In this golden era of the internet, where we have many things to entertain ourselves at our disposal, Amazon Prime is a blessing. It is known that Amazon is one of the best sites providing some commodities, be it electronics, beauty products, clothes, books, etc. And the cherry on the top is its prime membership. Thus, you must know how to get Free Amazon Prime.

If you have a Prime membership, you get unlimited video streaming (not the free Skype credit, but you can get that, too), free two-day shipping, free no-rush shipping, etc. In this article, we will talk about how to get amazon prime free and video in particular.

Amazon Prime is a paid membership offered by Amazon that offers many benefits like- prime videos, twitch prime, free no-rush shipping, prime reading, etc. It was founded in the year 2005. Now talking, prime video is a video-on-demand type service that comes in the package when you take an amazon prime membership. It offers various shows and films for renting or purchase. Amazon Prime trial is available worldwide (except for Mainland China, Iran, North Korea, and Syria). It was launched on September 7, 2006.

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You can generate free Amazon Prime accounts and passwords with the generator given below. Just click the “Generate” button and wait for about 20-30 seconds. Your email ID and password will display. Now, all you have to do is enter these details inside the login panel on its side, and you are good to go.

Free Amazon Video

Free Amazon Prime Account Username & Password

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Note: We have limited accounts; some might not work if they are already in use. If that is the case with you, rerun the generator for new details.

How to Get Free Amazon Prime and Free Amazon Video?

First, you must create an amazon prime account for yourself. Since the first-month trial is free, you can create multiple accounts and enjoy the facilities. There are many ways by which you can do that.

Method 1: Free Amazon Prime and Free Amazon Video Usernames and Passwords


Method 2: Free Trial

Signup on Amazon

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. If you are not already in the register, start the sign-up process. If you are a registered user, sign in for your account.
  3. On the top right corner, you will see try prime. Select that. You will be asked whether you want a 30 days amazon prime free trial or start a year of Prime at 119$.
  4. Choose the 30 days free trial option.
  5. Fill in the card details.
  6. A refundable fee will deduct just to ensure the validity of your card.
  7. You have successfully registered for prime membership.
  8. Before the end of the month, cancel the subscription.
  9. Repeat the procedure with different ids id (you can have as many email ids as you want. That’s no big deal, right?).

There are other ways to bag free amazon prime trial membership, but that is for the citizens of the USA. For example, a student gets a six-month free trial. Also, Amazon has launched a new cell phone plan that includes a free 12-month Amazon Prime membership if you are on Sprint. Some American Express cardholders get a free Prime membership.

Introduction to Amazon Prime

Having an Amazon Prime membership has many advantages. Priced at 999 INR per year, it offers many exciting deals. You can also get a free ea access code with this! Unlike normal product deliveries, if you have a Prime membership, you get free delivery, and no minimum charges are required. You also get unlimited ad-free access to amazing playlists. The most attractive feature of amazon prime is its Prime video section. Prime Video offers you an exciting range of TV shows and much of its Original content.

Free Amazon Prime

As stated earlier, Prime video is a video-on-demand service. Video on demand is a programming service that enables users to choose and listen/watch the video or audio content like TV shows and movies whenever they choose, rather than at a scheduled broadcast time. With the coming of VOD, the viewer can watch the programs he/she likes at any time, anywhere.

Now to have a Prime membership, you have to get a subscription. The subscription can be monthly, yearly, or for a lifetime, although the first-month trial is free. All you have to do is fill up the details, including your credit/debit card details. A refundable amount of INR 2 will be deducted from your bank account just to verify your card. You can do that if you wish to unsubscribe or withdraw after a month. You just have to cancel the subscription before the month ends. If you cannot do so, the subscription fee will be deducted from your account for that month.

Best Features of Amazon Prime

Till now, you might have understood what a fantastic thing amazon prime is. Now let’s get verse with its features in this section.

Free Amazon Prime

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  • As a prime member, you get a benefit on online orders. You get the free two-day delivery feature, same-day delivery, etc. The order that you placed will reach you on time.
  • You get amazing discounts on products. While shopping on Amazon, you might see in the price section that the normal and amazon prime prices have a clear difference.
  • Access to unlimited free Shutterstock images, movies and TV shows.
  • One free e-book for every month.
  • If you are a United States resident, you get a six months free trial as a student. You just should have a .edu email id, and you will be good to go.
  • Another amazing feature that amazon prime offers is that if the order is late, you can file a complaint, and they will give you one month of free Prime membership.
  • You can share your prime benefits with other people at the same address. You can add one adult and two kids, who get access to Prime Video and faster shipping.


Is Amazon Prime Video Paid?

Yes, Amazon prime video is a platform where you must subscribe monthly or yearly. You can also rent shows and movies from Amazon Prime, but they are not free; only the series' first episodes are free on Amazon Prime Video.

What is the easiest method to get Amazon Prime video for free?

You will have a one-month trial period when you sign up for Amazon prime video, so if you do this from multiple accounts, you can get access for free.

What are some of the websites that get Amazon Prime videos for free?

Swag Bucks, Inboxdollars, and Survey Junkie are some tools that can get Amazon Prime video for free.

Is Amazon prime video worth it?

Amazon prime video contains numerous TV shows and series, and it will also get free access to Amazon music that you can listen to. There are many benefits in the Amazon shopping site because of the Prime subscription, including free shipping and 2-day delivery.


Amazon Prime is an exciting feature of Free Amazon Prime, providing various facilities. All the movies and TV shows buff have Free Amazon Prime videos for them. The shopaholics have amazing deals and discounts so that they can shop like crazy. All the readers out there get access to a free e-book every month.

Music enthusiasts get great deals on music. The list is too long. From this article, you also got the answer to how to get amazon prime for free, and now you know the hack through which you can get free amazon prime subscription. So there you go. Enjoy!!

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