Are you seeking a handful of simple, quick strategies to make your Instagram look good? You can create numerous minor adjustments to your Instagram profile to enhance its visual appeal substantially. instagram

These are some tips on how to make your Instagram look cool:

  • Think like an editor.
  • Cover one topic.
  • Create a unified visual theme.
  • Design your aesthetic.
  • Take high-quality photos.
  • Color-coordinate your Instagram feed.
  • Post consistently to Instagram.

As Instagram develops, having incredible edited photographs alone is no longer sufficient—you now need a good Instagram feed! It’s also not as trivial as it first appears. A well-organized feed is half the struggle in becoming an Instagram content guru. Pointers include using a grid system, following color guidelines, placing highlights first, and capturing live photos.

Don’t worry; we’re here to look at how to make your Instagram look good, advance your grid and increase engagement (likes and followers).

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How To Make Your Instagram Look Good?

Several tactics and tips will make Instagram feed personalization quite simple.

Pick a Grid Arrangement

It is simple to start (and maintain) a cohesive Instagram theme using a layout. Your posts will appear in a grid format on your feed. Knowing which image to place next to another one is helpful. It helps in creating an excellent feed on Instagram.instafeed

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Change Your Bio

How to improve your Instagram? Evaluating your Instagram bio and determining whether any crucial improvements should be addressed if you’ve not edited it in some time is always a great idea.instagram bio Add a link to your site for a fun and simple-to-read Instagram bio, and don’t hesitate to include emojis. You get 150 syllables to communicate the essence of your brand to everybody immediately.

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Be A Good Editor

How to make an excellent Instagram Feed? Reconsider your Instagram profile as a single entity rather than a catalog of distinct posts.editor This is the first tiny mental adjustment you should make to your Instagram posting routine to set up a newsfeed strategy and provide a unified appearance.

So what does “think like an editor” actually mean? The following are the main factors to consider while designing a beautiful Instagram feed:

  • The kinds of images and videos you’ll publish
  • Ensure that each Post adheres to the style you develop for the graphic concept and the precise arrangement of photographs about one.

adheres to the style

  • Compose your Social posts before publishing them (last-minute photographs might not fit well).

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Apply Comparable Filters

How to make your Instagram look good? You must adopt a systematic approach to editing photos if you want to curate Instagram and have the account flow smoothly. This doesn’t imply that you must select just one filter, but keeping your options manageable can help you maintain your preferred aesthetic. While VSCO Cam is fantastic for moodier or golden broadcasts, apps like A Color Story are excellent for vibrant uploads.

filtersIf you do not desire to be as picky with your editing, you can add a small amount of the identical filter to each Post to give your brand, and Instagram feeds a more unified appearance.

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Develop Color Rules

Because Instagram is such a visual tool, your profile’s “look” is essential. Use your brand’s colors and maintain a consistent color scheme throughout your posts to help make your branding come to life. This approach can drastically change your Instagram feed if you don’t already use a color scheme. 

colorful insta post
To help you make your Instagram feed more unified and aesthetically beautiful, avoid sharing anything with reds or yellows if your branding extensively uses greens and blues.

Take “Live” pictures.

We advise using the ‘Live’ mode on your iPhone if you take pictures for your brand’s marketing. Doing this can alter the “key photo” even if you don’t get the ideal shot, ensuring you always capture the right photos Pro Tip: By holding the live snapshot, you may submit it to your Instagram story and make it a boomerang.

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Make Your Instagram Feed Colorful

How to fix your Instagram feed? It’s not as hard to adopt an Instagram color scheme as it may seem.colourful insta feed To find color ideas, browse Pinterest and some of your favorite feeds. You can even create your random palette using free applications like Colors.

The following considerations should be made while selecting colors that suit you:

  • Choose the number of colors you want to use. While some successful Instagram accounts utilize two or three colors, some palettes have six!
  • Be mindful of your surroundings. Your choice of colors will probably be influenced by the style and setting of the images you shoot. For instance, you might not want to include neon colors or colors from the desert in your palette if you frequently capture beautiful seashore images.insta feeds
  • Use a filter to make the colors in your Instagram feed stand out. You can enhance your photographs with only one swipe and make your color scheme stand out! Browse online preset marketplaces or find filter recipes to save in your preferred editing program.

Put Your Highlights in Order

Once you begin publishing on Instagram Stories, you should store all that fantastic stuff so your followers can view it.


Create and arrange several highlights on your Instagram profile to save your finest Instagram stories, address frequently asked questions, display new items, and more. Using the Highlights feature, you can reuse previously submitted content by choosing groups of Stories to display on your profile page.

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What are the five requirements for Instagram success?

Find out everything you can about your marketplace. Commit to modifying material for your ideal client; select your primary methods for consumer involvement, decide on implementation strategies for user-generated content, and Finish developing your plan.

What is the key to Instagram's expansion?

Your Instagram user growth campaign's success depends on the use of hashtags. Hashtags on Instagram are in charge of grouping material and making it simpler for your target audience to find. Using hashtags, you can expand your audience and establish relationships with new clients.

What is the Instagram policy?

Post only your images and videos, and adhere to the law. Don't spam or post nudity on Instagram, and show respect to everyone. Instagram's wide user base of ethnicities, ages, and beliefs is reflected in it.

Why are the views on my story so low?

A rise in unauthentic prior engagement is the primary explanation for a decline in narrative views. This suggests that you employed some odd blackhat software that mechanically interacted for you, that you utilized an interaction tool, that you purchased engagement (likes or followers), or that you were able to stumble upon a bot trigger.


When someone visits our profile, they will glance through our Instagram feed, so just like in real life, you want to provide a positive first impression. How to make your Instagram look good? We talked about a few tips and tricks you can use to improve the appearance of your Instagram account. The goal is to ensure that your account won’t appear like a pretty sloppy attempt at scrapbooking.

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