ourselves at our disposal. There is a reason to that. People prefer to stay at home rather than go out and interact with others. Thus, you must know how to get Free Hulu Account.

Therefore, they are working day and night so that they can make this even easier. We have so many impressive innovations with us; one such is Hulu. In this article, we’ll learn everything about it.

You can generate free Hulu accounts and passwords with the generator given below. Just click on the “Generate” button and wait for about 20-30 seconds. Your email ID and password will display. Now, all you have to do is enter these details inside the login panel on it’s side and you are good to go.

Free Hulu Plus

Free Hulu Account Username & Password

Email : 0%
Password : 0%



Note: We have limited accounts and some of them might not work if they are already in use. If that is the case with you then run the generator again for new details.

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Introduction to Hulu

Hulu is a video on demand service, owned by Hulu LLC, in a tie-up with 21st Century Fox, The Walt Disney Company, Comcast and Time Warner. They aim at streaming TV shows and movies. Hulu is currently available only in USA and Japan, with its overseas territories included. Hulu has 20 million subscribers to date. I know you might be thinking- What’s new in that? We have Amazon prime; we have Netflix. What’s up with this Hulu? Well, I have got you covered.

Hulu’s primary focus is to stream TV shows over movies. One major advantage of Hulu is that it includes current TV sessions as well as you have access to its past seasons. Another interesting feature of Hulu is that you get the current season within a day of it being aired on television. Hulu requires flash to run. Hulu too like the others create original shows like- A day in the Life, Battleground, etc.

Initially, Hulu had free and paid tiers; the only issue being free service did not have as much availability content wise as was there for the paid ones. But that can be solved if you get a rapidgator premium account. Later, in partnership with Yahoo, Hulu unveiled its live TV streaming feature known as Hulu Plus now called Hulu with live TV.

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What is Hulu Plus?

It is a device that streams video on your device, with the help of internet connection. It costs around $7.99 per month, but with that, you’ll have to go through commercial breaks. If you pay $39.99, you’ll enjoy ad-free streaming on any device you want. It is supported on gaming consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Make the most out of the Free Hulu Account.


Hulu Plus features shows from various channels such as NBC, ABC, Fox, etc. Generally, Hulu plus comes with more than 50 channels although the local stations vary with your location. Another important feature in Free Hulu Account is that it adds on as soon as you upgrade to Hulu plus is that you can stream videos on unlimited screens at a time.

How to Get Free Hulu Account

There are two methods by which you can get Free Hulu Account.

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Method 1: Free Hulu Account Username and Password 2019

  • Username : Password
  • senga000 : 0053411070
  • calwk : calwkgod
  • Carldeosupnet : justdoit09z
  • BIrdt3n : b12345678
  • amirgui20 : especial600

Method 2: Free Hulu Account With Swagbucks

By exercising Swagbucks, you can only provide yourself a Hulu premium account. Just sign up using this link, and you’re good.

Follow the steps as given:

  • Firstly, you have to signup on the page that pops up with your email ID.
  • You will be getting a confirmation mail a few seconds after that. Click on the confirmation link.
  • Once you are successful in doing it, a handful of tasks will present, and you want to complete any of them.
  • Once you execute those assignments, the Free Hulu Account will instantly be in your email account.
  • You can make use of this trick for as many times as you want! So, go mad!

Sign Up for Swagbucks!

Method 3: Access Free Hulu Account With InboxDollars

InboxDollars, the best method to get a free premium account. Do visit the official website of InboxDollars and follow the steps listed below:

  • As you open the home page of InboxDollars, a pop-up menu will appear as shown below.
  • Enter your mail id and password in the space provided.
  • A confirmation link will be mailed to you. Click on the link.
  • As soon as you complete that, free premium account will be available in your mail.
  • You can do this means as many times as you wish. So, start doing it and have fun, guys.

Get it with InboxDollars now!

