Online gaming is becoming a favorite day by day. There are numerous types of games available. Some games involve combat. Games where you can create your world, roam around the wild, and many more. The list can go on. Thus, you must know how to get yourself a free MSP account.

Although you can register on MSP for free, you can opt for some purchases. You can register for MSP by creating a new user. For a free account, you can also use methods like Swagbucks, Inboxdollars, Survey Junkie, etc.

This article will discuss a game where you become a celebrity. This game involves dressing up your avatar, grooming them, and making them play certain games to earn fame and money. The game is called MovieStarPlanet.

You can generate free MSP accounts and passwords with the generator given below. Just click on the “Generate” button and wait for about 20-30 seconds. Your email ID and password will display. Now, all you have to do is enter these details inside the login panel on it’s side and you are good to go.

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How To Get a Free MSP Account?

Although it is free to sign up and play this game, there are some things that you have to purchase, like the VIP membership. This is where you need a Free MSP Account.

Method 1: Free MSP Usernames Account List | Premium Passwords

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Method 2: Use Zen Surveys to Get a Free MSP Account

Do you want Free MSP Account? Your answer could not be no. Well, Zen Surveys is here to offer you some free premium accounts. Just open this link!

Follow some steps mentioned below:Zen Surveys

  1. Firstly, use anyone’s mail ID of yours to sign up on the page whose link is provided below.
  2. Once you finish this, you will soon receive one confirmation link.
  3. Click on it.
  4. Many different tasks would be displayed on the screen. You are supposed to choose one of them and do it.
  5. After this, you will automatically get access to your free premium account.

Isn’t it amazing? Also, get multiple free accounts by following these steps repeatedly with different email IDs!!

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Method 3: Free MSP VIP Pass

There will be weekly games being held in the movie town. Just participate in those games, and you will get a free VIP pass. msp

This method is 100 percent legit and will cause no harm to your Moviestarplanet accounts.

Method 4: Try PayPal Trick to Get a Free MSP Account

This method is also straightforward to follow and entirely legit. Follow these steps.

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  1. Open your browser and go to the official site of MovieStarPlanet.MovieStarPlanet Official Site
  2. When the web page loads, you will notice an option to become VIP.
  3. Click on that icon.
  4. A page will load explaining the different types of packages available. As described, there will be three types of VIP memberships. Inside those Free MSP Account memberships, you have more options for one month, one week, three months, and one year. Choose the one that suits you.
  5. Now you will get a forward to the payments option. You can make payments through debit cards, credit cards, and PayPal.
  6. Go for the PayPal option.Pay with Paypal
  7. Now when the page for other payment processes loads, scroll down to the bottom, and there you will see an opportunity to cancel the payment and go back to Moviestarplanet app.
  8. Next, you will possess a VIP membership with Free MSP Account names without spending a penny.
  9. The membership will be activated in a week or so.
  10. After this membership ends, create a new account with a free zenmate vpn for safety and repeat the same steps.

Introduction To MovieStarPlanet

MovieStarPlanet is an online game where you create an avatar that can go on to become a famous star. It was launched on April 25th, 2010. Denmark primarily produced it in partnership with the Danish University of Education. A few elementary school teachers (supported by the then Danish National IT and Telecom Agency) also made the game.

This game has a broad reach, especially among children aged 5 to 18. The game is free to sign up, although you have to make some in-app purchases. When you browse the game’s official site, you will see an option to play now. Choose that option. After this, you shall get a forward to the page where you will have to create an avatar of your own. You must choose from the available choices of hairstyles, eyes, dresses, etc. Changing the color of the dress, eyes, hair, etc, is also possible. You can also have pets and make a Free MSP Account.

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The game mainly fulfills your fantasy of dressing up nicely and becoming a big movie star. You create an avatar and then dress them up as a superstar. You also get to create your movie. Then to earn money and points, you have to play certain games like- collecting presents, dressing up (basically a fashion show), quizzes, etc. Three types of VIP membership are present within the game- Normal, Elite, and Star VIP. You either purchase this membership or pay for weekly games in Movie Town and win it.

