8 Ways To Get Free Gmail Account | No Phone Number Required


Gmail is a simple to use email app developed by GOOGLE. Gmail is available in all devices. This email app saves your time and keeps all your message safe. Gmail works faster and collaborates better. You can get your messages instantly, read and respond online and offline and you can find any message or share documents quickly. When Gmail came forward, its idea was that email could be more efficient and useful. Gmail is provided with almost every features like a search for messages, organize your inbox, and build a relationship with easy access to chats and video calls. And you can use gmail to sign up for multiple services like Instagram, Netflix, or even for multiple gaming accounts!  Also, you can get a free Gmail account without using your phone number.

You can generate free Gmail account and passwords with the generator given below. Just click on the “Generate” button and wait for about 20-30 seconds. Your email ID and password will display. Now, all you have to do is enter these scribd free account details inside the login panel on it’s side and you are good to go.

Gmail Free Account Username & Password

Email : 0%
Password : 0%



Note: We have limited accounts and some of them might not work if they are already in use. If that is the case with you then run the generator again for new details.

Features of A Gmail Account

There are a lot of prominent features for Gmail. Some are listed below:

  • Gmail makes email easier and faster.
  • Gmail has clickable attachments.
  • You can get a free Gmail account without using any contact details.
  • It is easily accessible in any device.
  • With one single Gmail address, one can handle many accounts.
  • You can fetch your mail and create your contact group.

Also, Gmail provides Parental Controls ( Parental control is a software which was introduced to allow parents to regulate the access of content to their children) so that children below 13 need parental permission before making a Gmail account.

8 Ways To Get Free Gmail Account Now

To create a google account go to the google website www.google.com click on the option create account agree all the terms and conditions tap to the checkbox an option create your profile page will appear. Give all your personal details like your name date of birth etc. Your account will be created and google welcome page will appear.

Method 1: Gmail Account List

Gmail is a free Google account with only an email address which ends with @gmail.com. You can easily use the username and password to sign in to other Google products. You can quickly login to Google applications like maps, Docs, sites, and search. Although, if you want to create applications then a free apple developer account is what you need!

  • Username : Password
  • senga000 : 0053411070
  • calwk : calwkgod
  • Carldeosupnet : justdoit09z
  • BIrdt3n : b12345678
  • amirgui20 : especial600

Method 2: Gmail Free Account With Swagbucks

Using Swagbucks you can easily get yourself a free Gmail account. All you need to do is sign up using this link. Signup on the homepage with your primary email id.


You can do this as many times as you want! So, go wild!

Sign Up for Swagbucks!

Method 3: With InboxDollars

InboxDollars, a platform through which you can get free account by just completing the assignments given by them, and you can also get gift cards, cash prizes, and bonuses. The steps to be followed are as follows:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Access the link.
  • Enter your mail id and password in the pop-up menu and click on Sign-Up.
  • A confirmation link will be in your mail. Click on it and select any one task.
  • You will be immediately directed to a mail after the completion of your assignment which signifies that free account has been generated.
  • You can repeat the above steps with different mail ids and start having fun.

Get it with InboxDollars now!

Method 4: With Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is an online platform through which you can earn cash rewards and gifts through which you shop anything online on sites like Amazon, etc. We can directly get what we desire by completing the tasks provided by Survey Junkie. The steps to be followed to create a free account via Survey Junkie are as follows:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Access the link.
  • A pop-up menu appears in which you have to enter your details.
  • Later a confirmation mail will be sent to your mail.
Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie
  • Open your mail in a new tab and click on the link.
  • After the completion, you will be directed towards free premium account.
  • You can repeat the above steps with different emails too!

Go to Survey Junkie now!

Method 5: Zen Surveys

Are you aware of Zen Surveys? If yes, then you might be having effortless access to your free premium account. You are just required to sign up with the help of the following link.

Follow these steps towards your free premium account:

  • Use your email ID and sign up on this page. O
  • nce you fill-up the required details, you will receive one confirmation link. Without wasting time, click on that link.
  • Once you do all these steps, many tasks will be displayed in front of you.
Zen Surveys
Zen Surveys
  • Just choose one of them, and you will be supposed to complete that task.
  • Now do the job.
  • Once you complete your task, you will quickly get a gateway towards your free premium account. Exciting right?

Just follow these elementary steps, and you are good to go.

Want to make more free premium accounts? Just repeat these steps with different mail IDs and enjoy using your free premium account now!.

Sign Up for Zen Surveys!

Method 6: Regular Sign-Up

It is effortless to make a Free Gmail Account:

  1. Go to the Gmail website www.gmail.com.
  2. Then click create an account.
  3. Then go to the signup option.
  4. Enter your phone number to verify your account.
  5. After verification give your personal information like your name and date of birth.
  6. Agree to the terms of services and the privacy policy.
  7. Create a strong password and make a user name(Your email address).
  8. Your Gmail account is created.

Method 7: Without Phone Number

For high protection of your account mobile verification is very necessary to prevent from fake id and spam. The error arises when you have to make multiple accounts without using a phone number.

To create a Gmail account without a phone number follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the google chrome browser.
  2. Click on the top corner in google chrome browser.
  3. Click the incognito window mode.
  4. A new display page will appear.
  5. Go to the site Gmail.com.
  6. Create a new email account in Gmail.
  7. Enter all your details(First name, last name, Date of birth, password, the username or email, other security questions, etc) where required.
  8. In the phone, the column keeps it empty. And later skip the verification box unchecked
  9. Enter the Captcha carefully.
  10. At last click the next step.
  11. Now you will be generally asked to add a profile picture, but you can skip this procedure.

Your Free Gmail Account is ready without your phone number now you can use this for your other application tasks.

Method 8: Without Contact Details

Another most comfortable way to get your Gmail account free without going through any contact verification. Follow these steps given below.

  1. Clear all your data, search history and cookies from your browser.
  2. Go to google chrome browser.
  3. Click on the top corner in google chrome browser and then click the incognito window mode.
  4. Go to gmail.com.
  5. Create your new email.
  6. Provide all your details except your age so that the Gmail thinks you are a kid under 13, so you might not have a phone. Therefore, it will not ask for your mobile number for verification.
  7. The last step keep your mobile phone section empty, recovery email and then accept the terms and condition.
  8. Your Free Gmail Account is created without any use of phone number.

Method 8: Multiple Accounts With One Number

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Follow the given steps to create multiple Free Gmail Account using only one number:

  1. Go to google chrome browser and type your address in address bar then click the enter button.
  2. Enter your phone number in the phone number field without the number 0 then tap on the next button.
  3. After a couple of seconds, you shall receive a message from google where there will be a URL.
  4. Copy that URL and patch in your browser then tap the enter button.
  5. Fill all the data to the respective fields then click the next button.
  6. Give the email address you want in your username column.
  7. Put your password and tap the finished button.

Your account has been created.

How to Recover Gmail Account

To access recovery go to your Free Gmail Account recovery page enter your email address and tap continue if it asks you to give your last password click I DON’T KNOW. Tap to verify your identity which is under all of the other options.


Above mentioned all the possible ways to get your Gmail account free and without going through any verification process.

Gmail has always been useful to use from sending messages to receiving. It is intuitive, efficient and helpful and less spam to easily accessible.

The methods of ways to get a free Gmail account hopefully is helpful for all. From not cracking any verification to making multiple accounts are here above.


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