Storage requirements are a big deal and hold a lot of importance nowadays. No matter if you need extra space for saving pictures and videos of that much-awaited trip. Or for saving documents from your work. Some extra storage hurts none. With the uproar of technology, free cloud storage resources replace conventional techniques. And rightly so.

The top 4 Free Cloud Storage Services Of 2024 are sync, google drive, pcloud, dropbox. They enable you to store more without compromising your device’s space and much of a hassle. It is exemplary. That is not all, though. The service providing you with free cloud storage have more to offer. All that, in a while.

cloud storage service

Have you ever wondered how big companies manage such vast amounts of data? One of the popular websites used is which also offers a free premium uploaded account.

Let us briefly see what that cloud and cloud storage concept is about.

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Comprehending The Concept

So earlier, we used secondary devices like USBs, hard drives, etc, to keep our valuables safe. But then, they were prone to certain flaws. For instance, if something damages them. Or if something corrupts the hardware, then the data it hosts is gone. Done! Lost!

After a while, the IT giants came forward with a solution. They named it cloud storage. What happens is you log in or sign up with your details. Then you can avail everything that the free cloud storage service offers. These benefits are specific to each service.

You can sync the cloud storage to your device. Which makes sure you can access them anywhere, anytime!

The notable thing is the cloud storage hosts all the stuff on the server. There are a bunch of these free cloud storage services out there. Each with its marked traits. We’ll be talking about them one by one.

So let us discuss some top-notch cloud storage services without further ado.

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Top 4 Free Cloud Storage Services to Try Your Hands At Before The Year Ends!!

Let’s see what the variety of services are and how you can use them to your aid. Here it goes.


The free cloud storage service is as apt as its name. Its been gaining popularity for providing many sought-after features. It has got a thing called “the vault” where you can keep your stuff safe and away from prying eyes.


Want to share something with your friend, but he doesn’t use sync? No worries. You can still do it. He’ll be able to see files you put on sync if you want to.

Apart from offering a liberal 5 GBs as an entry bonus, it permits you to upload multiple files. That, too, at one time by using different interfaces. Intriguing!! 

Download: Sync

Google Drive

Not mentioning Google Drive while discussing Free cloud storage services is like not mentioning Tendulkar while talking about cricket. Wholly incomplete, I mean! Jokes apart.

The Giant Google itself introduced the ingenious product years earlier. Ever since it has been providing us with unparalleled cloud services. Allowing us to put anything and everything on the cloud.

google drive

Whether they are pictures, pdfs, word files, or videos. You name it. This cloud storage service offers a total of 15 gigabytes. Which, let me tell you, is common to peers like Google Mail (Gmail) and Google Photos.

They have made sharing a breeze by allowing users to produce a link from within the service. Copy it and share it among the folks. You can customize it by applying measures to the link.

The default usually is that only the people you know or those you added can open the link. You can customize it so that anyone with a link can open it. But they cannot download the file.

Google Drive is available for download on all the latest platforms.

Download: Google Drive


pcloud is one of the Free could storage services that has caught my eye. Owing to the bunch of really fascinating things it offers. For starters, it takes sharing and uploading files to another level. With some clicks here and there, you can share your files/folders or media with others. 

They can download these files on their system as .zip files. So all they have to do is extract them to use. You can generate an address, with the help of which you can upload files even from a far-away location.


The exact process goes behind the way someone can send you files. If they have the address, they can send you documents on pcloud itself. So, no more saving email attachments or files on the computer and then uploading them. Think about how much time it can save.

It gives you the allowance to grab media from other platforms as well.

And now, the part you must be waiting for. 

It gets you 10 gigabytes of space to save to your heart’s content. Not enough for you? Send invites to your friends to signup for the free cloud storage service to get more!!

Furthermore, it is a mobile app to make things handy for you. (literally)

Download: pCloud


The good old Dropbox! Providing you with free cloud storage services forever. The service has been around for quite a while now. The thing that stands out the most is how it handles and stores enormous files. Pretty flawless.

The storage of 2 GBs may seem small if you compare it to others. But you can always go for more if you like the service.


From huge picture-studded presentations to your favorite videos, it caters to all. You can modify your MS-office files remotely by visiting the online interface.

Another feature that makes the cloud storage service everyone’s favorite is the security quotient. Suppose you lost your phone, which has confidential data. If not, our photos or personal information falling into someone’s hand is not a pleasant thought.

So you can wipe all the data from your Dropbox, with the feature that lets you erase data even if you don’t possess the device. You can also avail a free DropBox account with all the same features.

Download: DropBox


What is the biggest free cloud?

While there are many cloud storage services that provide free storage space, MEGA is generally considered to be the biggest free cloud. It provides a generous amount of 15-20GB of free storage to its users. Other options are Google Drive offering 15GB and Pcloud offering `10GB. Additionally, cloud storage may allow you to increase storage by sending invites to friends.

Who is number 1 in cloud storage?

Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is the biggest cloud provider at the moment. People use AWS extensively worldwide, and they offer free cloud storage as well. After AWS, Google Drive and Microsoft Azure generally rank as the next biggest providers. Amazon Web service, however, has a market share larger than both Azure and Drive and highly used.

Is cloud service free?

Yes, many cloud storages provide free services and storage for users. You just need to activate an account on these sites to access the storage. The space for the free user is significantly lesser than premium. However, for many personal users, the space offered for free is highly sufficient. You can additionally create multiple accounts or use different sites.

Which cloud is best for data?

Google Cloud or Drive is generally considered the best for storing data. It is additionally beneficial for data scientists. The Google Cloud is additionally straightforward to use and offers nearly 15G storage for free. Students, institutions and companies use Google Cloud drive extensively, as well as people in the fields of engineering, data science, tech development, and so on.

What is a private cloud?

In cloud storage, a private cloud is accessible only to a single person or organization. All the resources fall under the control of one organization. Companies can use private clouds to store their data so that any outsiders cannot access it. Private clouds provide high-level security. Firewalls and internal hosting help protect the data.


We have reached the end of the article, which revolves around cloud storage services. It is essential to learn about these because they are foolproof storage techniques. The only thing you need to figure out is how much of it is that you need. Then you can invest accordingly. 

So read the article to know which free cloud storage services offer and how much. Then go for the one you like.

Stay tuned for more exciting stuff!

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