Have you grown weary of browsing amid snaps and memes? While playing games and watching live streams? Don’t worry; we are back again with something exciting for you. It is BIGO LIVE! Yes, you heard it right. This article is on how you can download BIGO Live for PC. BIGO LIVE aims to connect people in a healthy, positive, and exciting manner through live broadcasting. A free program called BIGO Live enables users to live-stream or record footage of their activities for friends and strangers. Thus, anyone may connect to anyone and stream movies anytime, anywhere. Users may search for nearby viewers while live streaming, and they can leave comments in real time.


We shall review several facets of BIGO Live in this article. How you can access it, download it and go about it. You can not only have video calls but can also play games. This live-streaming platform is an excellent way to enjoy your time and socialize with people around it. Hence, you can interact with them, play games, broadcast videos, and more.

We have the best and easiest method to download BIGO Live for PC for Windows. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, 8, Windows 8 64-bit, 10, or Windows 10 64-bit. Now, to download BIGO for Windows, stick to our article.

Methods To Download BIGO Live For PC

To download BIGO Live for PC, follow these steps:

Method 1: Downloading BIGO LIVE Using BlueStacks On A PC

The steps are:

  1. You must first download BlueStacks from the above link onto your PC for Windows or Mac.bluestakes
  2. Double-click the downloaded file on your Windows or Mac to set up the BlueStacks Android Emulator.
  3. An installation wizard will start. The installation will finish in a few minutes if you follow the on-screen directions.
  4. Then, tap the BlueStacks icon on your computer to start the emulator.
  5. In the Google Play Store’s search box, type “BIGO LIVE.”
  6. Locate the BIGO LIVE app in the search results and select Install.
  7. BIGO LIVE will be installed on your PC, either for Windows or Mac, in seconds.
  8. To use BIGO LIVE when it has been successfully installed, click on it from the BlueStacks home screen.

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Method 2: Download NoxPlayer And Install BIGO LIVE App On your PC.

Open NoxPlayer, the Android emulator. The steps are:

  1. You must first download NoxPlayer to your computer for Windows or Mac.noxplayer
  2. In the Google Play Store’s search box, type “BIGO LIVE.”
  3. Locate the BIGO LIVE app in the search results and select Install.
  4. To use BIGO LIVE after installation, click on it from the home screen.

np bigo

Thus, you can download BIGO Live for PC very easily.

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BIGO Live Connector

You must download BIGO LIVE Connector to stream PC games on BIGO LIVE. You must complete four steps to launch your BIGO Live game show on a PC. Thus follow the directions and tell the world about your life!

bigo live connector

  1. Detect QR Code. Get the code on BIGO Live Connector. Only Windows 7/8/10 are currently compatible with BIGO LIVE Connector.
  2. Configure the Live Mode. Create the BIGO code and set up the live mode.
  3. Connect with your PC game’s live stream using the San QR code.
  4. Your live game show has already started at this point.

Hence, these are the steps to BIGO PC Connector. These steps would also work for BIGO Live for Windows 7. However, BIGO Login is not an essential step, but you can.

Therefore, here are the procedures you may use to download BIGO Live for PC.

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Characteristics Of BIGO Live

A social media application called BIGO LIVE enables you to communicate with others through live videos. This app’s model is live broadcast sharing with the option to participate. Consequently, BIGO Live’s numerous features and qualities are as follows:bigo

  • BIGO Live helps discover incredible people from around the globe.
  • You can watch community feeds in real-time.
  • In it, up to nine persons can participate in live video calls.
  • You can also publish video blogs.
  • It aids you in presenting your skills to the world.
  • You can gain supporters and a fan base. 
  • BIGO Live also helps in obtaining presents while earning money.
  • You may play fascinating games online.

Therefore, these would enhance your perspective on whether you wish to download BIGO Live for PC.

More About BIGO Live

From the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android, you can download the BIGO Live app. To download BIGO Live Connector, click here

To go to the webpage of BIGO Live, click here.

bigo live

For a better experience, you can log in by scanning the QR code from the BIGO LIVE app on your mobile device. Please note that “logging in” or “signing up” is unnecessary so you can omit this step. You may also sign in to BIGO LIVE using various methods, including Facebook, Gmail account, Twitter, etc. There are four sections on the official website: Home, Gaming, LIVE, and Bar.

Download: Android|iOS

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The Home page is where you should go if you’re waiting and want to pass the time by watching anything. It displays the hottest and most well-liked live streams or content on BIGO LIVE. bigo homepage

Therefore, there are many different types of live-streaming videos on the Home page, including but not limited to singing, dancing, and gaming.


People may discover various current games in this area dedicated to gamers. You may locate your loved one on LOL, CS, Overwatch, Candy Crush, Draw, and Guess. Along with a wide variety of rich game kinds, BIGO also has many streams. bigo game You may discover streamers who are experts in their respective games, and watching their shows can help you become a better player. Above that, you can also find streamers who are brilliant at creating tactics, and their videos will attract your attention. 

