One of the most well-known games in the Battle Royale, Shooter, and Action-Adventure genre is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), which transformed the course of Battle Royale’s gaming history. The kill-based shooting game PUBG, created by LightSpeed & Quantum Studio, is a favourite among ardent players. Many gamers now use free PUBG accounts on their phones to play this game.

Probably the greatest among these games is PUBG Mobile. We’ve provided free accounts for this game, with cutting-edge visuals and stunning maps you’ll always want to play.

In this article, I’ve mentioned the best ways to access free PUBG accounts and passwords. These are all the latest techniques and all the specifics you need to know in 2024. So If you’re looking to enter the battlefield like a pro, keep reading and obtain free PUBG accounts and passwords.

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What Do Free PUBG Accounts And Passwords Mean?

PUBG is a free accessible online game. You must register for the game using your Gmail, Facebook, or any Twitter account for verification to play it on your devices. Only then will you be able to play the game? This initial action may already be familiar to you. However, if your account is limited or disabled, you won’t have another opportunity, which will be worthless.pubg

By entering the game using our most recent collection of free PUBG accounts and passwords mentioned below, you can recover all you’ve lost and fully play the game without putting any effort into it.

Since all of the PUBG premium accounts featured in this post contain Cosmetics, Gun Skins, Outfits, Advanced Weapons, UC, BP, and many other items, they let you play the game at higher levels and provide you with everything you need.

It suggests you would not need to put much effort into gathering these in-game resources. Log in to the game using one of the many free PUBG accounts and operate like a pro for nothing. 

Free PUBG Mobile Accounts Rewards

If you make a PUBG Mobile account through the ways mentioned below, you’ll be eligible to win free prizes and bonuses.

  • Obtain a free mobile PUBG account.
  • Get a total of 800 UC. Free During Login for the First Time
  • Get free gun skins for various weapons, including the M16A4, KR 98, AKM, DP 28, Scar-L, M16A4, M762, UMP, AWM, and S12k guns, and several more pubg accounts
  • Free Outfits for Season 14 of PUBG Mobile
  • One hundred (100,000) BP
  • A total of 20,000 silver shards.

Free PUBG Mobile Accounts

Here is a list of free pubg mobile accounts mentioned below.

Free PUBG Mobile Email-Linked Accounts

Feel free to hit this list of usable and active PUBG accounts; you might use them without signing up for a PUBG mobile account free, including an email address. Don’t feel dangerous because all these PUBG Mobile accounts were manually generated without software or tools and are completely safe. Use our latest collection of free PUBG account emails and passwords to get your hands on that tasty chicken dinner.

(Email Login for PUBG )    PUBG Password
[email protected] 12345682
[email protected] lovethioppp
[email protected] 21021985
[email protected] terminantor29
[email protected] coolkidbres
[email protected] superiorman
[email protected] thebest2453
[email protected] terminantor29

Accounts With Facebook Id And Password

We’ve compiled a list of PUBG mobile accounts giveaway free connected to Facebook because today, practically every player has to have a Facebook account. The majority of PUBG Mobile users logged in with their Facebook ID. If you want a PUBG ID and password with a high rank, you should consult the list below.

Pubg Account Username(Facebook) Pubg Password
jokerboss2000 yusuf2005
screamshouttt 64851325454
Glacier goha4905
fullbilgi agit2131
linda95 linda5526321145
michael2019 0234587412abc
Busterjay10 perez2003
banglades584 warofwar584
reymysterio4 619619619
utheneravip vipcocacc
majorking5 55major55
Pro659123 prouser659
gamergamerst 8645384558st

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Free PUBG Mobile KR Accounts

The Korean gaming community also has a version of PUBG Mobile known as the KR version. These days, many PUBG Mobile fans in India play this version of the game due to the global version ban. India’s PUBG KR servers are still operational. free pubg accounts Here’s a list of available free PUBG Mobile KR IDs along with details for login in case your region doesn’t permit the worldwide version you want to play.

PUBG Mobile Accounts Email Address PUBG Mobile Accounts Password
[email protected] 123456789
[email protected] agit2131
[email protected] 3569851426
[email protected] jackjones333
[email protected] 64851325454
[email protected] 55major55
[email protected] yusuf2005
[email protected] danielbrown5
[email protected] thebestman856

Free BGMI Accounts With Password

Indian players may sign up for these free accounts for a special edition of Pubg Mobile. After the old edition of the game was discontinued by the Indian government owing to specific problems with China, the game is now known in India as Battleground Mobile India.battlegrounds mobile india

The list of free Gmail accounts for Indians is provided below.

[email protected]123456789
[email protected]agit2131
[email protected]3569851426

[email protected]jackjones333
[email protected]64851325454
[email protected]55major55
[email protected]yusuf2005
[email protected]danielbrown5
[email protected]thebestman856

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Is PUBG PC a paid or free game?

PUBG: Battlegrounds is now available for free on PC and gaming consoles, according to South Korean video game developer Krafton, who made the statement following the F2P changeover announcement at The Game Awards (TGA). On PC and consoles, players may now play the well-known battle royale game without having to pay for it.

Who is the best at PUBG?

In India, Mortal is the top-ranked PUBG Mobile player. his real name is Naman Mathur. He was born in Mumbai, India.

Can I play PUBG Mobile on my PS4?

Yes. PUBG is cross-platform compatible with Xbox One, PS4/PS5, and iOS & Android. Due to the lack of servers linking players from other platforms, it is not cross-platform on the other devices.

How can you make a UC?

To receive UC as a reward for increasing your royale pass rank, you must acquire the appropriate tier of elite pass. Giveaways: Similar to redemption codes, several streams hold giveaways where viewers may enter to win UC.


This game’s compatibility with Android, iOS, and personal computers is something you will find appealing, and the servers are excellent. The firearms are simply outstanding, and the visuals are incredible. It has improved in both intrigue and visuals with the most recent version. You can play it on your phone, and the controls are great. You may use it whenever and anywhere. Any beginner or professional can copy the PUBG IDs free of cost based on their needs and advance through the levels. All free PUBG premium accounts consist of thousands of UC and BP. Become a winner and cheer ‘Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.’

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