When it comes to celebrating birthdays, Instagram has become an invaluable tool. Whether it’s a private celebration with friends or family or a public celebration with a large audience, Instagram makes it easy to share the occasion with everyone. If you have just googled how to change your birthday on Instagram, we can help!

First, open the app and go to your profile page. Then, tap on the Edit Profile button. You can change your birthday by tapping the Birth Date field. Enter your new birthday in the correct format (MM/DD/YYYY) and tap the Done button. Your profile page will change with the new information once you have updated your birthday. Also, Instagram adds your birthday now as well.

To know how to change birthday on Instagram, we’ve attempted to incorporate every step in this blog post. To learn more, continue reading below: How do I modify my Instagram birthday?

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How to change your birthday on Instagram: A Brief Guide!

Changing your birthday on Instagram is a relatively simple process that only takes a few minutes to complete and will also resolve the issue of how to change your birth date on Instagram.  

instagram app

All social media platforms, notably Instagram, require that you keep your birthday up to date. You know how to change your birthday on Instagram because it can be used to confirm your identity if you ever need to change your password or access sensitive information.

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Steps On How To Change Birthday On Instagram?

Follow the illustrations to access the Instagram add your birthday feature.

  1. Log in to your account. Ensure you are logged into your account to learn how to change your birthday on Instagram.

log into insta 2. Click on the profile icon.

profile icon instagram

Click on the profile section to modify your profile.

3. Edit profile

edit profile

Edit your profile 

4. Find the birthday section


Scroll down until you find the “Birthday” section, and click the “Edit” button

5. Save. You can then enter your new birthdate in the appropriate boxes. Once you have entered your new date of birth, click the “Save” button to update your profile. This is how to set age on Instagram.

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New Birthdate

It is! Your new birthdate will now be displayed on your profile page. If your birthdate changes in the future, it’s crucial to remember to update it because it can be used to confirm your identity if you ever need to reset your password or access sensitive information.

Your birthday is now current and could seem efficient to your profile. Those were the easy steps to alternate birthdays on Instagram and subsequently learn how to change birthday on instagram.add your birthday

It is essential to notice that at the same time as you may trade your birthday on Instagram, you need to use your actual date of beginning when developing an account. This ensures that the platform follows age restrictions and other legal requirements.

Furthermore, it’s against Instagram’s terms of service to misrepresent your age. Afterward, you can share your special day with your followers or keep it private. Do you want to know Why you are Losing Instagram Followers, click here.

Furthermore, Instagram’s phrases and situations indicate that any content posted on the platform must no longer violate relevant laws or regulations, which means that offering fake records on the platform can be considered a regulation violation.

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Changing age on Instagram

In today’s world, social media has become a powerful tool to express yourself and connect with others. It is a fantastic site for sharing pictures and movies, interacting with followers, and discovering other cultures.

However, one aspect of Instagram that has caused a lot of controversies – is the ability to change age on Instagram.

personal information

Many humans are involved in approximately the capacity for young users to change their age and benefit from getting entry to content material intended for older viewers.

That is a legitimate situation, as changing one’s age on Instagram can open doorways to content material that might be irrelevant or risky for young humans to get the right of entry to.

Further, converting one’s age on Instagram can also result in misrepresentation, as users can, without problems, lie about their age to access positive platform aspects.

To the policy, it’s far more essential to remember the ethical implications of seeking to faux one’s age on Instagram. It is not only illegal in many nations, but it also creates a fake experience of security and trust. If customers can lie about their age correctly, it undermines the authenticity as accurate within the platform, making it much less secure for everybody.

Despite the potential dangers of changing one’s age on Instagram, there are a few advantages. This is a way to set your age on Instagram.

For example, it can be a treasured device for those who are uncomfortable with their age and need to feel extra confident. It can also defend customers’ privacy, as it can be tough to authenticate a user’s age using a pseudonym or alias.

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Can you convert my birthday on Instagram if I am under 18?

Instagram's Terms and Conditions mandate that all users be at least 13 years old to access the service. As minors cannot legally enter into contracts, they cannot change their birthdates on the platform. Additionally, Instagram has a rule requiring users to enter accurate information when setting up an account. You cannot use fraudulent information, including a fictitious birth date if you are under 18. Falsifying information on the platform can lead to the suspension of your account.

How can Instagram verify my age?

The first step within the age verification technique is for the person to provide their date of birth. As soon as the identity has been verified, the user's age may be checked against Instagram's terms of service. If the consumer is 13 or older, they could create an account. But, even though a consumer is permitted to register an account, they'll need to provide extra statistics, including a valid email to cope with.

Instagram age fraud is practicable

Instagram has a strict policy against users providing inaccurate information, which includes age. Users must provide their actual age when creating an account according to their terms of service. Instagram also reserves the right to suspend or delete accounts that provide false information, so faking one's age could lead to severe repercussions.

Does Instagram require my birth certificate to affirm my birthday and age?

Instagram no longer requires customers to put up a birth certificate to confirm their Instagram and add their birthday and age. As an alternative, Instagram asks users to prove their identity when creating an account. Instagram might not permit users under thirteen to check in for an account. This complies with the children's online privacy protection Act (COPPA).


Changing your age and birthday on Instagram ought to lower the trust of your fans. Your fans may feel that your activities are untrue, which can decrease engagement or belief. Moreover, if your fans discover that you have been manipulating your age, you will be met with backlash and criticism from them. Changing your age and birth date on Instagram can have extreme outcomes. It can have felony, professional, and personal implications, resulting in lower acceptance with and from your fans. Remembering the capacity implications before you begin the procedure of how to change your birthday on Instagram is essential, as it can have serious repercussions.

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