Video games are one of the most popular past-time. People of all ages enjoy this, and now scientific studies have even proved that this helps in building the logical and analytical abilities of the mind. There are many popular gaming platforms. Steam is one of the most popular multiplayer gaming platforms. It comes in use to install and manage the software’s across the system and also has community features to help you enjoy gaming with your friends and other people alike. In this article, you will learn to refund a game on steam.

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 However, buying a game can be a tricky thing since there is always a dilemma that if you’d like it or not. Hence, to be able to return the game and get the money back is one thing ever expected from the distributed gaming platforms.

Refund a game on steam
Refund a game on steam

Steam has a generous refund policy. The users can refund the purchase for any of the reasons- from the game not working correctly with your system to it not being fun for you. Let us see different criteria and how you can refund a game on steam.

What are the Criteria for Refunds?

 There are majorly two criteria for you to refund a game on steam:

  1. You must refund a game on steam within 14 days.
  2. You must have played the game for less than two hours.

The refund applies to the following cases

Now refund a game on Steam with the following cases:

Downloadable content

All the games that are purchased and downloaded from Steam can be easily refunded within 14 days from the date of purchase and them being used for than 2 hours in total.

In-game purchases

For any of the in-games developed by Valve- you can get a refund within 48-hours of purchase.

Criterias to refund a game on steam
Criteria to refund a game on steam

The condition here is that the item that people buy should not have undergone any kind of modification or transfer activity.

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Pre-purchasable Titles

When you buy a game title, it can also be refunded. The condition is that you should do the payment in advance for the purchase, and should make the refund request before the release of the title. You can request a refund with 14-days and should come in use for under 2 hours in total.

Steam wallet refunds

You can also refund the steam wallet funds, but only if you buy it from Steam and not by the funds. 

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Steam hardware

The hardware and accessories purchased over Steam can also be refunded. For this, you require sending the packages back within 14-days of initiating the refund.

Bundle Refunds

Bundles are fully refundable, as long as these were not transferred to someone else. Every communication regarding what part of the bundle can or cannot be refunded is made by Steam.

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If the above conditions met, then the company promises to refund a game on steam. There is a slight chance of getting a refund even if both of these criteria do not meet.

Refund a game on steam
Refund a game on steam

The company looks into the refund request and determines the individualistic conditions of the request. However, in the latter case, there is no guarantee of a refund.

Interesting Facts

Another interesting fact about the refund is that the games that people buy outside of the stem and add to stem with a product key cannot expect a refund by Steam. However, games purchased through Steam keys from third-party are eligible for the refund. This is also a way to encourage you to buy games through Steam.

Refund a game on steam
Refund a game on steam

However, this refund policy does not account for if there is a constant refund of a lot of games. This is an “abuse” of the policy. There is no clear definition of what Steam considers to be an “abuse”, but you should not buy games in bulk and refund most of them. But the good thing here is that Valve, the company that owns Steam, doesn’t consider refunding a game before sale to buy it at a lower price to be an abuse. This means that if you buy a game at $60 and in the sale, sell it for $30, you can refund the game and buy it again for cheaper, given that there is a fulfillment of initial conditions of refund.

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The refund can be credited to the same payment method or can be credited to the steam wallet and is credited within a week of approval. 

How to Refund a Game on Steam?

 Following are some few easy steps to initiate the refund process to refund a Game on Steam:

  1. Ensure the fulfillment of the conditions provides for the mail before you request a refund. However, you can still write an mail to the team and wait for the team to look into the matter.
  2. Navigate to the Steam application, and there is a “Help” option. On that tab in the dropdown, there is a “steam support” option.
  3. The dropdown lists down a purchases list. Click on it and select the product for a refund.
  4. Select the reason for the refund. Reference code has further generated that track the refund process with a detailed email.
Top Steam Games
Top Steam Games

5. After clicking on this option, the refund process will begin, and once you get the approval, the refund is in a week’s time.

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So, Steam has a very sought-after process of refund that is very helpful for its users. We hope you like using Steam, and this guide helps you to refund a game on Steam with your refund process. Happy Gaming!  

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