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Live Show 

“Live” is similar to a hotpot where many live videos are gathered. If you take some time to review the live concerts, you might be surprised by how varied they are. Above all, you may watch everything from cooking to storytelling, singing, dancing, and working out in this area. The quality is uneven because of the hotspot feature. However, it is worthwhile to take the time to search for intriguing materials since you never know what you can discover. Of course, you may filter live concerts by country and find exotic live performances there.


Thus, two ways exist to install BIGO LIVE on Windows 7, 8, or Mac computers. 

BIGO LIVE App Review – Pros and Cons

BIGO Live is a popular live streaming platform that allows users to broadcast and watch live video content. The following are some possible benefits of the forum:

  • User-friendly interface: The app’s simple navigation and use make it available to various users.
  • Interaction: Users can interact with one another through live chat and other features, which can foster a sense of community and engagement.
  • Variety of content: The platform offers a wide range of content, from gaming to music to cooking and more, so there is something for everyone.
  • Monetization: BIGO Live allows users to earn money through virtual gifts and other monetization features.
  • Global reach: BIGO Live has a large user base, allowing streamers a worldwide space.

bigo pros

  • Inappropriate content: As with any live streaming app, there is the potential for users to broadcast inappropriate content. BIGO LIVE has policies to prevent this, but it can still occur. Some potential cons of the platform include the following:
  • Technical issues: Occasionally, the app may experience technical issues such as buffering or lagging, which can frustrate users.
  • Privacy concerns: As with any app that involves sharing personal information and live video, there are potential privacy concerns for users. It’s essential to be aware of and understand BIGO’s privacy policy.
  • Safety concerns: There have been reports of sexual predators using the app to target minors, so it is essential to be aware of the safety risks.

Overall, BIGO Live is a well-liked and widely used platform that offers a lot of interactive entertainment. But like any online platform, it has pros and cons, and users must know them.


Is it free to download BIGO LIVE?

You may use BIGO LIVE for nothing or pay for the premium version to get rid of the advertising.

BIGO Live—is it a dating app?

No, it is not a dating app. Although BIGO LIVE has certain social features, it differs significantly from dating apps, so even if you only want to use it to meet new friends, some options are still available.

On BIGO Web, how do I search?

Additionally, you may search for someone on BIGO Live. Tap the magnifying glass icon at the top. Enter your username, BIGO ID, or LIVE title after that.

Can I access BIGO without registering?

Right now, even though the BIGO mobile app only enables viewers at least 18 years old, anyone of any age may browse the BIGO tv website without registering to see anything presented.

How much money do BIGO hosts make?

BIGO Live broadcasters can make up to $5,000 per month internationally.

Is BIGO LIVE a kid-safe website?

Content issues affect almost all video streaming services, and BIGO LIVE is no different. Users must be at least seventeen years old to use the app. In addition to content issues, BIGO LIVE's need that users to provide personal information like gender, name, and location poses an additional potential risk.

How can I make money using BIGO LIVE?

Users may buy bean packets at various price points to 'gift' their preferred broadcasters. All of the gifts are redeemable for actual cash.

Is there a true Bigo Live app?

Currently, more than 400 million people utilize BIGO LIVE globally. And we encourage you to become a part of our large community! In BIGO LIVE, millions of brilliant broadcasters, singers, dancers, foodies, and comedians stream live. Watch fantastic live streams all the time, including gaming, music, and talking.

Describe Bigo Live.

Users can live-stream or record footage of their activities for friends and total strangers using a free Bigo Live program. Anyone can connect to anyone and stream movies from anywhere at any time. While live streaming, users can look for nearby viewers and post comments instantly.

What is being done with BIGO?

People may showcase their abilities, live stream important occasions, and accept virtual presents from fans. On the explore page, users may filter out broadcasters from a certain nation and watch trending live streams. Users who satisfy specific requirements are allowed to construct their own families.

Is there an age restriction for BIGO Live?

The minimum age to play BIGO is 17. People under this age can use the app because it has no age restrictions. This website encourages users to live-stream their activities to garner followers, admirers, money, and 'idol' status. Users may follow the lives of famous video games like Fortnite, PUBG, and more.

Bigo Live—a dating service?

Teenagers still discover ways to sign up for Bumble, another dating app targeted at adults. A live streaming app is called Bigo Live. Users may host their programs, live stream while playing video games, and keep a video journal (vlog). Users must disclose their age and location, and there is no age verification.


Therefore, in this article, we have suggested the most accessible and efficient steps with relevant links. These methods would allow you to download BIGO Live for PC without struggle. Hence, what are you waiting for? Get into the above links and enjoy the outside world without stepping out with your PC in front of you. However, Twitch, Vimeo Live-stream, Zelly Live, YouNow, and Vidioo could be the best alternatives to BIGO Live.

In addition to video streaming apps and social networks, BIGO LIVE’s competitors mainly consist of live streaming tools and services. Above all, over 200 million people use it today, broadcasting their life to acquire admirers, receive gifts, and make money. It is a safe and genuine app. Therefore enjoy it to the peak.