In today’s article, let’s peek into our topic: how to download Youtube Vanced for PC. Youtube Vanced has various exciting features, which we will see in today’s article. 

To download Vanced Youtube for PC, you can follow these methods:

  1. Use the Bluestacks emulator.
  2. Install Bluestack for PC
  3. Open Playstore in Bluestacks and from there download Vanced Youtube
  4. You can also use Nox player yo download Vanced Youtube

Vanced Youtube is a modded application that is exactly the copy of Youtube designed for phones and PCs for an ad-free experience. In this write-up, let’s learn more about Vanced Youtube and the methods and tips for downloading Vanced Youtube for Windows and other PCs. First, let’s see what Vanced Youtube is.

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What is Vanced Youtube?

Vanced Youtube is a fantastic app developed by Master T and XDA with many versatile features for an ad-free user experience. The users get many other benefits like the Dark theme option, the default theme, an ad-blocker, free video downloading, and picture-in-picture mode on their devices. Other applications get mod, just like Youtube vanced

The premium account will have benefits like Youtube Vanced, such as the built-in ad-blocking feature to watch your favorite TV shows and many entertaining reality shows on your Android devices or PC. This was all about what Vanced Youtube is. Now, let us know more about Vanced Youtube’s features.

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Steps On How To Download Youtube Vanced For PC

Here are different methods for how downloading YouTube Vanced for PC.

Using The Bluestacks Emulator on a PC

Bluestacks is an emulation software that makes users enjoy the games and apps launched for Android on their PC or Mac.Using The Bluestacks Emulator on PC

Now, let’s see how we can download Youtube Vanced for PC. Below are the steps mentioned for downloading Youtube Vanced on PC.

  1. Download and install the Bluestack for PC from the given link. After installing the Bluestacks on the PC, run the exe file and follow the basic steps required for the installation that will be visible on your screen.bluestack
  2. Open the Bluestacks application. Wait till the home screen is visible. Now, after you see the Home screen, click the search button and search “PlayStore.” Then, tap to open it.bluestacks play store
  3. Download the Vanced Youtube file by the system requirements. After downloading the Youtube Vanced Application, open the Bluestacks Emulator application and then drag and drop the Youtube Vanced Application file on the Home Screen of the Bluestacks application.bluestack
  4. The Youtube Vanced application gets installed on your Bluestacks Emulator application. Wait until the download ends. Once you see the application on the Bluestacks home screen, you can stream and enjoy your favorite videos, TV shows, and entertainment online on the Youtube Vanced vanced

Following the above methods lets you know how Youtube Vanced for Mac or Windows downloads.

If the above method does not work for you, check the method mentioned below, which will help you download the Youtube Vanced application on your PC.

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Using Nox Player on PC

Nox Player is an emulation software that makes users enjoy the games and apps launched for Android on their PC or Mac.

By using Nox Player, you can download Youtube Vanced for free. Follow the below-mentioned steps to download Youtube Vanced for PC.

  1. Download and install the Nox Player for PC from the given link. After installing the Nox Player on the PC, run the exe file and follow the basic steps required for the installation that will be visible on your screen.nox
  2. Run the app. Now you can see the sign-in option on the screen. Sign in with the credentials of the Gmail ID and move forward to the next step.Using Nox Player on PC
  3. Download the Vanced Youtube application file from the website. And drag and drop it into the Nox Player. Once Vanced Youtube installation is done in the Nox Player, you can enjoy the app and stream thousands of videos for free.vanced tube

This was the alternative method to download Youtube Vanced for PC.

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Features of Vanced Youtube

Here are some features that make Vanced Youtube for PC special.

Ad-blocker in Vanced Youtube

The ad-blocking feature that is present in Vanced Youtube is made for the users to experience hassle-free entertainment. ad blocker youtube vancedDoesn’t it irritate by unskippable irritating ads that are seen on youtube? The solution is to download Youtube Vanced on your PC or the device you’re using.

The Picture-in-picture Mode Enabler

Downloading Vanced Youtube has the benefit of enabling the picture-in-picture mode on your PC or phone. So, what this picture-in-picture mode is? Suppose the user is working on some document or a presentation and must listen to his favorite music simultaneously. The average YouTube on web browsers won’t allow you to watch it in picture-in-picture mode.The Picture-in-picture Mode Enabler

After minimizing, the user can still hear what is happening on youtube, i.e., only the audio will be audible, and there will be no pictures seen in other windows. Hence, picture-in-picture mode enables a smaller screen on the right side of your PC, which acts as a mini video player. You can do your work simultaneously with what you are doing.

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Video Downloading Feature

The Video downloading or saving feature in Vanced Youtube allows users to download the videos of their choice without any hassle of buying a Premium version of youtube. If the user has space on his drive or the disk, he can download multiple videos of the genre he wants to stream offline.Video Downloading Feature

The above has some of the salient features of Youtube Vanced.

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Is Vanced YouTube Paid?

No, the Youtube Vanced is free to download and use. Users can download it from the official website.

Is the modded apk available on PlayStore?

No, the users can only download the modded versions from web.

Is making Youtube Vanced as a default app option available in Vanced Youtube?

Yes, you can make Vanced Youtube as the default app.

Does it affect my real Youtube?

No, Vanced Youtube is the modded version of the Original Youtube and it is total different application.


Thousands of users worldwide use Vanced youtube, which provides various features that Youtube Premium possesses. Features like ad-blocker, video saver, theme changer, and other youtube premium features are provided by Vanced Youtube. Many alternative apps exist for Vanced Youtube, like Youtube Red and Youtube Pink for PC. You can download them from the web browser for free. Today’s article mentioned some essential tips and methods to download Youtube Vanced for PC. Follow all the methods and steps above to download the Youtube Vanced Application.

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