Whitepages is a private business incorporated in 2000, and it received some 45 million dollars in funding in 2005. It came out in 2013 from 2008-2013 and launched several mobile applications, including a redesign in 2009. The project allows consumers to decide what info to see on their app and what features they wish to use. This article will discuss how you may remove yourself from whitepages to protect yourself for security reasons.

How to remove yourself from Whitepages:
  1. Visit whitepages.com.
  2. Try not to click the “View Full Report” button, even if you see your profile, as you’ll have to pay to access this.
  3. Copy the URL of your page.
  4. Go to the whitepages opt-out page, paste your listing URL, and click the “Opt-out” button.


Whitepages collect, sell, and share your documentation using online/offline origins and middlemen. It promotes or advertises the goods to the target audience. In other words, it has commercial purposes. Whitepages allow every individual and business organization to manage and access other entities. Also, they require your detailed denominations to accomplish this task.

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Why Remove Yourself From Whitepages?

The search engines collect your datum from all sources that are accessible to it, which contain records. With such details available, anybody can look you up online. In most cases, such sensitive information about you makes your privacy harder. As your data is at one’s fingertips, a sense of security is being threatened. To safeguard your accounts from unlawful acts, you should remove yourself from whitepages.WhitePages

Whitepages is the most stumbled-across forum that encompasses every individual on the web. As white pages is an extensive, commonly used database for knowledge extraction that contains biographical data of every individual, any person can get their hands on your profiles. This data is being used for illegal purposes that you may not know. It is your job to keep your identities at bay.

How to Remove Yourself From Whitepages?

Although Whitepages may provide you with various features and functionalities, despite that, some users want their history to be private. Now that whitepages have been redesigned.whitepages

It has new functionalities where users can hide their statistics from the public. It is totally up to the user to conceal their identity, but either way, they get to enjoy the services provided.

Whitepages usually fall into two categories :

  • The first one is Free Information which is less exclusive
  • The second one is Premium, which includes all your past details. The premium information also includes your criminal and financial records. Such information is rather hard to remove.

Steps to Remove Yourself From White Pages (Free Version)

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  1. Open your portal and go directly to whitepages.com
  2. Enter your full details followed by the residence or zipcode to limit the possibilities
  3. Hit the search button and wait for the page to load
  4. Click the one which suits you best
  5. Go to the URL and copy it
  6. Scroll down to the bottom till you see “Remove from Directory
  7. An Opt-Out page opens where you are to paste the linkwhitepages remove
  8. Click Opt-Out and press Remove Me
  9. You will have to specify the reason for doing so. Select one among the options provided and click Submit
  10. To verify your identity, it will ask you for a phone number.
  11. Enter it to receive the call, and you will get the code on your screen
  12. The page will display Success if done so. If not, then you can retry the above steps.

Steps to Remove Yourself from Whitepages [Premium version]

White pages premium also follows the same procedure as given above. Sometimes, it may take longer than usual to rid yourself of it completely. Follow the steps given below to do so:

  1. Firstly, open the “premium.whitepages.com” website and enter your details such as name and address and click the search button
  2. Once you have found your listing click on the View Full Report (only visible for premium accounts) button
  3. Now copy the link address
  4. Now go to the “support request page“, where you should elaborate on the reason for removing your historywhitepages free
  5. You will receive a form in which you have to fill out the details that are similar to the URL you just copied
  6. Now click the “submit” button where you will receive a prompt that specifies that your request is under process
  7. The following email sent will be a confirmation before permanently deleting.
  8. Within the next few days, your premium information will no longer be available on white pages.

This step is long, as the process takes about 2-3 days to remove your entire history.


Can I remove myself from Whitepages?

To remove yourself from Whitepages, you can either fill out the opt-out form or email the officials regarding the request to opt-out.

How do I cancel Whitepages?

Follow these steps: Sign in to the official Whitepages website. Click on the Account > Account Dashboard> Account Settings Further, you will find a Cancel Auto-Renew option. Click it to cancel your subscription.

How do I remove myself from people's searching for free?

To avoid people searching for you, search for 'https://www.searchpeoplefree.com/opt-out.' on your browser. Enter your details regarding the emails, address, etc., and solve in a CAPTCHA to start the removal process.

Does WhitePages tell someone you looked them up?

WhitePages does not tell someone whether someone has searched them. But, the person might know it by regularly checking his listings.


This article does not state that white pages are doing a lousy job of maintaining security. They aren’t doing anything illegal. Your IDs are a way to increase traffic on the website. It is how they earn a profit. But due to an increase in the number of cybercriminals recently, it is better if you take certain precautions to maintain data integrity. Therefore, these are a few steps to remove yourself from whitepages.

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