NBA Live is a mobile basketball game developed by Electronic Arts with superior graphics and high-quality animations to give you a real-time experience. The game lets users build their teams with famous players and unique tools to attend live matches and play their favorite sport on their palms. 

First, you need to install the application or Mod Apk on your Android or iOS to get free NBA Live accounts on your mobile. Then, you must enter the given usernames and passwords through the methods specified below and enjoy the full-fledged application with premium features.

For basketball enthusiasts, NBA Live offers diverse gaming modes, seasonal events, superstar lineups, rewards, and several more immersive gaming experiences. To get your hands on free NBA Live mobile accounts and enjoy the premium features, read the article until the end and explore these various methods to achieve the same!  

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Get Free NBA Live Mobile Accounts: Top 3 Ways

Below are the ways to get NBA Live Mobile accounts for free.

Method 1: Usernames And Passwords List

Here is a list of some of the Usernames and passwords with free NBA Live Mobile accounts that you can check: 

[email protected]P@ssw0rd123
[email protected]GameOn!789
[email protected]2LevelUp$
[email protected]Victory2022
[email protected]PixelQuest44
[email protected]R@nd0mG@me
[email protected]Xplorer!xyz
[email protected]UltimateGamer7
[email protected]FunTimes123
[email protected]CodeBreaker55

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Method 2: Premium Accounts On Reddit/Discord Servers 

You can also check these NBA Live Mobile premium accounts on Reddit and Discord servers for advanced features: 

[email protected]StealthMode22
[email protected]ThunderStrike11
[email protected]GameChanger99
[email protected]RapidFire23
[email protected]Odyssey2023
[email protected]TurboBoost88
[email protected]SilentShadow66
[email protected]PixelPower777
[email protected]Conqueror123
[email protected]MagicArcane22

Method 3: NBA Live Mobile Mod Apk

You can use another method to use the game, which has its ultimate utility, upgraded features, unlimited money, upgrades, and customization at zero cost.

Try these easy steps to access the ultimate NBA Live Mobile Mod Apk: 

  1. Install the NBA Live mod Apk from here
  2. Allow the ‘install apps from unknown sources’ option in the security settings on your device. 
  3. Go to the downloads of your browser or Click Ctrl+J 
  4. Install the Apk and follow the given instructions.
App NameNBA Live Mobile basketball
Latest Versionv8.2.00
File Size94.12MB
RequirementAndroid 5.0
Official Website
Downloads10 Million+
Last Update15 Feb 2024

Benefits Of Using Free NBA Live Mobile Accounts

While the essential and free apps are ad-supported and have limited features, players, currency constraints, and priced items and upgrades, the premium version of the NBA Live Mobile allows you to access unlimited currency, no ads, free items, and many more. Let us know about these features to gain insight into their importance. 

No Ads

You can now eliminate the disturbing ads that come with the free version of the application, with reduced distraction, faster loading timings, no pay-to-win goodies, and better gaming performance.


Heightened Stamina

Stamina is the most essential facet of the players, and it plays a crucial role in participating in and winning matches.stamina With free premium accounts, you get automated stamina fill-ups for your players whenever their stamina runs low, so you can increase your scores and outrun the opponents.

Free Shopping 

At the game’s auction house, you can bid and sell rare players through the cards bought from the store. free shoppingWith the free version, you can shop these cards for free and buy some of your team’s best players. You can also buy items, packs, and bundles from the store using your NBA Live Mobile coins or NBA cash.

Unlimited Currency 

Users here can access unlimited coins and premium currency to purchase and upgrade players’ skills, unlock certain events and tasks, golden tickets, trade chips, trending packs, themes, and many more to give your game and the players a glow-up.

in game currency

Unlocked Superstars 

The app features legendary superstars with real-life gaming skills, allowing users to acquire and upgrade their skills with customized jerseys, boosted items, and offensive/defensive formations.

unlocked superstars

Championships & Live Events

With the free but premium NBA Live Mobile accounts, you get free tickets and passes to unlimited live events, leagues, or championships. live eventsSo, be it the dunk challenges or shooting battles, with free premium accounts, you can access anything and even live stream on services like FuboTV.

Free World Tour 

Just like in reality, users also get on world tours by collecting as many international players from any country as possible by winning three main games, learning their history, and earning some unique rewards, items, and passport points. free world tour

Other Features

Some other features at NBA Live Mobile include updated audio, new user-friendly UI updates, and the latest Arena Mode to play real-time matches from players worldwide, reviewing and editing lineups and coaching mechanisms, building chemistry, revealing animations, and attractive player cards. real life players

You may often lose your free NBA Live Mobile accounts; in such cases, you can restart the application and enter the same credentials you used earlier for your NBA Live Mobile account recovery. To delete your account permanently, go to account management to find the ‘Delete Account’ section, tap on it, and confirm deletion. 

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How do you get free cash on NBA Live Mobile?

By accumulating daily login rewards, finishing daily tasks or objectives like winning a specific number of matches or completing sets, playing head-to-head matches, and participating in live events, you can collect goodies and even free cash.

Is NBA Live Mobile Free?

While downloading and playing the game is free, the app also consists of in-app purchases to help you level up your game by upgrading your tools and characters and unlocking advanced leagues and championships.

Can you practice in NBA Live Mobile?

Yes, of course! NBA Live Mobile’s ‘Train Player’ Mode at your base gold and elite player’s player page. You can practice and train yourself with unique training collectibles and other players.

Is NBA Live Mobile Worth it?

For those seeking a real-time basketball game experience on their mobile phones, NBA Live Mobile's realistic graphics, various leagues & championships, and customizable legendary players make it worth it to dedicate your basketball skills.


NBA Live Mobile provides a special basketball game experience for free. Enjoy impressive graphics, join leagues, and compete in showdowns. Create your team and customize players without any hurdles or payments.