Have you ever been looking through your Instagram profile when you can’t help but notice that your following is declining? This prompts you to ask, “Why are my followers going down ?” Why am I losing my followers? We all initially try to reject it, but over time we will all have to accept the possibility of losing our followers.

losing followers

The main reason that you could be losing your Instagram followers would be because of your Posting Schedule. Fixing your posting schedule will help people find your content, engage with it, and build loyalty and trust over time. 

This article got you covered because this will answer all your questions. Why am I losing my followers? What could be the reasons behind that and many more? So stick on until the end to discover why you might lose your followers.

Here are the nine reasons why I am losing Instagram followers

If you are randomly losing followers on Instagram, There are many possible causes for your Instagram follower loss. Following are some typical reasons and recommendations for each:

 You are posting content that is not resonating with your audience 

You might wonder what this has to do with losing followers on Instagram. It’s essential to regularly assess whether the content you are posting is exciting and engaging enough for your audience.

post regularly

If you notice that you are losing followers, try analyzing the types of posts that you have been publishing and see if there is a common theme among the ones that have resulted in lost followers on Instagram. You may also want to consider soliciting feedback from your followers to understand better what they enjoy seeing from you.

You need to post regularly.

Even after doing the first step correctly, you might still lose some followers and wonder, why am I losing followers? To maintain a strong presence on Instagram, it’s important to post consistently.


If you don’t post for extended periods, your followers can lose interest and stop following you. 

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More hashtags

If you ask yourself why you are losing Instagram followers, re-think whether you understand the right hashtags. Although hashtags can help you reach a larger audience, employing too many may turn off some of your followers.


Don’t overdo it with the hashtags; try to stick to the essentials.

You’re not using hashtags at all.

 On the other hand, if you’re not using hashtags at all, you may miss out on reaching a wider audience and gaining new followers.


It’s essential to use hashtags strategically to expand your reach.

You are not interacting with your followers

You might’ve lost followers on Instagram because you’re not interacting with your followers. Instagram is a social platform, so it’s essential to be social.


Take the time to like and comment on other user’s posts, and respond to comments and messages from your followers. This helps to create a sense of community and keeps your followers engaged.

You need to respond to comments.

Your Instagram followers dropping could be because you need to respond to them more. If you’re not responding to comments on your posts, your followers may feel neglected and decide to unfollow you.

like comment

This solves the doubt of why I am losing Instagram followers!

You are buying followers

Your Instagram followers disappearing might be because you are buying followers to boost your numbers; there are more sustainable and authentic ways to grow your audience.


These fake followers are not engaged with your content and may eventually be removed by Instagram, leading to a drop in your follower count.

You are participating in follow/unfollow chains.

Participating in follow/unfollow chains, where you follow many users hoping they will follow you back and then unfollow them after a certain period.

follow unfollow

This is against Instagram’s terms of service and can result in losing followers.

You’re posting low-quality content.

If your content needs to be better written, well-lit, or poorly composed, your followers may lose interest and unfollow you. 

low content

These are the reasons you may see a drop in your Instagram followers. I hope now you can answer why I am losing Instagram followers!

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Which content works best for Instagram?

Quotations, lifestyle posts, open-ended inquiries, testimonies, exciting facts, brand tales, video content, and feature posts are among the types of content that Instagram users want to see.

Why Do I Keep Losing Instagram Followers Without Cause?

If your Instagram following is suddenly declining, you have probably been shadowbanned. You might randomly be losing followers due to this. This covert restriction was probably because you used illegal hashtags or unlicensed software.

Can I advertise for free on Instagram?

Yes, you may freely advertise your company or service using native Instagram features like the professional dashboard, live rooms, remix reels, stories, caption stickers, and location stories.

How Can I Prevent Losing Instagram Followers?

There are various techniques you may take to halt it if you've lately started losing followers on Instagram. What you could do is: • Send out more videos • Use prominent specialized hashtags. • Analyze your performance by keeping an eye on your Instagram data. • Share material when it's most effective. • Work together with influencers and brands.

Do Instagram bans last forever?

Seldom, but yeah. Instagram does not tolerate spam, hate speech, or harassment. Your account may be permanently banned if you persistently violate their community guidelines despite warnings.


Overall, the key to retaining and growing your Instagram following is to provide value and engage with your audience. You may develop a caring and active community on the site by sharing valuable and engaging material, communicating with your followers, and adhering to Instagram’s rules. The key to success on Instagram is concentrating on our objectives, genuine followers, and what matters to them. It’s not always your fault if your Instagram account loses followers. You don’t need to freak out if you know it’s malfunctioning or the site is removing bogus follower networks.

The suggestions we’ve given you above must be put into practice, though, if you publish excessively or infrequently, use the wrong hashtags, or generate overtly commercial or unsuitable content.