It will not be a stretch to say that Roblox is one of the leading gaming platforms in the world. It is further recorded to have more than a hundred million active users per month. The secret I believe lies in the flexibility it gives its users. The users of Roblox can modify existing games, make new games, and make clothes, and so on. It must be clear that Roblox is concerned with games. If we go through the list of the best games on Roblox or the most played games on it, we shall come to understand to make a roblox game, that its users made most of them. Users, like users like you and me to make a roblox game successfully.

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We are wondering if you, too, can make a Roblox game? You can. We are here to ensure that you can make a Roblox game easily. We give steps that are easy to understand and to do. But before starting, we should learn about Roblox Studio in short.

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About Roblox Studio

Roblox Studio is the platform that emerges gaming and designing. We also refer to this emergence as an interface in coding language. It is an essential tool for making a Roblox game. Roblox Studio permits the users to download required models, worlds, objects, and etcetera and also to upload them. Uploading is a way to promote your stuff. Because then other users can download them and use them if they like. Roblox Studio also offers several tutorials for beginners to learn the functions.

Make A Roblox Game

Choose The Template

We will start to make a roblox game by choosing the template.To select the model. Open Roblox Studio. Many models will appear under the Main Menu. They can be selected based on the type of game we are planning to make, like biking, cards, boxing, hobby, and so on. They can also be selected based on geographical settings like the urban, western, suburban, city, and so on.

Here, we are going to learn to make an Obby Roblox game. Obby is like Subway Surfers or the classic Mario. The player has to overcome the obstacles while running. Difficulty keeps increasing with each increasing level. It is one of the most popular games on Roblox.
It the best one to start making games with as it is simple to make and fun to play.

Choose Obby

This implies that the template to be chosen is Obby. The advantage lies in the fact that many things are already in place.

This reduces our work. To select the model, select it, and drag it on the center of the screen.

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Change Background

Now, the model needs modifications so it can look like our work. We will start by changing the background of the model. To change it, follow the directions.

Change Background
Change Background

a. Look on the right-hand side of the Explorer option. An option saying ‘Lightening’ will be there. Select that option.
b. The appearing window is Properties (of lightning). Many numbers will be there. Keep scrolling that section. While scrolling, an option called “Time of the day” will also be there. This will also include the time. Select the time as per the 24-hour clock. The background will change as per the chosen time. For example, if the selected time is 5 in the morning, then the experience that appears will have light, and the sun will be rising. On the contrary, when the selected time is like 3 in the night, the background will become pitch dark.

4. Change Environment

Having successfully changed the experience, we will now turn the environment or atmosphere to make the Roblox game.

Change Environment
Change Environment

The method is mentioned below.

a. An environment menu will be visible to you on the screen. Select the menu.
b. See the floating squares? Click a few of those floating squares.
c. Firstly, let us add red squares. Drag the earlier selected squares on the screen. Place them as per your wish.
d. To change the color, select the edit option. Pick the red color. Fill in the red color by clicking inside the outlines of the squares. Just like paint. It is these red squares that the players dodge to win.
e. Additionally, we can also create platforms. First, we are required to copy the one (or several) we like and then paste them on the screen.
f. It is better to be playful with the platforms. It makes the game look attractive. They increase the difficulty and make the game more fun.

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5. Publish On Roblox

We can now publish the game on Roblox. For this, click on the option of file. The drop-down menu will show an opportunity – Publish on Roblox. Select this option.

Publish On Roblox
Publish On Roblox

This starts the process. We are asked to name our game afterward and add a description of the same.

Set Accessing

Now, we need to decide if we want our set to be accessed by the public or only by us. There is no limit when it comes to making Roblox games. Although, a user can only make 200 that will be open for everyone.

  1. Go on the page on Roblox that displays the games uploaded by us. On this page, click the dots (three) given on the edge of the screen.
  2. Select the option of configuration.
  3. The next screen will have an opportunity for a Basic Setting. This option will be highlighted and so will easily catch the attention.
  4. This will have the choice we are looking for, which is Privacy.
  5. We can choose between public and private for our Roblox game.

Conclusion To Make A Roblox Game

The days when we played Mario on our gaming device, we all wished about making our game. We spent a lot of time daydreaming the functions and related stuff about our game. Roblox has made it possible for people who dreamt about making their games actually to make them. There are a lot of things we can change while we make a roblox game.

The options, as mentioned above to make a roblox game. They are like the token amount of the payment. It is also to be kept in mind that Roblox Studio can be overwhelming. It has a lot of options as it provides all types of gamers. Take baby steps with it. Otherwise, it can make our heads spin. It is like the Adobe Photo Editor of the game-making world.
You can always visit us back for similar content. I hope that the steps were helpful to you. You must now go and make a roblox game. Thank you for visiting us.

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