QR codes have become ubiquitous daily, providing a convenient way to open restaurant menus, make payments, access secure websites, and more. However, confusion can arise if you receive the QR code in a text message or as a screenshot. The article discusses How To Scan A QR Code From A Screenshot.

To scan a QR code from a Screenshot:

  • Go to Google Lens. 
  • Select an image that has a QR code. 
  • Open Google Photos and go to Library. 
  • Click on the image to scan it.
  • Download the Google app and enable it to scan
  • Select an image that has a QR code.

photo qr code

Fortunately, there is typically no need to worry! For iPhones and iOS devices, the most trusted third-party apps are available that will let you scan the QR code from a screenshot or message. This ensures every type of QR code can be successfully scanned quickly and easily, and whatever it contains is accessed without trouble – how convenient! Read below to learn more about How To Scan A QR Code From A Screenshot.

How To Scan A QR Code From A Screenshot?

We will offer several options for recognizing data from the QR code you have on your screenshot or photo. One way is to convert the QR code to scan, but you can also decrypt it without altering it. How To Scan A QR Code From A Screenshot? Here are some methods.

Using Google Lens

Finding How To Scan A QR Code From A Screenshot on iPhone quickly and reliably is easy when using the Google app. With two ways to go about it, a few steps are involved, but they’re simple and fast. To begin, open Google and tap the camera icon from the search bar to open the Google Lens interface.

Tap the Photos icon in the bottom-left corner and choose your screenshot from the list – then you’ll find that instant results are provided. Alternatively, when viewing the image or screenshot of a QR code, you can press share, choose “Search with Google Lens,” and select “View Results” from the button. Either way presents an accessible approach for how to make scans from screenshots.

using the google lens

How To Scan A QR Code From A Screenshot? If you have a physical or virtual QR code that you want to send to someone, this can be done using the scanner app. Download the link here. This is a quick scanner that converts images to PDFs. With this scanning tool, you can send a QR code via WhatsApp. If you send it simply as a picture, there will be a substantial loss in quality, and the phone may need to recognize the code correctly. This application will be helpful in the future, as it can scan docs and IDs.
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Through Websites To Scan A QR Code

If you want to avoid using the Google app or Lens on your device but still want to be able to scan all those QR codes, then a free website is the answer. Web QR does that and works no matter what device you’re using, whether it’s Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android.

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You may be asked for permission to access your Camera but don’t worry. You can deny it. All you need is to open the website on your device and select the Camera icon. How To Scan A QR Code From A Screenshot? Then tap “Choose File” and upload the QR code from your photo library. Once scanned, you’ll get a result at the bottom of the screen, giving you a link that can be opened in your browser or with an associated app. So if Google isn’t an option, then Web QR certainly is!

Using Third-Party Scanners To Scan A QR Code

How To Scan A QR Code From A Screenshot? With the help of just your smartphone, you can quickly scan QR codes without any fuss. If Google Lens doesn’t work out for you, you can find various free QR code scanning apps on App Store and Play Store. With so many apps out there, it sometimes can be confusing and intimidating to pick the one that’s right for you, but the “QR & Barcode Scanner” app is an obvious choice.

third party scanning

How To Scan A QR Code From A Screenshot? Installing it is effortless and straightforward, so anyone can quickly become a barcode scanning pro. You can decode any QR code in just a few clicks, giving you access to the knowledge they contain.
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Try An Already-Installed Application

With the convenience of payment apps, getting paid or making payments online has become even more accessible. Apps like Paytm and Google Pay have made digital transactions effortless. One impressive feature provided by these apps is their ability to scan any QR Code using their dedicated scanner. With a few taps, you can quickly begin an online transaction from within the app by checking a QR Code.

try an already-installed applicationHow To Scan A QR Code From A Screenshot? If you need a closer look at the process, here’s a demo idea: open the Paytm app on your phone. Click on the Scan any QR button at the bottom. Then click on the image icon on the right to select the QR Code from your gallery – that’s all it takes! Use this helpful feature with a QR Codes scanner in any app.


What are the benefits of scanning a QR code from a screenshot?

The main advantage is that you can easily share your QR code through any messenger, file exchange, or another method.

How do I create a QR code?

Creating a QR code may be easier than you think - with online platforms such as GoQR or QRTIGER, all you need to do is make a few clicks and have a custom code in no time. Your code can include text and links to your business website or social media page or accommodate other marketing purposes. The code can then be turned into a sticker and printed onto flyers and posters - all of which can help create an even deeper connection between your customers and your products. Why not give QR codes a try? There's never been an easier way to get that extra bit of marketing done!

What are the best ways to scan a QR code from a screenshot?

While all of these methods are useful and available to users, Google Lens is particularly favored by those who already use this app or feature often. However, if you need a more professional scan as part of your work activities, QR & Barcode Scanner would be the best solution. Not only is it faster, but it also eliminates the need to download any additional applications. On the other hand, those with less frequent needs may find decoding the QR code through websites more convenient.

What are some common errors when scanning QR codes from a screenshot?

It may not be possible to scan a QR code from a screenshot or picture because you did not provide the application with access to the files. If the application that should recognize the QR code is denied access to files, you will get an error, or nothing will be displayed in the data folder. The rest shouldn't be a problem.


It is all about How To Scan A QR Code From A Screenshot. When looking at the screenshot or image of the QR code. Hit the Share button and select “Search with Google Lens” from the sharing sheet. So you can quickly scan a QR code using the methods given in the article.