You might sometimes wonder how to block ads on Hulu. This article is regarding the best ways of blocking ads on Hulu. However, you can try the version with commercials or upgrade to Hulu without advertisements. The good part is that ad breaks may be blocked or shortened in duration. Most of Hulu, the American subscription streaming service, is purchased by The Walt Disney Company. 


Using the top 7 ad blocking techniques to block ads on Hulu. This would assist you in removing and blocking the ads on Hulu.

So, keep in touch with us to understand how to get rid of ads on Hulu. We will offer the finest and most straightforward method to block ads on Hulu.

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Way On How To Block Ads On Hulu

Now, there are various ways of blocking ads on Hulu. But we have listed the best ad blockers for Hulu, both for Android and iOS.

block ads on hulu

You can either block such ads via your in-built gadget system or can also download relevant ad-blocking apps for the same.

Hulu Subscription

The quickest method to stop seeing advertising on Hulu is to switch to an ad-free membership tier. It costs $12.99 each month if you purchase it separately. It’s also available for $19.99/month as a component of the Disney Plus pack of Bundle [Disney+, ESPN Plus, and Hulu (No Ads)]


To achieve this, sign in to your account and modify your plan to Hulu (No Ads). The extra fee will be applied to your account during the following billing period.

Reload Hulu

The average length of a Hulu advertisement is between 30 and 1.5 minutes. You’ll see a little “Ad” banner on the top-right edge of the screen when a show goes into a commercial.

reload hulu

Additionally, if it seems like it will go on for too long, stop watching and choose it once again to re-enter. More often, you would encounter advertisements that are less than 60 seconds long.

Chrome Extension

Extensions are a class of software applications that let you tweak your browsing. They allow users to modify Chrome’s behavior and functionality to suit their requirements or tastes. They are made with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. You may add Hulu Ad Skipper to a browser window like Chrome if you use Hulu for streaming.

chrome extension

On Hulu, it will recognize impending adverts and skip them. This extension is available for Microsoft Edge as well. Above that, Zenmate premium helps hide IP in Chrome VNP Extension, making it the most appropriate one.

Two Tabs

It could be a little challenging and tricky. You may watch the same program in two tabs to avoid Hulu advertisements. Start by launching Hulu in two accounts. Watch your movie on the first tab by opening it. Mute the first tab’s advertisement when it begins to play, then switch to the other tab. Start viewing again from where you left off after being stopped.

two tabs

The advertisements may have already aired on the second tab, so you would restart watching from the end of the ad.

AdBlock Plus

You may personalize your browser experience with AdBlock Plus, a free plugin. You can stop tracking, remove intrusive advertising, and do much more. Both your mobile devices and the majority of desktop browsers support it. You can manage and optimize your browsing with AdBlock Plus, a free addon.adblock plus

Available on mobile devices and all popular desktop browsers. Even so, it can have spyware or adware that might harm your computer.

Download: Android| iOS


The well-known ad blocker and privacy software for Android and iOS is, Blokada. However, it is not successful in removing all ads. However, you may launch/ start the application by downloading it on either your iOS or Android. Then tap Blacklist after launching the downloaded application.blokada

Blokada employs a VPN to block all ad trackers from appearing on your phone and filter them away. It is a super easy app, with easy ad blocking, malware defense, and more.

Download: Android| iOS

uBlock Origin

A free, cross-platform extension for browsers. UBlock is a general-purpose blocker rather than an ad blocker. By supporting the AdBlock Plus filter syntax, uBlock Origin prevents adverts from displaying themselves. uBlock Origin expands syntax that cooperates with unique rules and filters. 

ublock origin

uBlock Origin is as good as the majority of renowned ad filters. The privacy or anti-blocker-defusing capabilities of uBlock Origin may likewise be inoperable by other blockers.

Therefore, the above-written points are the most appropriate ones and answer your question about how to block ads on Hulu.


Can we have free ads Hulu?

There are two options for the same service: Hulu (No Ads), which costs $12.99 per month, and Hulu (No Ads) + Live TV with Disney+ and SPN+, which costs $75.99 per month.

Is there a way to get rid of ads on Hulu for free?

In Hulu, there is no such way; rather subscribe for the same. However, you can cancel your subscription after the expiry of your trial month.

Do the ads totally get blocked after subscribing?

Although subscription blocks the ads, there are still ads that pops-up due to the inclusion of various other network partners with the subscription. Above that, such ads are not included in the library of Hulu. Thus, they cannot remove it.

How is Hulu Plus different from Hulu?

Hulu Plus is the subscribed version of Hulu, where there is larger access to the library, and they have a smaller number of ads. However, Hulu, although free, is limited and is flooded with ads.


We hope this article has supported you with all the essentials regarding how to block ads on Hulu. So that these ads do not stay a barrier between you and Hulu; above that, they also ensure your security. And you keep enjoying and living your life to the fullest. Above all, you can also opt for getting a free HBO GO account.

Keep watching, keep smiling, and keep enjoying! Happy Watching!