Innovation and technology have developed a lot in recent years. It all changed when the first touchscreen phones were invented and had only gotten better ever since. The letters are replaced with emails, that too Gmail! The concept of a “Smartphone” came into being, and it has truly revolutionized technology and the mobile phone industry. Thus, you must get a Free Apple Developer Account now. And with the help of the internet, there is absolutely very little that you cannot do with your Smartphone.

You have access to the entire world’s knowledge, movies, TV shows, books, music, pictures and so much more; just sitting there in your pocket. There are a number of applications available in the App Store through which you can do around everything that your Smartphone is capable of. Be it gaming, documentation, reading, listening to music, clicking pictures… there’s an app for everything.

You can generate Free Apple Developer Account and passwords with the generator given below. Just click on the “Generate” button and wait for about 20-30 seconds. Your email ID and password will display. Now, all you have to do is enter these details inside the login panel on it’s side and you are good to go.

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The first Smartphone may have been invented by IBM, but it was Apple who perfectly marketed the product and helped make it popular to the common youth. Currently, we have two main Smartphone OS revolutionizing the Smartphone industry namely Android and iOS. As they are different, the coding for developing apps are also different for both. While Android apps develop with the help of Android Studio, iOS apps develop with the help of Apple Developer.

How to Get Free Apple Developer Accounts?

An Apple Developer account usually charges a yearly subscription to have access to the Developer tools and resources with the benefit of their application advertises in the App Store. You can easily login with your Apple ID to create an account for the Apple Developer programs, but it would cost a yearly subscription for getting access to the developer software.

Also, there is no trial or free version of the software or developer accounts, and the subscription fees are mandatory to be paid. Free Apple Developer Logins or accounts are also not available anywhere as their security features do not allow them to share even if the users are willing to.

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A free Apple Developer Account can make with the help of an Apple ID but there are various limitations to it, and you can only sideload apps using Xcode with it. To enjoy the various benefits, you will be required to pay for the annual subscription to get your apps registered in the App Store by Apple.

Method 1: Free Apple Developer Accounts | Usernames and Passwords [2023]

Method 2: Apple Waiver Program

However, Apple does provide a “waiver program” where you can choose to opt for a free Apple Developer account by simply filling and signing up a waiver form. With the guidance of this program, you will get all the benefits that you would get in a paid subscription, and you can even get your applications registered in the App Store.

The only downside to this waiver program is that the applications that you create have to be a free app. i.e. You cannot charge users for downloading or using your apps. You cannot advertise nor have any in-app purchases in your applications either. This account will be useful for learning and exploration. Or you can just use this opportunity to create apps while in the testing phase before you are ready to pay and enjoy the benefits of a paid Apple Developer.

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What is Apple Developer?

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Apple Developer is a collection of software, tools, and resources for developing applications for the Apple Platform namely iOS (Smartphone), MacOS (PC/Laptop), watchOS (Apple Smartwatch) and tvOS (Apple TV). With the help of Apple Developer package, one can create applications for various purposes and needs. Ranging from business tools to entertainment applications, there is very little one cannot do. Also with the platform being Apple, one can also sell and earn a huge amount of money with their apps on the App Store. They can charge money for the applications or earn money with the help of advertising within the app.

Features of free Apple Developer Accounts

The free version of an Apple Developer Account has very limited features as opposed to a paid account. The features you can get with a paid account are:

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  • Access to the latest tools and resources for building a successful application.
  • Access to the freshest beta software so you can develop and test your applications before they can be in use by your target customers.
  • Ability to integrate and introduce advanced services in your apps.
  • Distribute your apps to a very wide consumer base.
  • Have the ability to earn through your apps with either advertising or in-app purchases.
  • Enjoy the full benefits of having your application getting discover by millions of Apple users.

You can also enjoy the above benefits of Free Apple Developer Account if you successfully apply for Apple’s waiver program. Although you won’t be able to make money through your apps in any way. If you do try to do that, your waiver will exploit. And you will require to pay for the subscription like any other Apple developer.


Apple has had a steady customer base and has dominated the Smartphone industry ever since it came into being. Although the other Smartphone industries have started creating better Smartphones than Apple, their customers have proved to remain loyal to their products.

This creates a huge opportunity for making money in the App Store. As more customers are willing to pay for it than they would in other platforms. You can start developing apps for the Apple platforms with a free Apple Developer account. After filling and signing up for the waiver program. You will have access to all the materials, walk-throughs, resources and other developer software. With which you can start creating applications right away.