Sling TV is the live TV one watches with several number of channels customized as per your wishes. Here, there is no fees, and long term contracts to continue the watch. In this article, we will talk about how to cancel sling TV on all platforms. But first, let us understand how it works and the features it provides.

sling tv
sling tv

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How Sling TV Works?

It offers OTT, meaning you require a high-speed network connection to catch up on online videos and your favorite channels rather than using cable wires or a broadband wireline. It just works like all other service networks like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu, which are currently very popular for its original content and live streaming videos online.

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Features of Sling TV

The outstanding feature of sling TV is that makes it different from the normal networks is that it mainly focuses on ‘live streaming videos’ and broadcasting it to its users. In contrast, the other broadcasting networks like a hot star, Netflix, etc. focus on streaming movies or even preceding programs online.

Once you sign in into SLING TV, you can boot up the app on all your devices based on the recharge pack that you’ve opted for. It appears along with a maneuver to support your interests and videos you view. Make sure you got a constant online network connection because it cannot produce downline videos on its platform.

Affordable! Furthermore, Cheap!

On a survey conducted, sling TV is the sole of networks that mainly aims to benefit the users. It works in two peculiar tiers – one is called orange, and the other one is blue. Both of them are available starting at a rate of $30 for a limited span time ranging from a different cardinal of channels. If you purchase it together, then tier then it’ s expenditure is only around $40 per month. Precisely, 20% savings into your pockets.

If you’re bored with the same channels again and again, then you can pay an additional amount for an extra $15 to avail special entertainment features that’ll enumerate on to your sports or kids’ channel.

Packages and Tariffs

The orange package users can get a connection to 32 channels that includes ESPN sports, cartoon network, AMC at $30 /m. Whereas, the blue unit feature gives around 47 channels totally with a few extra channels that are not accessible in orange. The blue feature provides channels like NBC, headline News, USA together with a few other pages. One main difference between the two is that the orange unit works on single screen mode, whereas Blue can work on three streams continuously. So, a particular user can access only one account to watch videos or any content at a specific time.

The major drawback is that it operates within the United States only. So, people from other countries are not accessible to it.

But what if you constraint yourself from paying the bills?

Guidelines to cancel Sling TV Subscription 

  1. Log on to “” and click on create an account.
  2. Create your account with your details.
  3. Click on cancel Sling TV subscription.
  4. Confirm your cancellation.
  5. You’ll get email feedback, confirm it.

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If you haven’t signed in, do it. Enter your email id and create a password and click sign in. If you are unaware of your previous password, don’t worry, click on the forgotten password, and it is straightforward to create a new one.

Guidelines to Supervise Your Account 

Your account can be manageable in this setting that includes your monthly payment. It also displays your auto-renew option, which helps you when to recharge when your time limit is getting exceeded. You can set a reminder for the same purpose.

How to Omit/Cancel Sling TV Subscription ?

When you hit on the cancellation option, make sure that you don’t prefer practicing on SLING TV anymore. You’ll get an alert menu with the information specified. It might not allow you to delete your account, because the network knows how valuable every customer is. It will give you incentives saying that there are many more offers that you’d want to choose. But if you’re sure to make up your mind. You’re losing an option. Click on remove subscription, i.e., cancel sling TV subscription. It will then revert an email for a confirmation. Once done, you can even delete your account if you don’t prefer any future use.

Feedback Form to Cancel Sling TV Subscription 

Tell them the reason to cancel sling TV subscription. The options available are if you disliked their services or not satisfied with the telecast. Maybe, they can improve their service better than last time.

Confirm to Cancel Sling TV Subscription 

Keep an eye on your email, even spam messages, to check if deleted. If not, contact them directly to sort the issue regarding email to cancel Sling TV subscription. You get access to keep watching videos until your renewal period is over, and also when you don’t prefer to make any more payments.

Subscription Ended?

The amount that you’ve paid will remain as long as your next payment continues. So, if you wish to cancel your payment after the initial week of the month, you can still see your favorite TV shows for the entire remaining month, even without any charge from your pockets.

Is a Free Trial Available?

You do not get access to use your account anymore after your cancellation unless it was a training basis. Even after your payment period gets over, you will have free access to shows like history channel, pops, etc. Sounds cool, right? It determines how customer minded the company is.


The above guideline to cancel sling TV subscription is proven to be the best ways to save your earnings and increase your pocket-money.

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