You can interact with someone who has commented on one of your posts and develop a friendship. It depends on the message you want to send to your audience. By replying to their comments on Instagram, you may show your followers and other readers that you value them. Their perception of your brand may improve as a result. Know about is the best replies for comments on Instagram.


These are some of the best comments to reply with on Instagram:
  • Much appreciated.
  • Love you, my dear friend; you’re the best.
  • Thank you for your valuable feedback.
  • Thanks, fan.
  • Wow, could you keep them coming?
  • Your opinion matters to me, so that’s nice to hear.
  • I appreciate you taking the time out to express that.
  • I’m glad you liked it.

In this article, we’ll shed more light on how to give the best reply for comments in Instagram like a pro, why it is essential to create an image with your replies, how you can track your Instagram comments and interaction, and some of the frequently asked questions to give you the final shot of pro replies. Stay tuned! 

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Why Should You Reply To Comments On Instagram?

Your replies to Instagram comments say a lot about what you promote and believe in. Here are some convincing reasons to stay active in that comment section! 

Increase Your Sales

You never know when your next client may ask a question in the comments area of an Instagram photo.

sales reply

In this approach, paying attention to Instagram comments might assist brands in gaining new clients.

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Shapes the Image of Your Brand

Customers expect excellent customer service on Instagram, whether it’s a post, a comment, a mention, or a tag.

shapes customer

In addition to appearing to acknowledge consumers’ comments on Instagram, responding to them improves your customer service on social media.

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Improve Client Loyalty

A benefit of responding with the best reply for comments in Instagram is that your happy customers might recommend your business to their friends and coworkers.

client loyalty instagram

This eventually helps in improving client loyalty.

Discover the Issues and Missing Pieces in Your Services or Products.

For businesses, Instagram is a gold mine of insights.

missing piece instagram

Utilizing customer feedback from Instagram comments is a great way to gain company information.

Measuring consumer sentiment 

Keep track of conversations made.

measure consumer sentiment

This makes it simple to analyze user feedback from Instagram comments.

Instagram Comment Types and How to React?

If you were thinking about how to respond to Instagram comments that are very different, here is your easy solution! In this section, we have accumulated the best reply for comments on Instagram for all situations: 


Others can be controversial or personal in their inquiries about your goals or services, while others will offer pertinent yet practical queries.

concerns reply

It’s crucial to recognize the query and provide a response as soon as possible, regardless of whether the person making the statement is perplexed or intrigued.

Critical Comments

In business, unhappy clients are a common occurrence.


Responding to such irate consumers’ comments as quickly as possible is crucial and letting them know you are addressing their concerns is crucial.

Requests for Support

Social networking is now a recognized customer service method for most brands.


Responding to support inquiries on Instagram professionally, courteously, and helpfully is crucial. Additionally, you must immediately accept responsibility for your acts because they can result in future business.

Passive or indirect remarks

Some comments on Instagram are simply users thinking aloud.

If this happens, you can decide whether to respond to the comments or not based on whether you think there will be any additional interaction.

passive comments

It’s lovely to respond to these shared posts, thank the poster, and urge them to keep doing so.

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4 Best Tips to Respond to Comments: 

Try to maintain a professional demeanor when responding to Instagram comments from clients who are making jokes, being sarcastic, or even being overtly offensive. 

Keep Your Unique Personality

Professionalism does not imply a lack of moral integrity. Customers choose brands with vibrant and enduring personalities.

unique reply

Emojis are welcome in your comments to soften the tone. Sometimes they can also make for the best reply for comments on Instagram, and you won’t believe how much you can say in those tiny characters. 

Be sincere

Recognize a customer’s inquiry if you need the solution immediately, and then tell them the truth.

sincere reply

Instead of ignoring consumer feedback or making untrue promises, it is preferable to be upfront to win over customers and foster loyalty.

Put everything online 

When necessary, customers should use Instagram DMs, private chats, phone support, or email support.

online instagram

This helps them reach out to you for any interactions that could be contentious, delicate, or require disclosing personal information.

Calculate and summarize your social activities

Keep track of user feedback, customer satisfaction, and response times to enhance your services.

calculate activities

This can answer your queries about how to reply to comments on Instagram in as a research-based manner as possible. 

How Can I Track Comments On Instagram?

If you want to give the best reply to comments on Instagram, you have to know how to track them for your benefit. Here are some valuable ways: 

Set up Stream Monitoring

Your customers will likely discuss your brand on various social media platforms.

everything online instagram

Therefore, tracking these cross-platforms in a single location is crucial.

Follow comments, questions, and answers

Utilizing a single platform, such as Statusbrew, to track your mentions, tags, comments, and answers enable you to reply swiftly and manage comments with simplicity. Before sharing a response, you can work with your team colleagues within the same dashboard.follow instagram

Although native platforms may offer comparable solutions, they sometimes require more time and effort. Also, managing your social media accounts from one dashboard might be challenging.

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Does addressing comments on Instagram help?

It helps to respond to comments you get on Instagram if you're a brand attempting to increase your presence to achieve specific social media goals. Even if you don't have to respond to every comment, it's crucial to do so if the commenter is truly interested in your goods or services or asks for assistance.

When should I respond to Instagram comments?

Sometimes it helps to respond to comments left on your Post expressing gratitude. To keep your comments section tidy and green, ensure you conceal Instagram comments and refrain from replying to spam, trolls, phoney, unwelcome, and useless comments on your Post.

How do I comment on an Instagram post on a computer?

Open a web browser and go to the Instagram website by launching the desktop application for Instagram. Fill out the ‘Add a remark’ section below with your reaction. When finished, click Post.

How should I respond to Instagram comments with emojis?

Emojis strengthen your messaging, provide another level of expression, and make you seem more relatable to the audience by evoking empathy; hence it is advised to reply to emoji Instagram comments with emojis.


It might seem tough to plan the best reply for comments on Instagram, but with knowledge from suitable sources, you can strategize and promote your brand in the most beautiful way possible. With the advent of social media rising in the present scenario, it only makes sense to build a strong presence on the web. Now, you can be a PRO in replying to comments. Try out these tips and tricks now!

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