Top Features of Moviestarplanet

MovieStarPlanet is a fantastic game for kids and young teenagers. This is the perfect pastime for them with all the game’s excellent features. Come on; let us have a look at each one of them.

  • You can customize your avatar according to your interests. It is possible to dress it up, change its hairstyle, choose footwear, etc.
  • You can chat with other people. This means you get to socialize and make contact with like-minded people.

free msp accounts

  • You can create your movie. If your movie is short, you get 10 Starcoins (currency), but if your movie is longer, you get 25 Starcoins.
  • With a VIP membership in your pocket, you get many advantages as- you rise to fame quickly, can give more autographs, access exclusive VIP items to shop, and loads of Starcoins and diamonds.

Advantages and Disadvantages of MoviesStarPlanet

Advantages of MovieStarPlanet:

  • It’s a free game, and you can play it on multiple platforms. It allows players to express their creativity by making movies, animations, and art.
  • It provides a social platform for children and teenagers to interact with each other and make friends.
  • The game has a strict policy against bullying and inappropriate behavior, making it a safe environment for children.advantages

Disadvantages of MovieStarPlanet:

  • In-app purchases can be expensive, and some features may only be available to players who spend money.
  • It can be addictive; some children may spend too much time on the game.
  • There is a risk of children exposing personal information to strangers.
  • The chat feature can expose children to inappropriate language and content.
  • It can be used as a platform for cyberbullying and harassment.
  • Some users may face issues with account bans or hacking.

Similar applications like MoviesStarPlanet

Some games resemble MovieStarPlanet in creating avatars, decorating rooms, and interacting with other players. Here are a few similar games like MovieStarPlanet:


Stardoll: This game is similar to MovieStarPlanet as it allows players to create characters, decorate rooms, and interact with other players.

Club Penguin: This game is an online multiplayer game where players can create their penguin avatars, interact with other players, play games, and complete quests.

OurWorld: This game is a virtual world where players can create avatars, decorate rooms, play games, and interact with other players.

Webkinz: This game is a virtual world where players can adopt and care for their virtual pets, decorate their rooms, and interact with other players.

Moshi Monsters: This game is a virtual world where players can adopt and care for their virtual monsters, solve puzzles and play games, and interact with other players.

Habbo: This social networking game allows players to create their own avatars, decorate their rooms, and interact with other players.

Woozworld: This is a social game where players can create avatars, decorate rooms, play games, and interact with other players.


What is MovieStarPlanet?

MovieStarPlanet (MSP) is a social online game where players can create movies, animations, and art. It is aimed at children and teenagers and is available on various platforms, which include smartphones and computers.

How do I play MovieStarPlanet?

To play MovieStarPlanet, you must first create an account on the website or download the app. Once you have an account, you can create your character, or 'movie star,' and interact with other players through games, chat, and other social features. You can also earn in-game currency to buy clothes, furniture, and other items for your movie star.

What are the rules of MovieStarPlanet?

The rules of MovieStarPlanet include not sharing personal information, not bullying or being mean to other players, and not cheating or hacking. Additionally, the game does not allow players to use offensive language or post inappropriate content. Your account may get canceled or suspended for breaking these rules.

How much does MovieStarPlanet cost?

MovieStarPlanet is free to play, but in-app purchases are available for players who want to buy virtual currency, items, or exclusive features.

Is MovieStarPlanet safe for kids?

MovieStarPlanet has a strict policy against bullying and inappropriate behavior and uses a team of moderators to monitor the game and enforce the rules. However, as with any online game or social network, parents need to supervise their children's use of the game and talk to them about staying safe online.


The game is quite exciting and famous amongst younger kids and teenagers. Many dream of being an outstanding, glamorous personality but cannot work through it in real life. That’s why you need a Free MSP Account. Therefore with the help of this game which is somewhat similar to free RuneScape, they can live up to their dreams of becoming a movie star, a fashionista, etc. While this may sound absurd, others will certainly enjoy the game.

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