After a brief legal pause, Dark and Darker is back with an unexpected and thrilling early access launch currently underway. Many new and returning players are eager to dive into the PvPvE experience. Everyone will be beginning over and attempting to level up to 15 rapidly, with many of the original means of XP gaining still in place, whether they were a part of the prior alpha playtests or are brand-new to Ironmace’s smash success.

However, this game might be challenging to learn & especially for beginners. How to Level Up in Dark and Darker? Leveling up and collecting gear is essential for success in Dark and Darker.

This guide will assist you in leveling up swiftly, navigating dangerous dungeons, and coming out on top.

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Understanding the Levelling System

In Dark and Darker, the leveling system functions unconventionally. Unlike many other games where leveling up results in improved stats, Dark and Darker takes a different approach. dark and darker game

Leveling up primarily grants players access to more Perk Slots, which start with one slot available by default & increase to two at level 5, three at level 10, & four at level 15. While leveling doesn’t directly boost stats, it sets the stage for players to specialize their characters with unique abilities & skills. 

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Gaining Experience Points (XP)

To know How to Level Up in Dark and Darker, you must understand how to earn experience points (XP). Several actions can reward you with XP, including:

  • Defeating enemies, both players and NPC foes.
  • Opening chests.
  • Exiting dungeons with loot in your inventory.
  • Opening Portals of either color.
  • Descending further into the Dungeon.
  • Completing a dungeon escape. how to level up faster in dark and darker

While the exact XP values for these actions may change between updates, players have noticed that specific actions tend to provide more substantial XP boosts, such as using a Red Portal to enter a deeper level of the Dungeon or defeating the boss after a Red Portal floor.

Strategies for Levelling Up Quickly

To level up rapidly in Dark and Darker, you should employ several strategies:

  • Kill More Enemies: Defeating enemies is the primary way to gain XP. Work with your team to ensure everyone gets a share of the XP by coordinating kills.
  • Play Solo: Although playing solo can be more challenging, it guarantees that you receive all XP from enemies and chests you encounter. The Forgotten Castle is a good starting point for solo play.
  • Explore Thoroughly: The more complex the floor, the more XP you can gain, so explore every inch of the Dungeon but prioritize safe extraction.
  • Open Portals: If you feel safe, open all Blue or Red Portals nearby before using one to leave the Dungeon. Activating Portals grants additional XP. treasure chest
  • Treasure Chests: The intricate mazes in the game contain hidden treasures full of goodies, which you should watch because doing so not only nets you experience points but also unlocks the chests’ valuable contents.
  • Get the Final Shot: To earn XP from PvE monsters, be the one who gets the final shot on them. Coordinate with your party to secure those last hits. 
  • PvP Battles: Fighting AI-controlled monsters isn’t the only thing that Darker & Darker involves. Occasionally, other players can be the most challenging foes. When you triumph in a PvP battle, you can brag about it & gain a tonne of experience points. pvp battle
  • Use Red Portals: Entering a Red Portal and exploring deeper into the Dungeon yields significant XP. This is recommended for well-equipped and experienced players due to the challenging nature of the final dungeon floor.
  • Exit Through Blue Portals: For inexperienced players looking to level up quickly, exiting through a Blue Portal is a practical choice. This method provides a substantial amount of XP without the risks associated with Red Portals.
  • Dark and Darker Gold: Gaining XP and leveling up in dark and darker can be tedious and energy-consuming. However, the shortcut is through Dark and Darker Gold. You can acquire different weapons, perks, and benefits using Dark and Darker gold, which can help you.

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How does Dark and Darker's leveling up work?

You progress up in Dark and Darker by eliminating adversaries and utilizing portals. While it can be challenging to escape a dungeon, if you die successfully, your leveling progress is not lost. In other words, you still gain some experience even if you lose your treasure.

Which Dark and Darker solo class is the best?

Because they were created specifically for solitary play, everyone agrees that Rogue and Ranger are the greatest starting classes. Rogue excels in rapid looting, whereas Ranger excels at PVE and dodging other players and monsters.

Which class in Dark and Darker moves the fastest?

The Fighter is an expert in several fields. The Fighter is a fantastic first class for novice players because of its balanced skill set and ability to use various weapons and gear. This Dark and Darker class is swift considering that several benefits and skills are geared towards accelerated movement speed.

Who in Dark and Darker is the best character?

A concise summary of all the top courses in Dark and Darker is as follows Class S-Tier. Cleric Ranger. Class Level A. Fighter. Wizard. Barbarian. Class Level B. Rogue. Warlock. Bard.


In the thrilling realm of Dark and Darker, where every step could be your last, mastering the art of leveling up is paramount. Leveling up in Dark and Darker can be a challenging but rewarding experience. Thus, by combining strategy, coordination, and a bit of luck, players can navigate dungeons, defeat foes, and enhance their abilities. While Red portals offer the fastest path to leveling up, safety should be the priority for beginners until they have the necessary equipment to tackle higher-level floors.

For those seeking rapid progression, strategic approaches are indispensable. Team coordination, solo play for XP maximization, thorough exploration& portal management are all valuable techniques. Therefore, the importance of securing the final shot in PvE encounters & triumphing in PvP battles cannot be overstated. However, gold is a potent shortcut for those with limited time and boundless ambition. So buy Dark and Darker Gold to make faster progress. This virtual currency grants access to essential gear & perks, transforming the daunting journey into a smoother ascent.

As a result, these strategies will help you level up more efficiently & make the most of your time in Dark and Darker. As you embark on your journey in this thrilling game, also remember that the adventure has only just begun & the dark depths hold many secrets yet to be discovered.

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