Course Hero is an excellent educational resource, whether you’re studying for an exam or seeking new self-study tools. For students worldwide, this educational website is a priceless resource because it provides them with access to lecture materials and class notes. However, you must know how to delete course hero documents.course hero

You can delete course hero documents using direct contact and requesting access. With the help of a community of students and teachers, over 20 million course-specific study resources are available on the online learning platform Course Hero.

Uploading files is simple, but deleting them is optional on Course Hero. For whatever subject students are learning, students can access practice questions, study materials, videos, class notes, and step-by-step explanations. Now you can delete these documents quickly. Read below how to delete course hero documents.

How To Delete Course Hero Documents?

How to delete documents from course hero? You can follow any of these methods to delete course hero documents. 

By Direct Contacting

How to delete course hero documents? Follow these steps.

  1. Please click the Contact Us box below to request the removal of specific documents you have contributed. contact us
  2. Please mention the document’s title or URL in the application.url
  3. Request to remove the documentation.customer support
  4. On the File section list, click. Pay close attention to the document’s URL before deleting it to set up a redirect. 
  5. Choose the Delete link to file or delete a picture to be erased from the Actions column.

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By Requesting Access 

How to delete course hero documents? Follow these instructions.

  1. According to your free course hero account, fill in the reporter’s contact information, including name and email.

log in course hero 2. Include a link to the relevant file. If there are numerous, list each and select “Add another work.”

add documents

3. Choose the document’s copyright or privacy violations that are present.


4. You can include a justification for wanting to delete the registered document in the Additional details (Optional) section. Apply English.

delete course hero document information

5. Hit “Submit.”


6. Your request will receive a response from The Course Hero within 2–24 hours of experience. 


7. only a few link files occasionally process, so repeat the process until it runs out.

course hero copyright email

8. How to delete documents on course hero? In addition to the form above, you can email customer care at [email protected] or copyright infringement at [email protected] to request the deletion of materials.

How to delete uploaded documents on course hero? You can use these methods to do so. If your request is turned down or you are asked to explain your desire to remove everything, use the following arguments.

  • Uploaded files infringe on copyright.
  • There has been a breach of privacy.
  • Documents include private information.

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How To Unblur Course Hero? 

You can unblur course hero by using Chrome and a Phone. Here are the detailed steps.

On Chrome

Unblurring answers and documents on Course Hero are made simple using Chrome’s “Inspect” element. On Windows and Mac computers, this technique is effective. The following steps explain the procedure using a Mac or a Windows computer.

  1. Open the page you want to unblur, then navigate to the Course Hero website using Google Chrome.document to unblur
  2. When the mouse is over the document, right-click. Select “Sources” after “Inspect.”inspect
  3. After choosing it, open the “doc-asset” file in a new tab.doc-asset
  4. Find the URL of the restricted content on the new page by looking at it, then remove the “-HTML-bg” part of the URL.html bg
  5. To view the initial portion of the response or document, press “Enter.”
  6. Return to the URL and search for “split-0” in the string.split
  7. “Split-0” should be changed to “Split-1.”
  8. To restore the document’s original text or response, press “Enter.”

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On Android

Use a modified app on your smartphone if the procedures mentioned above don’t work for you. Be aware that you should use these programs as a last resort. While some may produce excellent results, others can compromise your data.

One app that might enable you to access platform-specific secret content is Course Hero+. Some people need help with using this software. 

Again, only install it if your PC cannot deblur the material. Do your homework before accessing any untested content or giving personal information to websites. 

You can unblur data on your Android device by following these steps:

  1. Verify that “Power Saving Mode” is not chosen.verify power saving
  2. Type “” into the address bar of your favorite web browser.ojjavip
  3. Click “Enter.” Make sure “Power Saving Mode” is not selected.power saving mode
  4. The new website will show a variety of apps. In the search bar at the top of the page, type “Course Hero+.”
  5. By choosing “Get,” you can add to the home screen.get course hero
  6. Once you’ve installed the app, you can access the entire Course Hero content. 

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On iPhone

Follow these steps to install the app on your iPhone :

  1. Choose “Battery” from the “Settings” menu.battery
  2. Make sure “Low Power Mode” is not chosen.low power mode
  3. Select “Background App Refresh” under “General.”app refresh
  4. Tap “Wi-Fi & Mobile Data” after choosing “Background App Refresh.”wifi
  5. Go to “” in your favourite browser after starting it.ojaapp
  6. Use the search bar in the top-right corner of the website to locate the “Course Hero+” app.course hero get
  7. Then, click the “Get” icon to add the app to your home screen.


How can I delete the Course Hero?

Click on the icon for your profile photo in the top-right area after logging into Course Hero. Click the Delete Account button after choosing Account Settings. A pop-up box will appear, to confirm your desire to delete.

How do I get rid of files from Course Hero?

You can make a takedown request here if you've found something on Course Hero that contains your personally identifiable information. You could also get in contact with Course Hero's Compliance Team.

What happens if I remove my Course Hero account?

If you decide to delete your account, your submissions will still be accessible in compliance with our Terms of Use, even if your account will no longer be accessible on the Course Hero platform.

Does deleting the Course Hero account remove documents?

When you sign up to use Course Hero, you agree to the terms. In compliance with the Terms of Use, if you decide to remove your account, the files you've uploaded stay on Course Hero.

Does Course Hero make your data available?

Course Hero keeps information private because their business model excludes any connections to educational institutions. They also offer instructions on how students should utilise their service in their resource use regulations.

Is there a one-time fee for Course Hero?

Yes, they charge a one-time fee for the membership at the time of purchase, which is indicated here. All subscription packages are automatically renewed and charged for subsequent equal durations until you stop this renewal.

Can you cancel Course Hero and receive your money back?

Before the next renewal, you can cancel your regular subscription by following these instructions. Once your prepaid time has passed, your account will revert to a primary (free) membership. You can request full recovery if you were charged for renewal but never used any unlocks or questions.


It is all about how to delete course hero documents. A document-sharing website called Course Hero is mainly focused on already published material. Course Hero claims to offer positions taking notes in class and mentoring other students. You can use these techniques to delete course hero documents on Chrome, iPhone, or Android easily.

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