This article discusses the Best photo editors for mac. Apple no longer makes its professional-grade photo software after giving up Aperture. However, the Mac’s built-in Apple Photos software is effective and simple. 

The photography behemoths Adobe, Capture One, and CyberLink, among others, provide a sizable assortment of Mac photo applications. In the following posts and our recommendations for picture software.

The best Mac photo editing tools are covered below. Read on to find out more if you want to customize and improve your photographs through Best photo editors for mac.

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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Because the Adobe brand supports it, Lightroom is the best photo editor for Mac. The cloud-based software provides all the features for managing images. A fantastic option to edit your images on the web, in an app, or on a desktop is to use the anywhere editing function, which has tools like presets and sliders.

adobe photoshop lightroom ccFeatures Of Lightroom
  • Many photographs manage, edited, and shared with the software.
  • With motivational and instructive material from seasoned photographers, Lightroom lessons greatly simplify the photo editing process.

Download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

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Affinity Photo

You can try Affinity Photo, dubbed “Apple’s App of the Year,” if you’re looking for best photo editor for Mac, that runs without a hitch. It is a powerful computer technology that gives creative people accuracy and quickness.

affinity photoFeatures Of Affinity Photos
  • The extensive toolbox includes super-smooth zoom, PSD editing, etc.
  • A photograph can be expertly edited with blemish removal, burn, patch, and other techniques.
  • Several active filter layers remove, mask, or modify different items.

Download Affinity Photo

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Luminar 4

Luminar 4 is one of the best photo editor for mac. Artificial intelligence has revolutionized the market for photo editing apps. It is a non-destructive photo editing tool that can give you great results for the Best photo editors for mac. You can either guide the editing process or let AI do it.  Read this article on how to get Shutterstock Images for free here.

luminar 4Features Of Luminar 4
  • In Luminar 4, you may instantly open images from third-party editors like Lightroom, Apple Photos, etc.
  • Use the AI Sky Replacement tool to get realistic results.
  • Use the AI Augmented Sky tool to unleash your creativity.

Download Luminar 4

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Pixelmator Pro

Everyone can use this elegant and straightforward app. One of the Best photo editor for mac in 2024, it makes it simple to create some dynamic photographs. The program is jam-packed with tools for better editing, making graphics, using vectors, enhancing pictures, and much more.

pixelmator proFeatures Of Pixelmator Pro
  • You may quickly add text to various routes and shapes to create interesting visuals using Sequoia 1.7.
  • The Arrange Tool makes it simple to rotate and resize the image to get a better angle.

Download Pixelmator Pro

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This is the best photo editor for mac because it is a cross-platform program, you can modify its source code and distribute your modifications to others. Practically anyone may use this tool to modify photos, whether they experience photographers or inexperienced designers of graphics.

gimp softwareFeature Of GIMP
  • With the app’s strong picture manipulation capabilities, you may freely express your creativity on everything from image restoration to image retouching.
  • GIMP allows you to use your creativity to change a photo when you want to make an artistic piece on your computer.
  • Perl, Python, Scheme, C, C++, and many other programming languages are fully supported.

Download GIMP

Fotor Photo Editor 

You may easily take some adorable and calming photographs with Fotor’s vibrant social media templates and bespoke photo editing tools. You have a ton of alternatives with the finest Best photo editors for mac to produce original photos, from your educative YouTube banners to your lovely Facebook covers. Your images enhance, edited, and retouched with just a few clicks using Fotor.

fotor photoshop appFeatures Of Fotor Photo Editor
  • You can use an online picture editing program to change an image’s color, light, size, and other aspects.
  • A wide range of picture organizers to display your talent.
  • Transform your photos using cutting-edge makeover and beauty features.
  • With readily available templates, you may create beautiful photo collages.

Download Fotor Photo Editor

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Another top free Best photo editor for mac with open source photography workflow capabilities is darktable. For photographers and graphic designers, it serves as an illuminated darkroom. The software organizes your digital negatives in a database, allowing you to see them through a zoomable darktable and edit raw photographs.

darktableFeatures Of Darktable
  • Thanks to Background Remover editing, no changes are ever made to your original photographs.
  • Darktable’s fundamental functions are on a fast, powerful 432-bit floating point pixel buffer.
  • There is no latency with the Zoomable user interface.
  • The image formats support JPEG, CR2, NEF, HDR, PFM, RAF, and many more.

Download Darktable

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Canva is also comes under the best photo editor for mac. It is a must-have if you want a straightforward and user-friendly picture editing program for Mac in 2024. It is the ideal program for experts and beginners, offering thousands of pre-made templates and interactive interfaces.

canvaFeatures Of Canva
  • Various textured backdrops are available to improve the look of your images.
  • Simple cropping software to edit lots of pictures.
  • You may make some interesting comics by dragging and dropping speech bubbles.
  • You may build a distinctive online identity with the aid of a variety of ready-to-use social media themes.

Download Canva


Use PhotoScape if you want to install a simple and enjoyable photo editor. It is a sophisticated photo editor for Mac that can swiftly fix and improve your priceless pictures.

best photo editors for macFeatures Of PhotoScape
  • It contains a full editor with color tweaking, scaling, and more capabilities.
  • Many photographs edit at once with the help of the batch editor.
  • Attach multiple photographs in sync, either horizontally or vertically.
  • Interesting animated photographs can be created by combining many photos.

Download Photoscape


The Best photo editor for mac is Pixlr, which allows you to edit pictures in your web browser. You may quickly and expertly edit your many photographs available in many formats using AI-powered intuitive photo editing.

best photo editors for macFeatures Of Pixlr
  • AI-powered editing tools from Pixlr can spare you from doing tedious work.
  • Simple drag-and-drop editing features have significantly shortened the development time.
  • The library was filled with various stickers, borders, icons, and font styles.
  • As an online picture editor, you may begin your editing process whenever and anywhere you like.

Download Pixlr


Is there a free Mac program for altering photos?

Apple Photos comes with every Mac for free, but it's still a top-notch tool for the Best photo editors for mac. It is especially well suited for people who use iPhones to capture images and contains robust organization and photo modification features.

What is MacBook M1 best for editing photos?

Choosing the best MacBook M1 model for picture editing can be difficult, given the variety of models available. The MacBook Pro M1 is a fantastic option because it has a 16-inch retina display with True Tone for superb image reproduction.

Which photo-editing program is ideal for beginners?

A group of DxO products for modifying photos. The finest photo editing program for novices is DxO OpticsPro. Some users like Lightroom because of its user interface, but Adobe Premiere is more comparable.


Several top-notch free Best Photo Editors For Mac are accessible for Mac users, so there is something for every price range and level of expertise. With some professional-level tools provided to test your talents, programs like GIMP, Darktable, and Photos for macOS are terrific solutions for beginners to get fantastic results without spending any money.