With the advent of technology, every detail has been computerized, and each component is documented. This led to the introduction of storage devices that allows us to share such information with other people. However, as time progressed, it was challenging to share necessary knowledge through a storage device. Hence, we built websites and coded programs that allow us to feed documents to the internet. Thus, using the DepositFiles Premium Link Generator is a must in today’s date.

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How To Get Free DepositFiles Premium Account?

You can use DepositFiles for free as it allows uploading and downloading of files of up to 10 GB. We can start using this facility after registering using our mail address and providing our basic information. After we exhaust the data available for free users, we need to be a member of a Gold account that makes us a Premium member of this medium. We need to pay every month to be a Premium member of DepositFiles.

Method 1: Free DepositFiles Premium Account Usernames & Passwords

You can get the benefits of a Gold account for free, without paying a single penny. All you have to do is to do a 2-minute share on the below button. And you’ll get a list of free DepositFiles Gold Account logins available. You just need to copy the login info into the DepositFiles website and start using the Gold account right away. There are a lot of other benefits of using DepositFiles premium account that you’ll get apart from just uploading or downloading your files.

Method 2: DepositFiles Premium Link Generator

Premium link generator, as the name suggests, refers to the tools or websites that allow us to use a Premium account for free. We don’t have to have a Gold account to get access to these files, and we can gain access to the files in the DepositFiles using this generator. Using this  generator, we can download files from a Premium account for free without wasting time in a swift. In simple words, you can watch movies or play novel games without having to pay for it.

The Need For A  DepositFiles Premium Link Generator

We Indians have a programmed practice of searching files for free. And, we search for every result after writing the word ‘free’ at the search engine’s end. We use the torrent or Internet Download Manager, commonly known as IDM, to get our desired information. Yet, we want to download files that contain no virus and are safe for the computer.

Only certain people have the royalty to have a premium account; others use the downloaded files from websites. To counter this problem, we have developed the Premium link generator, also known as leeches, as they suck all the information from the internet. The best of IDM is the file-hosting websites that give the users access to the files. The best of such websites is the premium file-hosting sites that benefit the people who upload and download them.

Best DepositFiles Premium Link Generator On The Internet

The best DepositFiles Premium link generator available on the internet are Deepbird, Cocoleech, and Reevown Cloud. These websites gained popularity in 2021 and are used by many people owing to the Lockdown due to Covid.

cocoleech - depositfiles premium link generator
CocoLeech – DepositFiles premium link generator

We have to register to the website using our mail Id and provide our basic information. After this:

  • Click on the downloader, which allows us to gain access to the premium files.
  • Please copy the Premium web hosting file link we want to download and paste it into the box.
  • After this, click on generate and wait for few seconds.
  • We will get the downloaded file after some time.
  • We can have access to most files as they are not password protected.

It’s that easy to download a file using a DepositFiles Premium Link Generator? However, we can not open those files that are password encrypted.

Evolution Of Storage Devices

Storage of data in the source computer was the first step towards saving the information. This led to the introduction of secondary storage devices, such as Compact Disc or CD, Pen drive, Hard disk, and other such portable devices. However, this required us to be physically present, and it was a time-consuming method. Then came the first use of the internet, i.e., sending messages through email with attachments that had information.

Now, with the help of the internet, sharing of files has been made far more accessible than before and has made the use of secondary storage devices almost redundant. There are a lot of file hosting services that are used daily for both small and big files, and they are continuing to evolve with the many benefits that they provide. Dropbox, Google Drive, Nitroflare, Mega, etc. are just some of the file hosting services that are in use on a daily basis.

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Free DepositFiles Premium Account Username & Password

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Note: We have limited accounts and some of them might not work if they are already in use. If that is the case with you then run the generator again for new details.

What Is DepositFiles?

Before getting know about the DepositFiles Premium Link Generator, let us see first see what actually DepositFiles is. DepositFiles is another such storing medium available on the internet. This is available on many such platforms and allows us to store and use files when needed. The name itself suggests that it acts as a bank to store our files and keep them safe. The storage capacity it gives to an ordinary user is 10 GB which means we can store files up to 10 GB for free just like we use Google Drive or upload it to the Cloud.



How DepositFiles Premium Link Generator Work?

When you share this download link with the relevant people, they will be able to download the files through the link. You will also get another link for deleting the file if you choose to do so. By saving it and later just clicking on the link will automatically delete the file that you had uploaded. The files will also stay on the server for a total period of 90 days.

If anybody doesn’t download the file within 90 days using DepositFiles Premium Link Generator, it gets deleted automatically. However, if somebody does download your file within those 90 days, then the file will stay on the server for another 90 days starting from the date that it downloads the first time. What’s more is that you can also protect your files with a password as an extra security measure.

