Freepik is an image bank that offers millions of graphics resources, including illustrations, photographs, vectors, and more. The platform works mainly on a ‘freemium’ basis, meaning users can use many graphic resources for free. Still, some options are restricted to premium account holders only. So this article will provide a complete guide to help you access a free premium Freepik account. freepik

You can retrieve premium files on Freepik by using a cookie editor-

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store, Search for the Cookie Editor, and click the Add to Chrome button.
  2. Next, open the Cookie Editor extension and delete the existing cookies.
  3. Then, click the Import option, go to the Freepik website, and press the Refresh button.

Freepik is one of the most significant sources for stock images and pictorial icons for graphic designers or people interested in the same and beginners. Getting premium files and content for free must be convenient for them and other groups of people who may want to use the site. This article is going to guide you, the reader, to access a free Freepik premium account.

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How To Download Freepik Premium Files For Free 

Freepik is an excellent platform for finding high-quality pictures and graphics for personal and business-related projects. But it gives you limited permission to download them and then asks you for a subscription. Downloads are free only for the first 10 resources per day. So down is an elaborate step-by-step process to get you the quality things you want on Freepik.

Cookies For Downloading Files On Freepik Free

A tool available for your help is called a Cookie editor. It can assist you in acquiring the premium cookies of the required websites and accessing them with no payments deducted from your bank account. Many use such cookies to access premium media content from popular sites such as Hulu, Hotstar, Disney Plus, etc. You can even have YouTube premium access.

Tools like a cookie editor can be of immense help if you are not financially capable enough for premium content but want access to them anyway. 

So here is the process of using Freepik premium cookies and enjoying the services offered by their free Freepik premium account without paying a single dollar for them:

  1. Choose a web browser of your convenience and open it. 
  2. Find the extension options and go there.cookie editor extn chrome
  3. Next, you have to go to the get more extensions for your browser option 
  4. Look for the cookie editor choice.cookie editor extn
  5. Then go for the download and install option.
  6. Open the extension called cookie editor. cookie editor
  7. You will see a list of cookies the browser collects and the sites you have been to. Delete them all.cookie editor deleting cookies
  8. Choose the import option and paste cookies that are found on a website that is reliable and trustworthy.
  9. After importing, refresh the page.

That is how you can access the Freepik premium free goodies and resources. All the things you would have had to pay otherwise are now open for you to use for free. However, it is to be kept cautioned that all cookies are unsafe for your device. 

So you should download these things from a good and not-so-sketchy website only to import them, or else the cookies affected by viruses can be harmful. Another thing to remember is not to log out from the account; otherwise, the present cookies will no longer remain functional.

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Using The Free 48 Hours Period Offered By Freepik 

This can be another free Freepik premium account hack for getting the premium stuff for no cost. This privilege can be seen on the official website of Freepik itself. You may try this free option out and check whether this works best for you if you want to use it for 48 hours. 

  1. Reach the website freepik
  2. With your original or temporary email id, sign up for the Freepik account. freepik signup
  3. Select either the monthly or annual plan.subs plan
  4. Choose the payment option as your PayPal, ensuring you do not have to go through the billing process straightaway. 

paypalA good suggestion is to link with PayPal, a card with less or even zero balance; otherwise, charges will be deducted directly. Or it is better to change the disable payment option on the PayPal account to automatic. 

Now you have access to the premium side of Freepik and can download the required illustrations or graphics from there. Sign up with a different email ID when the trial period ends, original or temporary. 

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Vector Image Downloader For Freepik

The image downloader is another popular way to get premium files with no paying option or a free Freepik premium account. See the steps here:

  1. Go to the site freepik
  2. Look for the premium picture you want or search for it.vector
  3. Copy the link to the selected picture.
  4. You now have to open the downloader on your browser. freepik download
  5. On the input box, paste the link and click the download button.
  6. After that, the system will generate a link for you to download. Access that link to download the chosen image. 

On-Sale Premium Accounts

Some users give their premium accounts away to sellers at a low price or none. This indicates you can get brilliant deals, provided you can find such accounts.

premium account

This option might or might not work because it depends on whether the free Freepik premium accounts have active status.


Can I sell designs from freepik?

Yes, you can sell vectors, illustrations, templates, and others after you become a contributor on freepik. The site can be very convenient for selling your designs since it is widely used among designers and professionals from similar fields.

How does freepik make money?

Contributors can earn through the pay-per-click method depending on the things they download from freepik. More downloads made of a picture, more profits received.

How much does freepik pay per image?

About 50% of the net revenue acquired from subscribers with a premium account who are downloading, divided by the total number of downloads made in that timeslot, adheres to the contributors' share.

Is freepik good?

With 3.36 stars in customer reviews, this reflects customers' general satisfaction after using freepik. Among search sites, it ranks 131 in order.


Professional graphic designers are always looking for sophisticated quality graphic resources for their work and projects, and is the ideal place. It provides a free or minimum allowance for downloading the images for users that are not registered. You can download up to 10 free images or use the above methods to get the premium goodies for no dollar with a free Freepik premium account. Also, check out the 4 Best Ways To Get Free Skillshare Premium Account.


The article is informational and does not condone any unethical means of online content usage. Be cautious about the dangers and consequences.