Method 4: With Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a platform which provides free login ids and passwords and gets awarded with cash cards, and some exciting gifts. The steps to be followed to gain free access are as follows:

  • Open your web browser and visit the official website of Survey Junkie.
  • Enter your mail id and password at the pop-up menu.
  • You will be mailed with a confirmation letter.
Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie
  • Just click on the link to verify your account and commence enjoying, guys!
  • You can repeat the above steps with different emails to get Free Hulu Account!

Go to Survey Junkie now!

Method 5: Zen Surveys

By utilizing Zen Surveys, you can immediately arrange for access to a free premium account easily. Just sign up using this link, and you’re good to go.

Go through the given steps:

  • Signup on the page that opens using your email ID.
  • When you obtain the verification mail, tap on the confirmation link to confirm your account.
Zen Surveys
Zen Surveys
  • After you are over with it, several tasks will be displayed in front of you. And you need to complete any one of them.
  • After you execute the given task, you will instantly get access to the Free Hulu Account in your inbox.

You can perform this as many times as you wish to with different email ids for multiple premium accounts! So, don’t hold back!

Sign Up for Zen Surveys!

Method 6: By Filling Your Credit Card Details

Hulu Website
Hulu Website
  • Start the registration process. They will ask you for your email id and password for hulu plus login.
  • Now, you will see a start your Free Hulu Account trial option. Click on that.
  • You will see subscription plans that are- Hulu with limited commercials, Hulu with no commercials and Hulu with live TV. The first two are available for one month while the last one is available for just one week.
Subscription Plans of Hulu
Subscription Plans of Hulu
  • Choose whichever subscription is suitable for you.
  • After this, it will ask you to complete the payment. You are required to fill in the fields such as credit card details, email id, password, etc. If you do not have a credit card, you can also make the payment using PayPal.
Pay with Paypal
Pay with Paypal
  • Click on submit and enjoy one-month Free Hulu Account.
  • Now after one month, you’ll have to cancel the subscription. You can do this by proceeding to your account and selecting cancel subscription.
  • Repeat the above procedure with different credit cards and different email id every time to get a Free Hulu Account.

Method 7: Get Free Hulu AccountWithout Giving Your Credit Card Details

Well, this method to get Free Hulu Account is a bit more interesting than the others. In this method, you do not have to give away your card details and still can appreciate Hulu subscription. Interesting, isn’t it? All you necessitate to do is tap here and you are ready to go.


What this link does is that it generates details of a credit card and you can use it to fill in the details of payment. Use it with a NordVPN Free Login to stay safe though! Each time your free one month trial expires, and you have to register with a new account, you can take the help of this link and enjoy streaming. In this way, you don’t have to give away your card details.

Features of Free Hulu Account Plus

Hulu plus offers some amazing features. They are as follows:

  • Commercial free. Say goodbye to those annoying advertisements that meddle in when you are into something really interesting.
  • Access to some latest amazing shows with past seasons as well.
  • Shows are updated as soon as they are released. Don’t you just hate it when you are bringing onto some really interesting show, and you are ardent to know what will happen in the next episode but you can’t because it isn’t available anywhere online? Well here’s a solution to your problem. “Hulu.”
  • Compatible with many devices including gaming consoles, iOS, Android, etc.
  • With Hulu Plus, you can stream over 50+ live and on-demand channels including ESPN, National Geographic, etc.
  • You can save live shows that you have missed or while you are on the go and then watch them later.
  • Stream on unlimited devices. This amazing feature adds to the beauty of everything. You can stream on unlimited streams at a time. This means your entire family can watch the same show at the same time.


This is the golden era of video streaming. There are so many sites that provide us with a plethora of amazing content that we can stream sitting at home. It is safe to say that Hulu has made our lives much more fun with its amazing features and contents than it was.

And since we have so many hacks that lead us directly to the Free Hulu Account without burning a hole in our pocket, we can rejoice even more.

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