You can enjoy almost all the benefits while being a free user. There are a number of other software provided by DepositFiles for different kinds of uses. They have a download manager and a VPN service to name a few. The download manager is in use to download files at a higher speed than provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Features After Using DepositFiles Premium Link Generator


For using DepositFiles, you don’t really need to upgrade to a Gold account as the basic features you can enjoy with a free account itself. However, there are indeed some levels of added benefits that a Gold user enjoys over a free user:

  • Upgrading to a Gold account offers access to DepositFiles other software such as the download manager which will help you to download files at a higher speed than normal.
  • You can also download multiple files at once which you cannot do if you were a free user
  • Even multiple uploading of files has support.
  • You can stop worrying about annoying ads and pop-ups as they will be automatically disabled for a Gold user.
  • Your files will download from DepositFiles Premium Link Generator in a unique way than it usually does for a free user. The files will be ‘cut’ into smaller packets. And each of them will download separately. Once all the packets downloads, the file is then ‘stitched’ together just like a normal file. This helps to download at even greater speed as it distributes the speed equal to each packet and not as a single large file.
  • You’ll also get an upgrade in storage of up to 20 GB for uploading and downloading your files. (10 GB for average users)

Advantages of DepositFiles

The advantages of using DepositFiles:

  • Large file storage: DepositFiles allows users to upload and store large files, which can be difficult to share using other methods.
  • Easy sharing: DepositFiles provides a simple way to share large files with others. The uploader can generate a download link that can be shared with anyone.
  • Secure transfers: DepositFiles uses SSL encryption to secure the transfer of files and data, ensuring the privacy and security of shared files.
  • Multiple file formats: DepositFiles supports a wide range of file formats, making it easy to upload and share different types of files.
  • Access from anywhere: DepositFiles is a practical option for remote teams and individuals because you can access it from any location with an internet connection.
  • Free and paid options: DepositFiles offers free and paid options, allowing users to choose a plan that best suits their needs.
  • Fast download speeds: Premium accounts on DepositFiles offer faster download speeds, allowing users to download large files quickly and efficiently.

Disadvantages of DepositFiles

Here are some of the disadvantages of using DepositFiles:

  • Limited storage space for free accounts: Free accounts on DepositFiles have limited storage space and may only be suitable for users who need to store a few files.
  • Limited download speed for free accounts: Free accounts also have limited download speeds, which can be frustrating for users who need to download large files quickly.
  • Potential for malware: As with any file hosting and sharing service, there is a risk of downloading malware or other malicious files from unknown sources. 
  • Advertisements: The free version of DepositFiles displays advertisements, which can distract and annoy some users.
  • No version control: DepositFiles does not provide version control for files, meaning that you will lose the previous version if you update a file.
  • Dependence on internet connection: DepositFiles requires an internet connection to access files, which can be a problem for users in areas with limited or unreliable connectivity.
  • Premium costs: While premium accounts offer more storage and faster download speeds, they also come at a cost that may only be affordable for some users.


How do DepositFiles work?

Users can upload files to DepositFiles and share the download link with others. The uploaded files can be downloaded by anyone who has the link.

Is DepositFiles free to use?

DepositFiles offers both free and premium accounts. Free accounts have limitations on upload size and download speed, while premium accounts have unlimited upload size and faster download speeds.

Is DepositFiles safe?

DepositFiles uses SSL encryption to secure the transfer of files and data. However, as with any file hosting and sharing service, it's important to be cautious when downloading files from unknown sources.

How do I upload a file to DepositFiles?

You can upload a file to DepositFiles by creating an account and then using the upload function on their website.

How do I share a file using DepositFiles?

You can distribute the download link to others once a file has been uploaded to DepositFiles. Any sharing technique, including email, social media, and others, can be used to distribute the link.

Can I download files from DepositFiles without an account?

Yes, anyone can download files from DepositFiles without an account by using the download link provided by the uploader.

Closing Mentions

DepositFiles is still actively used by thousands of users as compared to other file hosting services. Its free features  with DepositFiles Premium Link Generator and added benefits have made it a favorite choice for sharing files over the internet. Many other file hosting services will usually blow up your browser with ads or surveys which you may have to complete in order to download a file.

DepositFiles has a simple user interface that allows users to share their files at minimum effort and doesn’t deviate from its promises to the free users. Though it may not be necessary, you can easily upgrade to a Gold account if there are a large number of files that you need to download.

With the help of DepositFiles Premium Link Generator, you can start using the Gold account and enjoy the many benefits that it has to offer. DepositFiles is the best and the most simplified file hosting service there is, to date.

It is challenging to stay away from using the internet and avoid using them for daily purposes. With developing technologies and as time goes by, we have to update ourselves for the change. So, we choose the best in each field to keep us ahead in the area. DepositFiles allows us to store and access files at any point in time and any place. To be truthful, DepositFiles is another blooming internet storage hub. Kindly give it a try and check the benefits of using them.