Do you also get multiple OTPs to sign-up/login into any website and app? We have brought you eight ways to avoid this tedious process. Read further on this to better understand how to bypass OTP verification efficiently.

As a netizen, you must be familiar with OTPs and the verification procedures involving customers entering their cell phone numbers into a new web portal. If that is not concerning, we don’t know what is! A phone number is linked to sensitive info like your bank details and emails, so we suggest you go through this article carefully.

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What Is The Immediate Need For Alternate OTP Verification?

So, when we say “how to bypass OTP verification,” we do not mean we are bypassing the time taking process. In this piece, we are suggesting you fake or throwaway phone numbers. These temporary numbers will be entered into the web portal instead of your number. Therefore, this practice saves you from the hectic OTP verification process and spam SMS notifications.

alternate otp verification

So, follow this how-to guide whenever using any burnable mobile number creator service:

  • Find a suitable website to compute a throwaway number (Find them below).
  • You will encounter a setup where you can access a fake phone number for a short period based in different countries.
  • Just choose a country you wish and compute a number.
  • Copy-paste this computed fake number on the portal asking for an OTP.
  • You will get an SMS notification on the disposable phone number website.
  • Copy this OTP from a safe phone number portal and use it on the preferred portal.

And that is it. A simple process to learn how to bypass OTP verification procedures.

Now that we have covered how to bypass OTP verification firewalls, we have to look at multiple services available to you to create burnable phone numbers.

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Top 8 Ways To Bypass OTP Verification

Here are a few ways how to bypass OTP verification.


The Proovl offers an easy-to-access interface for anyone new to this field of interest. The website is especially beneficial for customers based in the USA, Canada, or other Western countries as that is the first option to choose from the website.proovl


Though the setup is through registration and free of cost, there is a monthly subscription. Also, the subscription is available in different currencies for the diversity of customers.

Website: Proovl

If you are searching for temporary phone numbers, should be on your radar. The website offers an excellent solution on how to bypass OTP verification. Present on its homepage is multiple countries affiliated with the web portal.

quacker The portal also aids you with two paid subscriptions: a weekly plan and a monthly one. This is not a free website; you must pay upfront to use any throwaway number computed by the site. 



FakeNumber is a free-of-cost service for how to bypass the OTP verification procedure. The web portal provides you with a local temporary number and a temporary international number. Again, you do not have to pay for this service.


You also have the choice to choose between countries and even states. However, it does not feature a lot of geographical locations. But still, the portal might be helpful if you are not up for spending big bucks on the service.

Website: Fake Number

Free SMS Verification

Free SMS verification is a free-to-operate service where one can get fake numbers quickly. The idea is that the site gives you multiple West-centred phone numbers. As a customer, you must look for a country that suits you.


Just click ctrl+c on the number and use it wherever you like to bypass the OTP verification firewall. The last step includes enabling the “Read SMS” option and getting the desired OTP from the site.

Website: Free SMS Verification


The website is available to users searching to bypass OTP verification procedures immediately. It offers you multiple phone numbers to choose from and utilize. The website provides free service.


Visiting the link we provide here is more accessible, so you don’t have to navigate their other services, as it can be a little intimidating. Choose any number you prefer, then select the number on the website. The service is only for you if you are okay with a general chatbox. Your new OTP will be visible for others to see. That is why we recommend not using this site for sensitive verifications. 

Website: Sellaite


This is an India-based portal for burnable numbers to bypass OTP verification procedures in different apps like WhatsApp. The website offers you a seven-day trial at no cost. The portal will equip you with one free number to utilize and receive ten SMS daily for this trial. If you demand a fake number for a more extended period, the portal will charge you $6.39 per year.

indiannumber-how to bypass otp verification

This pack also has one burnable number, but unlimited incoming messages are allowed. Contrary to its name, the portal offers burnable numbers for the USA and China.

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Felix Merchant

The website offers a simple interface for bypassing OTP firewalls on different web portals. So, if you are scrolling through paid services and looking to avoid OTP verification procedures on other social interaction websites, Felix Merchant is perfect.

felix merchant

The site will only offer a paid service with different US-based phone numbers. The website has agents who will send you your OTPs from the number or the service you bought. The portal provides a well-encrypted service; you do not have to do much. Also, the prices for different products (websites) are different. 

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We are ending our list with an easy website to handle and navigate through for temporary mobile numbers. The portal should always be remembered when searching for bypassing OTP verification and privacy protection, as it is pretty handy and easy to use.


Fifteen phone numbers based in the USA and Canada are ready to use when you visit the website. There is no registration, and the services provided are free for all. The website follows similar functionality and processes to those mentioned in the list.

Website: FreePhoneNum


Are there any legal consequences of using a burner phone number?

No, there are no legal consequences until and unless something other than OTP bypassing is involved, like identity theft.

Are these numbers anonymous?

Anonymity is paramount in this service; yes, you as the customer are always anonymous.

Should I use this service often?

Yes, you should. It is always better to protect your private data from spamming portals.


As daily internet users, we face these OTP verification procedures almost daily. In the hurried life of the internet, we never stop and wait for where and to how many sources we are given the liberty to breach our private lives. Solutions to issues like how to bypass OTP verification firewalls are a quick and easy read.

Most people would pass on something like this. The idea is to make more people aware of this daily meddling. Processes like OTP verification should not be maintained as a chore, and online portals ultimately aim for it. We are working towards a more transparent cyber society where OTP verification is necessary. But everything is acceptable to a specific limit. As soon as that limit is crossed, it becomes a breach.

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