Puzzles and Dragons is a match-3-styled puzzle video game developed by GungHo Online Entertainment in 2012. Based in Japan, this monster-collecting RPG allows its users to navigate through dungeons, team up, and strategize to create a robust team for the 6-by-5 tile grid created by hearts and 5 orbs representing five elements: fire, water, wood, light, and dark.

This article helps you get a free PUzzles and Dragons account to all you pokemon collectors get your armor ready and fight the puzzle battles today involving more than 9000 such monsters diversified through each of these elements, outstanding graphics, and special events every week to keep you hooked. 

To get a Free Puzzles and Dragons account: 

  1. Install the Play/Apple Store app on your mobile or PC. 
  2. Log in using the information below from the two methods. 
  3. Try your hand on these two methods to access and enjoy the features of a free Puzzles and Dragons account:

How to get a Free Puzzles and Dragons Account?

Try your hand on these two methods to access and enjoy the features of a free Puzzles and Dragons account:

Method 1: Usernames and Passwords List

Below is a list of some usernames and passwords you can check to get a free Puzzles and Dragons account: 

[email protected]Adventure456
[email protected]CodeMaster789
[email protected]Enchant123
[email protected]ConsolePower456
[email protected]EpicQuest789
[email protected]InfinitePlay123
[email protected]Tactical456
[email protected]GamingRealm789
[email protected]TreasureHunt123
[email protected]MysteryPlay456

Method 2: Premium Accounts on Reddit/Discord Servers 

Check out these two methods to access a free Puzzles and Dragons account on SubReddit and Discord servers:

Ask on SubReddits Servers

To Join these servers, install the application or go to the website www.reddit.com. Now log in to your Reddit account or sign in using your email and password. Further, join the subreddit server from the links below, where you can participate in the discussion to ask for a free one or buy a Puzzles and Dragons account. subreddit

Here are some server links for SubReddits where you can ask for free Puzzles and Dragons accounts: 

  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/puzzlesanddragons/
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/PuzzleAndDragons/?f=flair_name%3A%22Image%22
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/gameswap
  4. https://www.reddit.com/r/GameDeals 

Ask on Discord Servers

To request a free Puzzles and Dragons account over these Discord rooms, you need to have a Discord account by installing the application or visiting Discord’s website, www.discord.com, and signing up using your email and passwords. Now, click the links below, enter your display name, confirm that you are a human, and participate through text or voice chat. discord

Here are some links that you can join to ask the participants for a free account through Puzzles and Dragons account giveaways:

  1. https://discord.com/invite/pad
  2. https://discord.do/puzzle-dragons-team-hyperion/
  3. https://mantasticpad.com/2017/02/02/mantastic-is-on-discord/
  4. https://discordbotlist.com/servers/pad 

Game elements of a Free Puzzles and Dragons Account:

FireRepresented by red orbs and fire creatures. Strong against wood elements.Weak against water elements.
WaterRepresented by blue orbs and ware or ice creaturesStrong against fire elements.Weak against wood elements.
LightRepresented by yellow orbs and fire creatures.Strong against dark elements.Weak against Dark elements.
DarkRepresented by purple orbs and shadow or demonic creatures.Strong against light elements.Weak against light elements.

Benefits of Using a Free Puzzles and Dragons Account

Here are some unparalleled benefits you can get by using a free Puzzles and Dragons account: 

Unlimited magic Stones 

Magic stones are one of the most essential keys to unlocking your power and progression. They can be used to revive yourself and recover your stamina after being defeated by harmful dungeons. You can earn them by completing dungeon battles, special events, and daily rewards. unlimited magic stones 

Additionally, with a free Players and Dragons account, you do not need to buy them through in-app purchases and can get them with zero cost. Moreover, one of the Puzzles and Dragons tips suggests that players can evolve their monsters into ultimate or super-ultimate forms and acquire rare monsters.

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Countless Pal Points & Monster Points 

Pal points are another in-game currency that users can use at the Pal Egg Machine, which offers rewards, rare monsters, and monster eggs. Users earn these by teaming up with their friends and helping each other merge monsters for evolution. They access coin dungeons to explore unique dungeons and face more significant challenges to acquiring better monsters. monsters

Users also earn monster points by selling their monsters and earning extra points. You can spend these points at the Monster points shop and get evolution items, Tamadras, latent Tamadras, and other rare monsters. 

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Collaborative events 

This massive gaming platform also allows users to participate in special events organized by collaborating with other renowned video games, apps, and series. puzzle and dragons ninjala collab eventWith these events, unique dungeons and exclusive egg machines are provided to get limited editions of monsters. 

Multiplayer mode 

Puzzles and Dragons has recently introduced this multiplayer mode for up to 4 people. Additionally, you can team up with your friends and face innovative challenges together. Furthermore, this mode randomly selects dungeons and gives you an unpredictable experience.puzzles and dragons

You can exchange IDs with your friends, chat, coordinate to build strategies and work on your teamwork skills at their puzzle battles, sharing its qualities with another anime-inspired game called Dokkan Battle.

Constantly evolving monsters 

Featuring over 9000 monsters, one reason this game is so addictive is the monsters’ ability to evolve through battles and continuous gameplay. Users level up their statistics by transitioning their monsters with improved skills. constantly evolving monsters

With the Awoken Skill System, additional passive skills can be obtained to enhance their power of aid and recovery due to intense encounters. 

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Pros and Cons of Free Puzzles and Dragons account:

Pros Cons
Completely free to play.Limited resources to paid options.
Grants a variety of game contents.Restricted access to premium features and contents.
Does not require money to spend while playing free.Limited game currency.
Can earn premium through gameplay.Makes in-game purchases necessary for faster progress.
Gives an ad-free experience.Promotional offers get difficult to claim.
Can play without running out stamina.Longer wait required for stamina fill compared to premium players.

Revenue Progression of Puzzles and Dragons:

revenue progression of puzzles and dragons


Is Puzzles and Dragons free?

Yes, the application is free to download, but it also includes in-app purchases to let users upgrade their monsters and enhance their gaming experience.

How much money does Puzzles and Dragons make?

As of January 2024, according to Statista, Puzzles and Dragons have surpassed revenue of 31.72 Million USD in Japan. It also became the first game to cross 1 billion USD in revenue in 2016.

How many downloads do Puzzles and Dragons have?

Puzzles and Dragons has been downloaded by over 90 million people on various platforms worldwide, marking its legacy in the RPG gaming sector.

Are Puzzles and Dragons famous?

Yes, Puzzles and Dragons enjoy immense popularity among over 90 Million users due to their addictive gameplay involving role-play. It has even led to the creation of a franchise, turning it into an anime series.

How do you recover the Puzzles and Dragons account?

o recover your Puzzles and Dragons account, you need to go to the games’ official website and fill out the account recovery form on their support site. You must enter your I’D, Name, and Secret Code in the Puzzles and Dragons.


First and foremost, this article explored the insights to get a free Puzzles and Dragons account. In addition, with the game’s numerous features and captivating animations, you will be fascinated by its powerful landscape of puzzle-solving battles, ever-evolving monsters, and mighty dungeons.  So, all you puzzle lovers, get a free Puzzles and Dragons account by using the methods discussed above and experience the fascinating features of this rich and ever-expanding game.

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