Reviewing this article, you may learn how to change your crosshair in Overwatch. Overwatch crosshair customization will be explained in this article to improve your gaming experience, regardless of your skill level.

If you want to change your crosshair in Overwatch, this is how:

  1. Click on the “Menu” or press “Escape”
  2. Select “Options”
  3. Select “Controls”
  4. Under “General,” go-to “Reticle”
  5. Under the “Type” drop-down, you can select Default, Circle, Crosshairs, Circle, Crosshairs, or Dot.

If you read this guide, you can quickly change crosshair in Overwatch. You may personalize your gaming experience and gain an advantage in games by choosing a crosshair that works best for you, while using an Overwatch boosting service can help you reach higher ranks. Following the simple directions in this tutorial, you may alter your crosshair in no time. Keep reading to learn how to enhance your Overwatch gaming experience!

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What Does Overwatch’s Crosshair Mean?

Each shooter game must have crosshairs, and Overwatch is no different. Regardless of how skilled you are, finding the ideal crosshair may significantly enhance your gaming.
what is crosshair in overwatch

The crosshair might enhance your experience, allowing for more accurate aiming and quicker reaction times. The instructions in this post will help you choose the optimum crosshair for your play style and demonstrate how to change your crosshair in Overwatch.

Changing Your Overwatch Crosshair

In Overwatch, you must open the main menu and then go to the “Controls” section to configure your crosshair.

Afterward, you may choose the “Crosshair” option and pick the ideal design for your playing style from a range of options, including Dot, Circle, Cross, Crosshairs, or Tri-Shot.

After choosing your chosen design, you may alter your crosshair’s size, color, and opacity. Remember to test your new crosshair in-game to see how it works and make any necessary tweaks.

Following these steps, you may customize your crosshair to be unique and personalized to your tastes for an enhanced Overwatch gameplay experience.

Check out the guidelines provided below to learn how to change your crosshair in Overwatch:

Activate the Main Menu

It would be best if you first visited the main menu to alter the overwatch crosshair.
overwatch menu

To get there, select “Options” from the main menu.

Visit the “Controls” Tab

Go to the “Controls” tab after launching the main menu.

cantrolHere, you may modify your game settings, including your crosshair.

Find the “Crosshair” Option

Once the “Controls” tab has been selected, search for the “Crosshair” option.

You may adjust your crosshair here to fit your needs.

Choose the Kind of Crosshair

Now it’s time to choose your crosshair style. Overwatch offers several crosshair styles, including Dot, Circle, Cross, Crosshairs, and Tri-Shot.overwatch crosshair menu

Each playstyle is suitable for a particular playstyle and offers unique advantages.

Change the crosshair settings.

You may start customizing your crosshair settings once you decide on your style.
overwatch crosshair menu settings

The crosshair’s size, color, and opacity may all be changed.

Run A Crosshair Test

It’s now time to put your new crosshair to the test. Check out how your crosshair feels by entering a game.
crosshair test overwatch

You can always return and modify something else if you’re not pleased.

Tips for Picking the Best Crosshair for Your Playstyle

The following are a few tips for choosing the right crosshair for your playstyle: 

Consider Your Playstyle

The first step in choosing the right crosshair is to consider your playstyle. Are you a hit-and-run player who needs to aim quickly and fire? Or are you a more organized player who deliberates over your shot placement?overwatch playstyles

The ideal crosshair for you will be determined in large part by your playing style.

Choose a Crosshair That Enhances Your Aim

Your crosshair should help you aim accurately and quickly. The right crosshair will make it easier to hit your targets and increase your reaction time.thick crosshair overwatch

If you’re having trouble hitting your targets, consider trying a crosshair with a thicker line.

Pick a Crosshair That Fits Your Screen Resolution

Your crosshair should also be tailored to your screen resolution. A great crosshair on a high-resolution monitor may look too small on a smaller screen.big crosshair overwatch

When choosing your crosshair, consider the size of your screen and adjust the crosshair accordingly.

Experiment with Different Crosshair Styles

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different crosshair styles. Try out each type and see which one feels the most comfortable.different crosshair overwatch

A crosshair style for one player may not work well for you.

Adjust Your Crosshair Settings

Finally, don’t be afraid to adjust your crosshair settings. You can change your crosshair’s size, color, and opacity to suit your needs.crosshair customization overwatch

This can help you get the perfect crosshair for your playstyle and improve your Overwatch experience. 

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Following are frequently asked questions on ‘how to change your crosshair in overwatch.’

What is a crosshair in Overwatch?

A crosshair in Overwatch is the small reticle or aiming point in the center of the screen that you use to aim at enemies and shoot your weapons.

Is it important to modify crosshair in Overwatch?

In Overwatch, altering your crosshair may significantly affect how you play. By choosing a crosshair that suits your playstyle and adjusting its settings, you can improve your aim, reaction time, and overall experience in the game.

What are the different crosshair styles in Overwatch?

Overwatch offers several crosshair styles, including Circle, Dot, Cross, Crosshair, and others. Each style has its unique characteristics, such as size, color, and shape.

How can I modify the Overwatch crosshair style?

To change your crosshair style in Overwatch, go to the 'Controls' tab in the main menu, select the 'Crosshair' option, and choose your preferred crosshair style from the list of options.

Can I adjust the size and color of my crosshair in Overwatch?

Yes, you can adjust the size and color of your overwatch default crosshair by navigating to the 'Controls' tab in the main menu, selecting the 'Crosshair' option, and using the sliders to adjust the size and color of your crosshair.

How do I test my crosshair in Overwatch?

To test your crosshair in Overwatch, play a game and pay attention to how well your crosshair works with your play style. You can make adjustments to your crosshair settings as needed.

Is it possible to use custom crosshairs in Overwatch?

Custom crosshair Overwatch is not supported by the game currently. Players can choose from the crosshair styles and settings available in Overwatch.

Can I change my crosshair in the middle of a game in Overwatch?

No, you cannot change your crosshair in the middle of a game in Overwatch. You will need to change your crosshair before starting or restarting a current game.


How do you change your crosshair in Overwatch? Consider your playstyle, pick a crosshair that improves your aim, then tweak your settings to obtain the ideal crosshair. You will substantially enhance your gaming by following this easy technique.

Try several crosshair designs and tweak them until you find the one that fits you the best. Your Overwatch accuracy and broad experience will improve with the proper crosshair.