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There has been a boom in the online gaming industry with the rise of new technologies. There are so many games available with which we can entertain ourselves. We have a number of gaming consoles available in the market that offer better playing, better texture, and amazing graphics that we call next gen. Now in this article, we will have a brief discussion about Xbox Live, an online gaming service. Thus, you must know how to get Free Xbox Live Account.

You can generate free Xbox Live accounts and passwords with the generator given below. Just click on the “Generate” button and wait for about 20-30 seconds. Your email ID and password will display. Now, all you have to do is enter these details inside the login panel on it’s side and you are good to go.

Free Xbox Live Gold Membership

Free Xbox Live Account Username & Password

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Note: We have limited accounts and some of them might not work if they are already in use. If that is the case with you then run the generator again for new details.

Xbox Live in a Nutshell

As stated earlier, Xbox Live is an online service for gaming and basically for the Xbox and Xbox 360 and Xbox One video game systems. It is owned by Microsoft. Xbox Live was founded on November 15, 2002. It lets you play games, download their trailers, etc. You can even download the game in Xbox Live Arcade. Xbox live has a feature Live anywhere that lets you play games on mobile handsets as well.

As a part of it, Xbox Live functionality is embedded into new Windows Phones that launched after 2010. Xbox Live e allows you to play games with people you don’t know in real life. You get to choose a nickname (called a Gamertag) which is how you will be known to other people playing the games. You can keep friends lists to keep in touch with real-life friends or new people you meet online you like to play with.

Free Xbox Live Account
Free Xbox Live Account

Xbox live has two kinds of subscription- Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Live Silver. Xbox Live silver is the free part and Xbox Live gold id the updated paid version. Most of the gaming features are characteristic to Xbox Live gold, and hence you have to upgrade in order to get access to it. The cost of Xbox Live Gold is INR 2240 for a year. Moreover, you get four free games a month, in addition to playing the game in multiplayer mode.

Features of Xbox Live

There are some really interesting features to discuss about a Free Xbox Live Account. They are:

  • Multiplayer gaming mode available. While playing the game, you get to interact with other players as well, and you and your friends can have a really good time playing.
  • You can create a friend list where you can keep in touch with your real life friends as well as those you met online.

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  • Cloud storage available for game DVR available. Game DVR is a feature by which you can record the game on your PC. Since Xbox Live provides you with cloud storage, you can record the game without worrying about space being consumed on your PC.
  • With live anywhere feature, you can play the game anywhere any device you want to. Microsoft is currently working towards this aspect of Xbox Live gaming.
  • With gold membership, you get four games free each month. You also get amazing deals and discount being a gold member.

How to Get a Free Xbox Live Account Legally

There are a few methods by which you can do to get a Free Xbox Live Account They are as below:

Method 1: Premium List of Free Xbox Live Password and Usernames

  • Username : Password
  • senga000 : 0053411070
  • calwk : calwkgod
  • Carldeosupnet : justdoit09z
  • BIrdt3n : b12345678
  • amirgui20 : especial600

Method 2: Using Microsoft Rewards

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your Xbox live Microsoft account, if you already have one. If not, create an account first.
  3. Now click on the rewards icon in the top right corner of the webpage. It is a red icon on the top right.
  4. A drop-down will appear. Click join now.
  5. Then click try now! For free.
  6. Enter your email address and password. You will be redirected to the rewards page.
  7. Now use bing search instead of regular search engines like Google and Yahoo. You will be awarded 5 points for each search. You can also participate in various challenges to get xbox live free account.

Note: There is a limit to the number of searches you can perform. Therefore to cope up with this, you can use multiple browsers if the deal has expired on one.

  1. Now redeem your achievement awards.
  2. Earn up to 7000 points and buy Xbox live for one month.
  3. Go to the Xbox live membership reward page. This is where you’ll claim your free month of Xbox live.
  4. Click Redeem.
  5. Now click “confirm order“. You may be asked to enter your phone number first for verification purpose. You will get a month’s free membership for Xbox Live.

Method 3: Free Trial

  1. Go to your Xbox account.
  2. Click service and subscriptions.
  3. Click try Xbox live gold for free. Check whether you are eligible or not. If yes, proceed further.
  4. You may get a request to verify your account. Enter your phone no and click send the code. A code will be given, and your free xbox account will verify.
  5. Fill in the payment details. Enter your credit/debit card information.
  6. You will get the subscription for one month free.
  7. Cancel the subscription before the end of month otherwise the account will renew and you will be charge for this.

Method 4: With Consoles

This method is for the codes that come with gaming consoles Xbox One and Xbox 360. For this also the procedure is similar as explained above. Go to your account, then sign in. Enter the free trial code that came along with the game and carry out the procedure for redeeming the code. Please note that if you have already tried Xbox Gold for free xbox accounts with games, then you will not be able to redeem that code. Therefore be careful and check beforehand.

Final Words

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Now that you know everything about Xbox live to go on to enjoy the game with your friends and family. Try Xbox Gold for free using the above-given hacks. Interact with new players. You will sure have a good time playing with a Free Xbox Live Account. Happy gaming!!!!



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