One of the biggest platforms for online money transfers worldwide is PayPal. You can restore your permanently limited account to its initial very easily. PayPal is available both online and on mobile devices. So this guide will tell about how to restore permanently limited PayPal account.paypal

You must re-appeal to PayPal by logging into the Resolution centre to restore a permanently limited PayPal account. Additionally, you can send the PayPal Executives a physical letter asking them to restore your account.

Your PayPal account may have been permanently restricted for a variety of reasons. You may have gone against PayPal’s terms of service. If your account has been limited, you must contact PayPal customer service for assistance. Read below to learn about how to restore a permanently limited PayPal account.

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How To Restore Permanently Limited Paypal Account?

You can shop online without providing your credit card information on each page you visit with the aid of PayPal. Shop at merchants that accept PayPal to send money to other users or add to (or withdraw from) a secure money pool by linking your credit card and bank account to PayPal.account

You can restore a permanently limited Paypal Account using these techniques:

Re-Appeal To PayPal

If your profile has been permanently restricted, to lift the restrictions and regain full usage of your free Paypal account, you must reapply to PayPal. But it would only be finished once you gave PayPal proof of identity.paypal limit

You must properly explain your situation and request that they lift the limits placed on your account. PayPal account is permanently limited when it detects that a hacker or fraudster may have accessed it without your knowledge to keep your account secure and prevent you from suffering significant monetary losses.

It will only remove the restrictions once you certify that you are in full control of your account and that no fraudulent transfers have been made. How to remove PayPal limitations and restore account access? Appeals procedures:

  1. To access the assistance center, simply click the link.paypal home
  2. Then, to access PayPal’s Resolution center, you must log in.resolution centre
  3. Click on Limits and Disputes for your PayPal account recovery.
  4. Next, select Account limits.
  5. Describe your problem after uploading identification documentation like a driver’s license or a green card.
  6. Send the appeals form in.

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Write to PayPal Executive: Without ID

Sending a letter to the PayPal executive and pleading with him to remove the limitations from your account is another technique to appeal to PayPal’s security check. You must accurately attach your account information to it.write to executive

How to restore a permanently limited PayPal account? This option is especially useful if you need a green card or a driver’s license number to prove your identification. The tangible letter must be mailed to the PayPal executive. You should clarify in the letter that you’re asking the PayPal CEO to reinstate your account so you can manage it normally. To ensure the letter reaches the PayPal executive immediately, you can email a copy to them.

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How To Spend Money On A Limited PayPal Account

You won’t be able to conduct regular purchases or payments when your PayPal account restricts owing to alleged fraud activities or other problems. To find out how much you can spend or whether you can spend anything on a limited account, check your restrictions or spending limits in the Paypal permanently limited alerts section.spend money

If a limited account restricts from being used for purchases, you must supply the appropriate information to regain your account.

You can restore your account and use the funds in it as soon as you’ve given PayPal the necessary information or identity evidence.

How To Create A New PayPal Account?

This is How To Create A New PayPal Account After Having Your Account Limited Permanently. Also, learn how to scan the QR code from a screenshot.

After transferring all of the funds from the initial PayPal account to your bank account, you must close it.

You must create a new PayPal account after closing your old one. You must use alternative information to open a new PayPal account if your old account has not been permanently closed but you still wish to do account

However, suppose you’re permanently limited PayPal account and unable to register a new account or permanently close an existing one. In that case, you can temporarily utilize the account of any friend or relative with whom you have a close relationship.

You can create a new PayPal account after your old one is not accessible. Be careful not to break any PayPal policies because doing so could result in the account being suspended and your money being held hostage for up to 180 days.


What occurs if my PayPal account is restricted permanently?

Your PayPal balance is held for 180 days if PayPal places a permanent restriction on your account to combat chargebacks and refunds. When 180 days have passed, you will be alerted through email that your money is now available for withdrawal.

Can your PayPal account be permanently restricted?

Being constrained indefinitely is undesirable. Accounts from the past won't function. A new email address, bank account, and credit card would be necessary. If it doesn't work for you, there are other alternatives available.

Can I disconnect my bank account from PayPal?

It would be fine to close your bank account if your PayPal account had been permanently limited because you could not open another one in the future. Accounts with restricted access are unable to delete financial data.

How do I use PayPal to pay?

Pay using PayPal Once your account is set up; you can quickly and securely make payments online. Ensure that your PayPal account is linked to a functional card. Set up your card for foreign transactions and inquire about your spending cap with the bank that issued the card.

Can I connect PayPal to my Google account?

Connecting your Google account lets you activate PayPal One TouchTM and expedite checkout without repeatedly logging in. When you sign in with your Google account, you can complete checkout more quickly by skipping the password field. You can always opt-out later in's Settings.

How do you remove funds from a PayPal account with a 180-day withdrawal limit?

You must submit an appeal to PayPal and upload identification documentation to get the restrictions on your account lifted before 180 days. Once your account restriction has been removed, you can send or receive it using PayPal to another user. As a result, once the restriction on your account is gone, you can withdraw or spend your money as you like.


It was all about how to restore permanently limited PayPal account. It is possible to restore a PayPal account that has been permanently restricted, but it might take some time. You must first get in touch with PayPal and explain the situation. They will restore your account and remove the restriction once they have validated your claim. So you can follow these methods to restore a permanently limited PayPal account.

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