So, today we’ll be having Lil chit-chat about something known to cater to all our movie/TV needs. No matter whether you’re someone who likes Old Hindi movies. Or if you are a fan of classic English cinema/TV. One single service grants all your wishes, “NetFlix.” It needs no introduction whatsoever. I’m going to tell you a secret, though about the existence of some Netflix hacks that’ll revolutionize how you enjoy the service.

There are a lot of Netflix hacks that can unlock things like:

  • Unblock Geoblocked Content With a VPN.
  • Unlock the Netflix Secret Menu.
  • Stream in HD.
  • Use the Search Bar Wisely.
  • Boot Spongers Off Your Account.
  • Delete Your Viewing History.
  • Binge Watch From a Distance.
  • Install IMDb Ratings for Netflix.
  • Take Control of Your Data Usage

It’s a platform that has been feeding the buff in you. You name the movie/tv show. The chances are high that NetFlix has it. It even has shown for your little ones; how amazing is that?

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What Do You Mean by Netflix Hacks?

Now that I mentioned Netflix hacks, you might think, “But I am doing well with Netflix as it is.” I’m glad, but a Lil more hurts no one, right? Once you get your hands on some of these Netflix hacks, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

customized subtitles

It has cool stuff like more refined searches, customized subtitles, better quality, etc.

So, let me tell you precisely what these Netflix hacks are and how you can acquire them.

Hacks and Tricks to Redefine Binge Watch For You

So, I present to you some NetFlix hacks that can come in handy to you at some point. Something a little off the way of conventional Netflix scrolling. Here you go, then.

The Virtual Get-together

Are you and your gang follow the “those who binge-watch together, stay together” slogan? If yes, then the Netflix party extension is what you’ve been waiting for. Trust me when I tell you that. 

It enables you all to watch series together. Simply put, our first Netflix hacks create a standard screen to watch a show from your placeImagine all 6 of you binging on Suits after a long weekend. What more do you want technology to do for you? 

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The Virtual Get-together

It also lets you chat while you watch that show. So the “Chandler” of your group can come out with all his funny and witty comments.

Also, had you and your partner decided to watch “To All the Boys I’ve loved before” together? But are the long-distance and extended office hours making it too complicated? Using the hack, all you have to do is wait for the weekend, and you can watch it together, In spirit. Sounds great to me.

It is undoubtedly one of the most loved Netflix hacks out there.

Unconventional Listing for More Options

For the times when you’ve watched too much, the “thriller,” “romance,” and “comedy” categories seem too dreary. Also, new stuff stops coming when you spend too much time on NetFlix. That is when you can use this kind of Netflix hack; I’m going to tell you. 

Listen closely; Netflix has some codes corresponding to the thousands of different genres to suit your taste. All of these, also, of course, to the regular ones.

Unconventional Listing

To take full advantage of it, learn the code that suits your chosen genre. Then, concatenate that to the end of the URL at the top of the screen.

For instance, if you’re a drama queen who enjoys classical drama, the code for you is 29809. Similarly, if you have a thing for Anime comedy, 9302 will serve your purpose well.

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What to Do If You Forgot to Add a Show to Your Watchlist

The next of our Netflix hacks are for the ones who can’t recall why they added a show to their “to watch” list.

 It is one of the many extensions you get with Chrome that provides an experience readymade for your needs.

It goes by the name Flix Plus; as catchy as it sounds, it offers a range of new things.

The highlight is that you get to put little reminders on your shows. These could be any pieces of information that you’d like to remind yourself of. Maybe you’d like to remind yourself of the exact time when you left a show. Or perhaps the date when NetFlix will take it off. It could be anything. It’s like sticking little notes around as reminders.

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Alter the Look of Your Subtitles

Not many people know another of the Netflix hacks because most of us don’t care enough to mess around with the settings.

Just make way to the profile option in your account settings. There you will find the chance related to subtitles. Therein, you can alter to your heart’s content.

Alter the Look of Your Subtitles

You can change whatever you want, whether the hue, the size, or whatever else catches your fancy.

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More Handy Extensions to Know

What more do you need for a better-than-ever experience? One thing you cannot afford to forget is? Quality? 

So with the upcoming one from our list of NetFlix hacks, you don’t have to wait around. With your favorite show already on, for NetFlix to update the video quality. Add the extension “Super Netflix” to the browser you use. neverending netflix

Also, are you irritated by NetFlix asking you whether you’re still watching? Yes? Get rid of it with another of the Netflix hacks, “Neverending NetFlix.” It’s an apt name for the service that flicks through the next episode for you, among other things.


Is there a way to trick Netflix?

While we don't endorse unethical practices, some users try using multiple free trials or sharing accounts. However, Netflix monitors such activities and may take action. It's best to subscribe legally and enjoy their vast content guilt-free.

What are tips for binge-watching?

To make binge-watching enjoyable, set time limits, take short breaks between episodes, stay hydrated, and prioritize sleep. Also, choose a comfortable viewing spot with proper lighting to reduce eye strain and fatigue.

How do I beat Netflix addiction?

Overcoming Netflix addiction requires discipline. Create a schedule, set specific viewing hours, and stick to them. Engage in other activities, exercise, or pursue hobbies to reduce dependency on constant streaming. Seek support from friends or family to stay accountable.

Am I Addicted to binge-watching?

Determine binge-watching addiction by assessing its impact on daily life. If it interferes with responsibilities and relationships or causes neglect of self-care, it might be an addiction. Reflect on your viewing habits and consider seeking professional help if needed.

Is Netflix stopping binge-watching?

Netflix doesn't actively discourage binge-watching, as it's a popular way for viewers to enjoy their content. However, they have experimented with features like 'Play Something' to encourage continuous viewing in a more curated way. The focus remains on providing a seamless streaming experience.


These were the Netflix hacks, which in my opinion, can come in most handy for you. These cover all the essentials for a perfect binge night, with popcorn at the side. So, Netflix and enjoy!

And do visit us for more such content!

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