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Be it an underachiever hunting resource material to study or a topper craving practice problems to strengthen his concepts, Course Hero has it all, from competitive exercises to conceptual video lectures. No more struggle now, head to course hero for any academic assistance. Here is how you may unblur course hero content with simple steps.

Pulling your hair out to solve those impossible worksheets your teacher piled you with, don’t worry, Course Hero has a solution to that too; Yes! You can download solved assignments submitted under your course by students.


Lazy enough to make notes in class? Course hero has got you covered with their resource materials for a plethora of courses of all streams offered at universities.

Got a boring faculty? Want to make learning fun? You are at the right place; Course Hero has professional tutors offering engaging video lessons to help visualize each concept and strengthen the core concepts.

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Course Hero is a real hero for thousands of students struggling with academics, helping them get better grades. It breaks physical boundaries and joins students to expert tutors across the globe, offering assistance in umpteen number of courses. It has a library of over 20 million documents that can help you in coursework. The documents and assignments are pretty recent, so you can receive targeted help, which is a cherry on the cake. Now homework solutions at your fingertips!

Visit the official website of course hero here.

 Why to Unblur Course Hero?

Now, what’s stopping you from getting there. We know what pulled you to this website instead. “We’re glad you enjoyed your Course Hero previews.” — this statement couldn’t have been any less disappointing. All good things come for a price. The most significant disadvantage with Course Hero is that the website will only offer you a preview for free, and you will have to purchase a premium account to access the full content. You can’t even buy access to an individual document; you will have to pay for the entire subscription. Disappointing, right?

They offer you three plans to subscribe and access documents:

  • $9.95 /month: 12 months of access
  • $19.95 /month: 3 months of access
  • $39.95 /month: 1 month of access

But hey, you didn’t hop onto this website to seek subscription help! You wanted to unblur course hero content for free. We got that covered too. And the best part, you don’t need to pay a dime for this trick.

 Steps to Unblur Course Hero

  1. The first thing is to sign up to create a free account on Course Hero.
  2. Click on the top-right profile icon. You will see account settings, my scholarships, support, and logout options.
  3. Choose My Rewards.
  4. Click on Earn Unlocks.

It will direct you to a page offering free access to resource materials in exchange for uploading documents. Now you may follow any of the below methods to unblur course hero.

Method 1

Select ‘earn unlocks’ option in the ‘my rewards’ page. Successfully uploading ten documents or resources from your university courses will offer you five unlocks. These documents might include your homework assignment solutions or resource materials like video lectures, notes, slides that are provided by your faculties for any courses.

Just select the school/college and course to upload documents. Ta-da! You got free access to five papers. Wait for a second, only five? It might be enough if you’re looking for instant help in homework, but if you want to quench your thirst for resource materials, you’ll fall short. However, you can keep uploading documents to add more free access. These documents review and update within an hour. This is how you may unblur course hero content.

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Method 2

Another way to unblur course hero is visiting a few websites offering access to Course hero at a lower price. One such website includes Course Hero Unlocker that buys bulk subscriptions. It usually accepts payments via a credit card or a debit card. It has stopped taking payments made via PayPal for security reasons. But you don’t have to pay, all you need to do is copy and paste the Course Hero link for the document you wish to retrieve and make the payment for the same, and you’ll get access to it. Unlike the official site, this website offers a cheaper alternative by helping you access individual documents by paying a small amount rather than subscribing monthly. This is another method to learn how to unblur course hero.

Method 3

You can even earn free unlocks by completing a few simple tasks. Creating a quiz related to a particular course will fetch you 3 unlocks. However, this unlocks only applicable on the first time you create a quiz. The rating of five documents will earn you one free unlock. You can follow these steps to earn a couple of free unlocks. This is one of the easiest methods to unblur course hero.


These options are great to unlock plenty of documents but keep uploading documents throughout to gain lots of unlocks. It will avoid last-minute hassle when you’re in urgent need of homework assistance, and you need instant access to the document. You can always check the number of unlocks earned under the ‘My Rewards’ section of the profile. Now no more dangling ‘Subscribe to access’ content.

The course hero is one of the most trusted sites, and its hacks have been known by many already. There are many other sites for reference, but the course hero is popular for its reliability factor that most of the sites lack. Therefore, these were some methods to unblur course hero.

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