VK, or VKontakte, is a Russian social media app that allows users to connect through various features like photos, videos, links, status updates, and community pages. This article provides step-by-step instructions for obtaining a free VK account, allowing users to unlock its amazing features and benefits.

To obtain a free VK account, follow these steps outlined in the article: Install the VK app or visit the website. Provide your name, phone number, and password. Verify your phone number with OTP if used. Alternatively, sign up using an email or Facebook account. Fill out the form as required, and you’re all set to access VK’s features and benefits without any problem.

If you are interested in socializing, gaming, or advertising, this article offers valuable information about the app’s free account options to maximize your VK experience. For such exclusive access and detailed tips, continue reading!

Is VK Free?

Yes, the giant Social media platform is free to use and devoid of any time limit. Therefore, you can use all its features without payment, including third-party sharing of the uploaded content.vkontakte It also does not charge for transactions between its users through its payment gateway, the communities, or online stores. 

Getting a free VK account: Step-by-step Instructions 

You can log in to VK in various ways, which are given as you go through this article. 

List of Free VK Accounts and Passwords

Here is a list of some free VK accounts that you may use to get a free login to a VK account. free trial

[email protected]P@ssw0rd123
[email protected]SecurePass456
[email protected]7Random!Pass
[email protected]Rad1c@1Pass
[email protected]SecretP@ss
[email protected]Qwerty123!
[email protected]999P@ssword
[email protected]Mypass123!
[email protected]XyzP@ssword
[email protected]P@ssword123

Several other apps like VK are also gaining popularity worldwide with their synonymous functions, which include apps such as QQ

Hacked VK Accounts and Passwords

Here is a list of some hacked VK accounts with passwords: 

[email protected]P@ssword!789
[email protected]P@$$word_test456
[email protected]Random!789Pass
[email protected]Abc!Test456
[email protected]789Test!P@ss
[email protected]Test!789P@ss
[email protected]Xyz!P@ssword456
[email protected]Test!456P@ss
[email protected]DummyP@ssword!456
[email protected]Test!Email123

Legit VK Accounts and Passwords

Here, we provide you with some legit VK accounts and passcodes:

[email protected]Test!123P@ss
[email protected]567P@ssword
[email protected]P@ssword!567
[email protected]Random!567Pass
[email protected]Abc!567P@ssword
[email protected]567Test!P@ss
[email protected]P@ssword567
[email protected]P@$$word_test567
[email protected]DummyP@ssword!567
[email protected]Xyz!P@ssword567

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 How to Get VK for Free of Cost

Creating a VK account free is very simple. You can use these steps to make a free account on VK free of cost: 

  1. Install the application on your iOS or Android, or visit the VK webpage on your browser to start your VK account signup. vk download
  2. Enter your name, Phone number (Optional), and passcode. vk signup
  3. If you used a phone number for sign-in, verify yourself by using OTP. 
  4. If you want to create a VK account without a phone number, use an Email or Facebook account. vk sign in
  5. Fill out the VK form as required. 

Features and benefits of the VK account 

VK is a multi-purpose application and can be used per its features. Here are some of the unlimited features VK provides: 


VK provides you a space to chat with your followers and message others with its messaging feature, which helps you build connections with others online. textingUse this for once.

Communication at large 

Usage of these communication options differs based on the size and purpose of your communication. You can use the Groups feature for your specific people limited to a maximum number of 30 users, Communities & Public Pages for a purpose, and Events to particular interests where you can invite anybody in your concerned genre of event you are hosting. vkontakte interfaceYou can transfer audio and visual content at such platforms to share your feelings, debate, or discuss your interests. 

Protected Privacy 

Features like end-to-end encrypted data transfer, private accounts, and limits over personal information and posts keep your data protected. security in free sharing accountsYou can do this two-step verification process so nobody can easily tamper with your login info. 

Music & Health

You can also listen, share, and access music uploaded by others on VK, with other aspects like playlists, editors, libraries, and radio mixes to help users keep up with their musical world.


The VK health feature ensures you keep track of your health by endless tasks and routines with the help of audio and videos. 

Reach and Influence 

With features such as likes, comments, and tags, all of the content you share increases its reach with the number of impressions on it. reach and influence in vkYou get entertainment, games, news, dating, and shopping-like facets on the consumer end. 

Shopping & Advertisement 

With recognized brands and businesses that have stood up on the site, VK gives you a substantial market to grow your business and expands its reach to the Russian and soviet masses. shopping in vkWith the information taken at the registration, VK uses its algorithm to make the correct product reach the correct audience. 


How do I create a free VK account?

To get a free VK account, simply install the app or visit the website. Provide your name, optionally a phone number, or use an email/Facebook account. Fill out the registration form, and you can access VK's features hassle-free.

What is the VK account used for?

A VK account serves for social networking, connecting with others, sharing content like photos and videos, joining groups, and more. It facilitates communication, entertainment, and e-commerce activities on the platform.

Does VK collect data?

Yes, VK collects user data like other social media platforms. This data may be utilized for targeted advertising, service enhancement, and legal compliance. Users have control over privacy settings to manage data sharing.

Do you need a Russian phone number for VK?

No, a Russian phone number isn't required for VK. You can sign up using an email or Facebook account. While providing a phone number is optional, it can be used for verification purposes during registration.


This article helped you get a free login and password for the multi-million user-based social media app VK or VKontakte. You can use various methods and the logins and passwords mentioned above to log in to the application. This way, you can sign up for free VK accounts or buy VK accounts and enter its world to use VK’s amazing features.