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Growtopia is an open world game based on 2D landscape and is very similar to the famous Minecraft games, initially released on January 11, 2013. This game mostly revolves around the concept of farming. It is primarily a multiplayer sandbox platformer game with crafting. Thus, you must know how to get Growtopia Free Accounts now! There are no predefined missions in this game.

It just has an infinite number of worlds where you can do whatever you want with all your online friends. Most of the things in Growtopia grows on trees – ranging from Dirt Trees to Lava Trees to many more kinds of stuff and the essential Jetpack Trees.

You can generate Growtopia Free accounts with the generator given below. Just click on the “Generate” button and wait for about 20-30 seconds. Your ID and password will display. Now, all you have to do is enter these details inside the login panel on it’s side and you are good to go.

Growtopia Account Hack

Free Growtopia Account Login Username & Password

Email : 0%
Password : 0%



Note: – We’ve limited number of accounts so some of them might not work. This is because they might be in use by some other user.

How to Get Growtopia Free Accounts?

Before you can join the game, you will be needed to make an account with no GrowID. Players with no GrowID can change their gaming name anytime, but, they cannot transfer their game progress to other cross-platform devices, and their game progress can only be accessed on the particular device.

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Method 1: Free Growtopia Accounts ID & Password List 2022

  1. Username: Password
  2. zmrnit: ^wxKG^{ Se”9LMI
  3. nmahmoudman813l: C3C\D, f!xk1,vh
  4. 4anything: N*8205P21_”4Lhv
  5. bb_boysalah1998: }>7Z70cd !gBy+u

Method 2: Free Growtopia Accounts With Swagbucks

With Swagbucks, you can immediately get yourself a free Growtopia account [premium]. Just sign up using this link, and you’re good.

Follow the steps below:

  • With your email ID, signup on the page that opens.
  • You shall receive a confirmation mail to confirm that you’re not a bot. Click on the verification link.
  • Once you achieve it, several tasks will exhibit, and you require to complete any of them.
  • Once you finish those assignments, the Growtopia free accounts will instantly be forwarded to your account.
  • You can utilize this trick as many times as you desire! So, go berzerk!

Sign Up for Swagbucks!

Method 3: Access Growtopia Free Accounts With InboxDollars

InboxDollars, a platform through which you can get Growtopia Free Accounts by earning cash prizes, rewards, and gifts. The steps to be repeated are as follows:

  • A confirmation mail will be sent to you, which has a link.
  • Open your mail and click on the link.
  • As soon as you finish it, your free account will be instantly available in your mail.
  • You can repeat the above steps to get Growtopia Free Accounts with various mail id’s and passwords.

Get it with InboxDollars now!

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Method 4: Growtopia Free Accounts With Survey Junkie

We can also create free Login Account by employing Survey Junkie. The steps to follow are:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Access the link. The page will be displayed, as shown below.
Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie
  • Enter your mail id, password and click Sign-up button.
  • A validation message will be transmitted to your mail.
  • Open your email and click on that link.
  • A mail will be sent to you which signifies your free Login Account.

Go to Survey Junkie now!

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Method 5: Growtopia Free Accounts With Zen Surveys

Are you aware of Zen Surveys? If yes, then you might be having effortless access to your Growtopia Free Accounts. You are just required to sign up with the help of the following link.

Follow these steps towards your free premium account:

  • Use your email ID and sign up on this page. O
  • nce you fill-up the required details, you will receive one confirmation link. Without wasting time, click on that link.
  • Once you do all these steps, many tasks will be displayed in front of you.
Zen Surveys
Zen Surveys
  • Just choose one of them, and you will be supposed to complete that task.
  • Now do the job.
  • Once you complete your task, you will quickly get a gateway towards your free premium account. Exciting right?

Just follow these elementary steps, and you are good to go.

Want to make more free premium accounts? Just repeat these steps with different mail IDs and enjoy using your free premium account now!.

Sign Up for Zen Surveys!

Method 6: Get Growtopia Free Accounts Through Growtopia App

The process is as follows:

  1. Open the Growtopia app and click on the Play Online option.
  2. Next, write in a random name.
  3. After this is over, click on Connect.
  4. After entering into the game, open the menu tab and tap on the Get Grow ID button.
  5. Next write in your name, password and verify the password as required. Remember to give a unique name to your account.
  6. It is essential to enter your e-mail, in case you forget the login credentials. You can further use it to recover your account, if lost your password.
  7. Once done with it, to get your Growtopia Free Accounts, tap on the get Grow ID button.
  8. You will get new Growtopia Free Accounts to enjoy playing the game.

Growtopia also has a history of blocking some user accounts if it doesn’t fit in with the terms. If you still wish to continue playing the game, you can head over to the web and search for Growtopia accounts, and there you will be presented with many websites who claim to provide you with unblocked login credentials for the game.

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What is Growtopia?

There are many different types of farmable available with Growtopia Free Accounts from where you can earn and collect gems by breaking and planting. Breaking items give you gems and seeds which in turn is used for plating more trees and more earnings.

With the gems available, you can buy other stuff to get world locks which is the primary currency in this game. These world locks will enable you to get you most of the available item in the game. You will also be able to buy other things to decorate your world and have a better gaming experience.

The game has been developed by Robinson Technologies, which is a Japan-based independent game development company. It was founded by Seth Robinson and also co-developed with Mike Hommel, coming from Hamumu Software.

On February 28, 2017, Ubisoft announced the acquirement of Growtopia and the deal was finished during Ubisoft’s 2016-17 tenure, with the original developers having the authority of being design and general advisors to the game’s continued development. The game has greater than 15 million accounts and more than 300 million worlds (updated as of April 2016).

The Android-based version of the game was released on 30 November 2012. The iOS version was made public shortly after the success of the Android game, and a Windows PC and macOS beta version were also followingly released on July 20.

Advantages of Getting a Growtopia Free Accounts

  • Able to change the gaming name anytime.
  • An ID will follow names from 100 to 999
  • Without an ID, you will be unable to use certain features of the game which requires a GrowID.
  • Without the ID, no password or email attached to the account could recover if lost.

You can download the free Growtopia app from the Android Play Store or from Apple App Store and register a new account for playing the game.

Features of Growtopia Free Accounts

When you have access to the game, you have exclusive benefits such as:

  • Unlimited access to the world.
  • It is entirely free to play, and a single currency can be earned.
  • Full chatting and messaging facility.
  • Thousands of fabulous items to discover while in game.
  • Adapted for mobile gaming, and plays great on big screens too.

The wealthiest people in the game are those who own ‘auto worlds’ or ‘buy worlds.’ These worlds have people going into them automatically hence they profit through the vend sales. There are many ways to earn some profit. You can be anything ranging from farmer, mass producer, supplier, vend shop owner, profitable world owner, just to name a few.

The game has a fundamental, but un-wildly long, way to play. What you do to play the game is that you literally create a world, destroy blocks, they drop seeds, splice those together, and create new blocks. You keep doing this and advance the game forward.

Tips for Playing Growtopia

Collect gems which can sometimes drop down to get a small lock in the store. This will stop people from stealing your world in the game. Use “tapjoy.” You can get tons of gems very quickly.

If your seeds take a long time, play on other people’s maps. Some have giveaways and other items to earn. It’s a relatively straightforward process to get higher tier items for practically free sometimes.


The Growtopia community mainly has traffic from Southeast Asian and American players.
However, there are also many players in Europe, Australia, and many other smaller countries. The game has developed its own dedicated forum website for conversations, discussions, queries, and various news and updates related to the Growtopia Free Accounts game. They have also recently revamped their official website.

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