Are you looking to download movies from a torrent? The best free Torrent leech sites are listed below for your convenience.

With millions of users and visitors daily, torrent sites are among the most well-known websites today. These days, choosing the top torrent leeching websites might be challenging due to the abundance of online websites. We have therefore developed a list of various free torrent leech websites that can use to download movies, audiobooks, etc. Some of our top selections are The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and 1377x.

Let’s explore torrents leech websites.

List of Free Torrent Leech Sites | Top 9

The following are the ones you should know for sure!

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay torrent site is the most widely used and one of the oldest BitTorrent sites ever, making it the most well-known worldwide.pirates bay Some of the most torrent material is available on Pirate Bay. The Pirate Bay’s position at the top of this list is evident, and it is due to its user-friendly layout and a variety of options, including tags that indicate if a download is safe or not.

Users can choose from several always functional proxies and can even register or sign in to get additional feature options.

Key features

  • Magnet link support
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Peer-to-peer sharing

Visit: The Pirate Bay

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There is a tonne of content on RARBG in many categories. It is quite simple to use, includes a top 10 list of the most popular downloads at any given time, and is a good free torrent leech site.rarbg Most popular movie torrents have subtitles in multiple languages that can download with a single click.

Additionally, RARBG’s user interface is among the most attractive of the group. Most movies and TV shows feature previews and pictures so you can see what you’re getting before you download it, and the website’s user interface makes it simple to use.

RARBG is a cross between the Best Public and Private Torrent Sites, allowing users to log in with a username and password or view the website as a guest.

Key features

  • Offers Magnet links and torrent files
  • Availability of subtitles
  • User-friendly

Visit: RARBG


On 1337X, there is plenty for everyone. Manga, Documentary films, Games, Audio, Apps, Movies, Television, and XXXX, are among the categories available on the website.1337x1337X is simple for novice and seasoned users due to its simple primary menu. Furthermore, 1337X has a registration option, which gives users even more access to this popular torrent site. Also, see the best Zbigz Alternatives.

The foundation of this torrenting website is a community where users exchange the best torrent files for no-cost download.

Key features

  • Dedicated sections for content
  • User-friendly UI
  • Extensive index of the database from various torrent sites

Visit: 1337X

Lime Torrents

LimeTorrents’ handy search tools make finding what you’re looking for easier.limetorrents There is a straightforward user interface with various genres, including Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games, Anime, and more.

LimeTorrents contains all the components necessary for a fantastic downloading experience, including each category’s top 50 torrents monthly.

Users can find bookmarks, upload torrents, and communicate with other site visitors using the Browse function.

Key features

  • Display of size and upload period of each torrent
  • One-click torrent downloads
  • Has search filters

Visit: LimeTorrents

Kickass Torrents

Kickass has been around for a while. Despite not being the original website, this new version is fantastic. The database on this new website is brand-new and safe. However, the platform’s user interface is still the same.kickass torrents You may choose from several popular options on the Kickass home page, including HD link searches. Currently, the site offers a wide range of material, including movies, Television shows, songs, games, software, ebooks, manga, and more.

Users can sign in and create an account with Kickass for unrestricted content access.

Key features

  • Instant download support
  • Minimum pop-ups
  • Features peer-to-peer files

Visit: kickass Torrents


Due to its ability to integrate results from several torrent websites, Torrentz2 is regarded as a torrent search engine.torrentz2 It indicates more stuff downloaded than every other torrent site on this list. Users often use this website to download music.

Only a search option is available on the main screen of Torrentz2, yet it produces quick results. A tonne of torrents is available for software, music, and anime.

Visit: Torentz2


This torrent site is ideal for you if you’re looking for difficult-to-find literature, movies, TV shows, anime, and software. You will also value the clean interface it provides.torrent downloadsTorrentDownloads is a user-friendly torrent site with registration options that offer many fantastic torrent choices.

If you’re new to torrenting, this website can lead you through the procedure with a useful how-to tutorial.

A thorough torrent file listing, including information on the files’ sizes, trackers, and more, is available on TorrentDownloads.Before making it available for download, it assists users in coming to a decision.

Visit: TorrentDownloads

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GloTorrents is a reliable torrent website because of its big content catalog. It also offers online streaming and broadcast radio to suit a person’s entertainment needs.glo torrents Thousands of films, TV episodes, games, software, books, anime series, videos, photographs, and other media are available on GloTorrents.

Even an IPTV Category that will offer choices for live streaming is shortly to arrive.

You can include defunct torrents and categorize your search results. The + symbol is used to add particular words to searches, and the – sign is used to delete certain words from search results.

This website’s Forums section includes much information to aid you with your torrenting.

Using other websites to scrape for files, is an excellent one-stop shop. Both torrent trackers list choices and other torrent proxy settings are available.torrends You can download anything you desire using their sophisticated search engine, which they provide.

They offer a user-friendly design, and when you search with them, you can acquire the pertinent file details, along with the links. You will also be able to collect additional information, such as file size, seeders, and data upload. 

The tracker for downloading content is located on the main screen and displays popular download trends and genres.


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Is torrenting illegal?

Sharing and downloading torrent files is entirely legal. However, most nations, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and most European states, consider it unlawful to pirate copyrighted content without authorization. If detected, you can be required to pay a fine or perhaps spend time in jail.

Which country VPN is best for torrenting?

The majority of VPN providers will list the servers that permit torrenting. However, a well-liked and simple option is Sweden. Most services have Swedish servers in their networks and many other torrent-friendly nations, and the speeds are typically good.

Is BitTorrent safe?

While sticking to reliable sources helps reduce dangerous downloads, torrent sites are not immune to malicious files from unverified uploaders. Even if torrent files appear legitimate, downloading them without first ensuring their security can be risky since they may include malware that will damage your computer.

Can I get caught torrenting using a VPN?

Yes, you can get caught while torrenting using a VPN. But the chances of it happening is highly unlikely since the VPN hides IP addresses.

What is torrent caching?

A torrent cache site stores a torrent file previously stored on a peer-to-peer network. Users no longer required a torrent client to view the files because they could do so simply from the server.


With the increase in downloading movies, videos, and books, many torrent sites have existed. For your ease, we’ve compiled a directory of the best free torrent sites. We also took it upon ourselves to answer some of the questions asked.

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