Want to be safe from fraudsters and have a credit card safe from fraudulent transactions? Then Virtual Credit Cards are for you. Learn more about a free virtual credit card with no deposit and its various providers.

A virtual credit card is an ultimate solution for people who want to do safe transactions online. They are highly dependable, secure, and simple to use. The top virtual cards are Privacy, Wise and US Unlocked. To get a free virtual card with no deposit, You would typically apply for a free virtual credit card using the website or application of your provider. To create a virtual credit card and use it for online transactions.

 We will look at the major virtual credit card issuers and their features ahead. Let’s get started and see what a VCC is.

What is a Virtual Credit Card?

Physical credit cards can be replaced by virtual ones that are essentially disposable.

what is virtual card

A free virtual credit card with zero deposit is, in essence, like every basic credit card. Making a VCC payment does not require moving money from your bank account to your virtual credit card. Your chip credit card is instead linked to a virtual credit card; nonetheless, the merchant is not given access to your financial details. It guarantees that neither dishonest retailers nor online criminals will have access to your sensitive information, keeping it completely secure.

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How To Obtain a Free Virtual Credit Card?

You would typically apply for a free virtual credit card using the website or application of your provider to create a virtual credit card and use it for online transactions like playing games or shopping.

free virtual card

The card number, CVV, and expiration date you receive when creating a virtual credit card through your issuer’s app are all new and random. Since this information is typically tied to a single transaction, fraudsters will be powerless to use it even if they can obtain your transaction details.

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Best Free Virtual Credit Card With Zero Deposit

Here is a list of free virtual credit card with no deposit.


Privacy’s virtual credit card service can help you keep your money safe when you shop online.


One of the greatest virtual credit cards available, it has a unique card number that only functions for a specific merchant. Thanks to this company, you can cancel your subscription with just one mouse click.

Key Features

  • Dedicated account management
  •  Offer service to set spending limits and Freeze the card
  • Merchant locked 
  • The card closes after the first use

Visit: Privacy

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With Wise, managing and controlling your costs when traveling abroad is a breeze, thanks to a Virtual credit card. You can use the virtual card you receive to purchase online at the current exchange rates.

wise card

The card is the best choice for preventing fraud because it can be blocked after each use. You may rest easy knowing that the UK Financial Conduct Authority has given Wise’s virtual card full clearance.

The card may simultaneously contain more than 50 different currencies.

Key Features

  • It Provides upto 3 cards at a time.
  • It is available in 30+ countries.
  • Make payments online using the current currency rate.
  • Offers freeze card anytime and a spending limit. It is available in 30+ countries.

Visit: Wise

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US Unlocked

The ability to shop from a variety of US retailers from anywhere in the world is this virtual prepaid card’s most prominent feature.

us unlocked card

All you have to do is join up for their service, charge the card just $50, and pay a small fee to use the card for one-time purchases from a range of US retailers.

Key Features

  • Access to only US websites
  • Offers two types of cards which are one-time use and merchant specific.
  • It Offers services of Merchant lock, speed limit, and charge limits.

Visit: Us Unlocked

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Divvy makes it simple to create a Virtual card. With the platform, you may create unique subscription cards for every supplier your company works with.


Following that, you can select the card’s balance and put restrictions. The card’s financial limit periodically resets per month to guarantee that all suppliers are quickly paid without incurring additional costs.

Key Features

  • Protection from a data breach
  • Manage recurring payments
  • Offers services of one-time cards, merchant lock, spent limit, and charge limit.

Visit: Divvpay

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Emburse Spend enables you to issue mono and recurrent Virtual cards to your employees. These cards give you total real-time visibility into the spending-related activities of your employees. To manage to spend for your business, you can configure the card by setting a maximum budget and pre-established approval procedures.


At the point of sale, verification of each transaction made with these cards. These cards make automatic reconciliation easier by immediately capturing receipts and expense information at the point of sale. It is one amoung the most used cards in Virtual Credit Card.

Key Features

  • Offers real-time insights and reports
  • Automated spend reconciliation
  • Provides a mobile receipt

Visit: Emburse

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The great level of security added to bank transactions or online payments by Blur’s virtual credit card services is the reason for their popularity. It syncs with many different devices and makes it easy to check out and purchase from a smartphone, tablet, or browser. 


The most enticing aspect of it might be how secure it is. The website can encrypt your credentials, making it difficult for hackers to obtain your financial or personal data.

Key Features

  • Generation of new VCC with each payment
  • Syncing across all devices
  • Encryption of passwords

Visit: Blur

American Express

Customers of American Express can use a highly convenient virtual credit card service that is very user-friendly.

american express

Freelancers, digital marketers, and other self-employed professionals can use this virtual card to make online purchases. It isn’t easy to lose track of all your payments using this VCC. Setting spending limits on the card also enables you to manage the fees.

Key Features

  • Spend control
  • Ease of use
  • Fund addition by employees
  • Offer of spend control

Visit: American Express


Netspend is a fantastic online tool for managing finances. It accomplishes this by offering consumers a personalized digital prepaid card that can with a chosen image or symbol. The service is quite helpful when generating a temporary card number that you can use to access websites that do not accept debit cards.


The card offers exceptional safety for both your physical debit card and credit card information and is easy to use in any place in the country. You can also easily check your balance at any time, anywhere. With Netspend’s Virtual credit cards, transaction alerts sent through text messages are also incredibly helpful.

Key Features

  • Card customization
  • Check account balance anywhere and at any time
  • Countrywide payments

Visit: Netspend


LeoPay is a platform for managing global finances that enable users to create user accounts quickly and obtain various IBANs, or international banking account numbers, in various currencies. It may be viewed online or through a mobile app and is quite simple to set up.


Users receive two virtual cards from the service for free. You can use the card to make transactions or withdraw cash anywhere globally. Additionally, transaction alerts immediately inform you of the money you send and receive.

Key Features

  • Multiple International Banking accounts
  • Two free visa virtual cards provided
  • Easy to use and has 24/7 access

Visit: Leopay


Can you limit the transactions on a Virtual Credit card?

Yes, Virtual credit cards make with a transactional limit.

Can money be transferred from a virtual credit card free of cost?

Yes, you can use the virtual card to make bank transfers like any normal card.

Does PayPal accept virtual credit cards?

Yes, PayPal has now started verifying PayPal accounts with virtual credit cards.

Can you withdraw money from a virtual card?

No, you cannot withdraw money from a virtual card since there is no actual card.

Can one get a free virtual credit card without having a bank account?

Usually, getting a virtual credit card from a bank where you have an existing bank account is easier, but yes, you can apply for VCC from banks where you don’t have an account.

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The case for using a virtual credit card is too strong. It is incredibly reliable, secure, and practical, in addition to being very useful. The major free Virtual credit card with no deposit issuers and their features are listed below. Through our FAQ area, we have also taken the time to respond to some of your questions.

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