Music is one of the most wonderful creations to ever come into existence. It has forever been a part of people’s lives and continues to stay in our hearts amidst all the turmoil of the real world. Some people love songs for its lyrics, some for its melodic music or simply because the song is attached to a remnant of a memory. One way or other, music continues to amaze us with the artist’s creativity and talent. And if you’re a music freak, you must get a free tidal account.

You’ll hardly find anyone who doesn’t love music in the world of today. And if you fight the right songs, that’s all you’ll ever need to get by the hard times. If you’re a music lover and don’t have a music subscription, then you do not love it enough.

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You can generate Free Tidal Account and passwords with the generator given below. Just click on the “Generate” button and wait for about 20-30 seconds. Your email ID and password will display. Now, all you have to do is enter these details inside the login panel on it’s side and you are good to go.

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Free Tidal Account Username & Password

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Note: We have limited accounts and some of them might not work if they are already in use. If that is the case with you then run the generator again for new details.


There are many music subscriptions available online that allow us to listen to all our favorite music and also discover new ones along the way. Apart from just listening to music, these music subscriptions offer a lot of different features.

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Some features differ in quality, extra benefits, exclusives and a lot more. But none of these come close to the elements than what Tidal has to offer.

How to Get Free Tidal Account Premium Subscriptions?

There are different kinds of subscriptions available for Tidal. All the plans charge on a monthly basis.


Its base price is that of any other music subscriptions such as Spotify which caps at $9.99. However, for the superior audio quality, there’s a different subscription which adds another $10 to the base price.

Method 1: Free Tidal Account Usernames & Passwords

Some websites have a long list of Nitro Type account username and passwords. Just copy and paste the details in the desired place while singing in.

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  1. Username: Password
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  3. nmahmoudman813l: C3C\D, f!xk1,vh
  4. 4anything: N*8205P21_”4Lhv
  5. bb_boysalah1998: }>7Z70cd !gBy+u

Method 2: Free Trial

Of course, Tidal offers a 30 day free trial for anyone who wishes to try it before they decide to buy it. When the trial period ends, you will be charged the base price for the next month unless you drop your subscription ere it ends. And so you must need a free tidal account now. You’ll get access to the whole music library and start using it as a premium free tidal account right away.

Method 3: Student Discount

Tidal also allows a student discount at 50% and a military discount at 40% if you can prove it with the required documents while signing up. For a student discount, you must have a .edu email id for signing up while for a military discount, any relevant documents can attach with the sign-up form.

There’s also a family plan through which you can invite five other members and five other devices to share the cost of a subscription plan which will be significantly lower than its base price.

Tidal Free Deal

If you feel that the premium subscription doesn’t go in par with your wallet, then rest assured there are various ways you can get a premium free tidal account without having to pay a single dime. You can easily find premium logins available for free tidal account on the internet.

All you ought to do is enter the login details, and you can start enjoying its service right away. For smartphones, there are cracked versions of the free tidal account available on several websites which bypass the need of any log in details and provides access to all the premium features.

Method 4: Get Tidal free through Boost Mobile.

How can I receive a free Tidal membership on my iPhone or Android phone? You may accomplish so with the help of Boost Mobile. It’s a wireless telecommunications company’s brand. It provides cellular service to its clients in the United States via T-network. In this section, we’ll teach you how to obtain Tidal for free on your phone. 

Mobile’s Boost Mobile, like Tidal and Sprint, is a partner of Tidal. You can obtain a 6-month subscription to Tidal HiFi for free if you use Boost Mobile with your computer, mobile devices, and TVs. Then you may listen to Tidal songs of the highest possible quality. You may also use Boost Mobile’s offline capability to download Tidal tracks.

  1. Check to see if the Tidal app on your phone is the most recent version. If it isn’t already updated, please do so.
  2. In your phone, insert your Boost SIM card. Please utilize the Boost network instead of WiFi if you have an iOS device.
  3. TIDAL may be accessed through your My Boost Account Login. After that, select ‘I Want to: Manage My Plan and Add-Ons.’ Then choose ‘NOW’> ‘GO.’ Choose ‘TIDAL 6-month trial’> ‘Add to Cart under ‘Other.’ After that, please send it in for review.
  4. You may download it to acquire a free Tidal HiFi account when the Tidal offer attaches to your Boost account.

To access Tidal on your phone, you don’t need to register a login and password.

Please cancel your Tidal membership if you have one. Then you’ll have to accept it using Boost.

What is Tidal?

Tidal is a music subscription that is one of its first to be owned by an artist – JayZ. It is the most popular and the only music subscription to provide the highest audio quality of your favorite songs. While other music subscriptions top out at audio qualities of 320 kbps, Tidal offers lossless high fidelity audio quality that sounds fresh out of a studio recording.

Free tidal account

It is the perfect haven for all music lovers who want the best sound quality to immerse in their favorite song completely. They also create and recommend various kinds of playlists so that you can listen and discover something new every day. They also have a vast collection of music, exclusive contents and new songs are updated in the library every day.

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As compared to its competitors, Tidal has no match when it comes to audio quality and the range of benefits that they offer for their members. You can use Tidal either on your PC, laptop or even your smartphone through the app available on the App stores. You can access and enjoy the benefits of a premium subscription on any device of your choice.

Features of Premium free Tidal Account Subscription

The kind of benefits that free tidal account offers differ from the features that other music subscriptions can possibly offer. It has no match when it comes to audio quality. Also are a lot of other features that you’ll get in a Premium Tidal Subscription –

  • You’ll get access to exclusive content that you won’t find in other music subscriptions or websites
  • You can indeed download songs for offline use. This means that you can enjoy the same quality without having to use the internet again and again
  • You’ll also get tickets for concerts and other live events some of which are exclusive only for Tidal premium users.
  • You can even enjoy HD music videos using the premium subscription.
  • You can easily stream concerts or live events on your devices with the premium subscription.


Tidal is the best music subscription for the music lovers. If you have a perfect pair of earphones or speakers, then you should try or buy a Tidal subscription. You will definitely appreciate the kind of audio quality it has to offer. Moreover, you’ll hear your favorite songs in a whole new way.

There are many kinds of discounts that you can avail. You can get a two months or a three months trial period if you sign up through a promo. These are provided by different companies. Even more so, you can quickly get free Tidal premium subscriptions available online.

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They have a lot of other features. Also, they keep on adding new things especially for their members. It’s just one of the few things that makes Tidal stand out from its other competitors. And only goes on to prove just how much it is worth its money.