As everyone knows, Ahrefs is one of the most widely used tools for analyzing backlinks. In addition to link tracking, you can use Ahrefs to monitor the placements of your keywords, social signals, site exploration, and much more. This article is about getting a free Ahrefs account.


Ahrefs is a fantastic tool for enhancing your website’s SEO, and under some conditions, you may be able to obtain a free trial. Although a free trial uses Ahrefs Premium account cookies that might help you decide if a program best fits1 your needs, it also has a drawback. Your credit card will be charged for at least a month if you don’t remember to cancel your membership before your trial period expires.

These features are all restricted in the free Ahrefs Account. You must purchase a PRO, Standard, or Premium account, which is highly expensive if you want specific results. But now, getting a Standard or PRO account is free. Requirements: A PayPal account, The email address.

How To Get A Free Ahrefs Account:

Yes, you didn’t need a PayPal account. It’s not a trick; just be mindful. The game begins here:

Method 1

  1. Open a PayPal account and keep track of the account’s address and other pertinent details. One may use a PayPal account indefinitely.paypal
  2. Try to use the same information you used to create your PayPal account when you create a new Gmail account.pp acc creation
  3. After clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, register for an Ahrefs Premium or Standard account.clean cache
  4. Standard and Pro accounts with Ahrefs come with a two-week free trial. And we’ll apply this to our ruse. Your free Ahrefs Account version will begin using the standard version as soon as you submit it.plan
  5. Use the following Gmail method to extend the duration of your trial edition without setting up additional email addresses or PayPal accounts.

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Method 2

You can use Gmail Dot Trick to get a free Ahrefs account.

  1. You may apply this Gmail Dot Trick to other registrations as well. It allows you to have a Gmail account. gmail dot trick
  2. Try sending an email with your Gmail account’s dot. When you send emails to those dot-included email addresses, they will automatically forward them to your original account, which will surprise you. 

What does it mean? It means that Google will treat all Gmail accounts with a dot identical to the original.

Method 3

  1. You must first create a fake Paypal account (personal or business). paypal
  2. It can be difficult for people in India to open a Paypal account without supporting documentation. Use any fictitious Pan Card information for verification.pancard
  3. Open Paypal and open a new account with false information for a name, surname, address, and bank account. Please take note that everything is fake.
  4. Obtain or create a new email ID (such as Zoho, Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Live, etc.) and Login to the website now.mail providers
  5. While creating an account with Aherfs, enter all false details.
  6. You want to choose “PAYPAL” under the Payment option.
  7. In your PayPal account, it will establish a “Pre-Approved Payment.

Method 4

  1. Click on this link to access the official website. Click on that option to purchase an Ahrefs subscription plan; if not, click “Ahrefs Webmaster Tools Account.
  2. The following page will be a “Sign Up For Free” button. To proceed to the next stage, click it. You can register with a free Ahrefs Account now.ahrefs webmaster
  3. They will email your email address an activation link. Click the “Confirm Email” button to activate your free Ahrefs account after checking your email.
  4. To finish creating your account, you must provide your name, a password, a password confirmation, and a response to the following query: Where did you learn about Ahrefs? Click “Continue” once you’ve finished filling out all the information.ahrefs
  5. You can only use the site explorer and site audit functions for your website under this free plan. You must confirm who owns your website to do that. Click “Add new project” to verify who owns your website.
  6. To create a project, fill out the scope area with the URL of your website, give the project a name, and press the “Continue” button.create a project
  7. The four ways to confirm who owns your website are Google Search Console, DNS Records, HTML files, and HTML Tags. It is advised to use Google Search Console; to establish ownership and link your website’s Google Account to Ahrefs.
  8. After confirming the ownership, you can utilize your website’s site audit and site explorer capabilities as often as you’d like. With these capabilities, you can thoroughly understand your website’s SEO.ahrefs html

Features Of Free Ahrefs Account

  • Quick use of the tool
  • A site audit
  • Site Navigator
  • Exploring keywordsfeatures
  • Content Navigator
  • Superior rank tracker
  • 24/7 live community and support
  • Detailed instructions and video guides
  • And a lot more

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How Can You Use Ahrefs?

You can enhance your website’s SEO (search engine optimization) in the following ways with the free Ahrefs trial:


You can use Ahrefs’ rank tracker to see how you rank with competing websites. The site explorer tool from Ahrefs examines your backlinks and those of your rivals. You may improve your SEO by using the Semrush free Ahrefs account to determine the best keywords.

The site audit tool from Ahrefs is a general tool that will assist you in maintaining your SEO strategy.

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Which forms of payment do Ahrefs accept?

Ahrefs provides yearly and monthly subscriptions. Payment options include PayPal, Amazon Pay, and credit cards. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and UnionPay for both subscriptions. It is possible to pay for Enterprise subscriptions via invoice.

How to sign up for an Ahrefs trial without a credit card?

Choose PayPal or Amazon Pay to pay your expenses if you don't have a credit card or wish to start an Ahrefs trial without one.

How long can I continue using ahrefs?

You will continue to have access if the trial or subscription periods are active. Although the trial period cost is non-refundable, you can seek a refund for the monthly membership 48 hours after the purchase. Semrush premium account cookies maintain the right to deny the request if your account has a significant volume of activity during that time.

Without a free trial, is Ahrefs Still Valuable?

Yes. Ahrefs is a good investment. Because of this, it has been utilized for keyword research by 500+ million individuals. The high caliber of their offerings, in-depth blog tutorials, YouTube tutorials, and round-the-clock customer service are sufficient reasons to pick Ahrefs over any competing keyword research tool. Even if Ahrefs doesn't provide a free trial, exclusive discounts, or marketing incentives like Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, I still believe it is worth every penny.


An excellent tool for a webmaster is Ahrefs cracked. Although highly expensive, its premium service is genuine. However, you can get a free Standard or Professional account with Ahrefs by using this “method to get a free Ahrefs Account” instead.

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