Many people fear the word “Maths,” and few think we can all agree on why that is. It may be the intimidating calculus or the Xs and Ys in the many equations. It doesn’t matter why, but math has never been among the easy subjects. To make maths your strong point, websites like Mathway should be used. mathway The best free alternatives for Mathway are: 

  • Webmath
  • Mathpapa
  • Cymath
  • Symbolab

As such, this resource provides a compilation of resources analogous to Mathway. If you have a mathematical question, you can look up detailed explanations of how to solve it on websites like Mathway for free.

Top Competitors to Mathway and Similar Sites

Other websites that are just as excellent as or better than Mathway are listed below, which can provide step-by-step solutions to arithmetic problems.


Made by Discovery Education, WebMath is one of the most excellent Mathway alternatives. It is a go-to for solving any mathematical challenges. However, this is the place if you are trying to solve a specific mathematical problem.webmath site

Check out this webpage if you’ve got a lot of math assignments due in the coming week. You are web-based means that no app download is required. Choosing a category and entering the problem statement is all that you have to do.

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QuickMath follows, and it is a genuine competitor of Mathway regarding functionality due to the similarities between the two systems. This powerful tool resolves mathematical issues like calculus, matrices, and equations. quickmathIt provides a detailed, step-by-step answer to your arithmetic problem and has several categories to choose from. It is among the specialized app available that you prefer to use on your mobile device, there are specialized apps available.

Microsoft’s Math Solver

Microsoft’s Math Solver is a go-to for many students and teachers alike. Regardless of how easy or complicated your problem may appear, you can get help from this app. With the help of a robust AI engine, you may quickly scan a math problem and get a complete answer. microsofts maths solverIf you’re a student, you should download this software to your smartphone, as it can handle everything from simple addition to complex calculus (not to mention word problems). Even better than that, you can print the worksheet out if you do not use your computer screen as a workspace.


If you need a simple app, Symbolab is an excellent choice. Mathematical concepts like equations, integrals, trigonometry, limits, etc., are discussed. symbolabIn addition, you can use it to solve chemistry-related issues, such as balancing equations. The site’s simplicity and efficiency make it a must-use.

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Cymath, among the other fantastic Mathway-free alternatives, comes up next. Graphs, calculus, and even simple arithmetic are all within the scope of this helpful instrument. cymathInvesting some time in this website is an excellent idea if you want to improve as a logical person. This website is an excellent resource for learning many mathematical concepts, such as factorization functions, logarithms, trigonometry, partial fractions, quadratic equations, etc.


The Chegg app does a lot more than merely solve arithmetic problems. It’s much more extensive than that. Chegg is the place to go if you have a complex issue and need a quick and precise answer. One of its best features is the availability of specialists willing to provide written responses to questions posted on the site. cheggIf that weren’t enough, there would also be a plethora of math, physics, chemistry, and engineering textbooks available on this site. This is the place to go if you need a resource beyond superficial answers.

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Are you searching for straightforward, user-friendly math help sites like Mathway? Yes, Photomath is indeed the solution to your dilemmas. Simply use the app’s built-in camera to scan the problematic mathematical expression, and it will do the rest. photomathThe software provides a QR code leading to the solution after you’ve scanned the question. The process as a whole is straightforward. So, without a doubt, give this app a shot.


MathPapa is an excellent alternative to Mathway if algebra is your weak spot. They provide a top-notch online calculator that can handle any math problem. This site is fantastic if you want to start learning algebra from scratch on your mobile device. mathpapaThis site’s primary concentration is algebra; the best part is that you can work through the lessons at your leisure. It’s beneficial when working with graphs, polynomials, etc. In that case, you should go and have a look.


SpeedCrunch is a valuable tool for completing lengthy mathematical computations rapidly. Various mathematical operations, such as trigonometry and random number generation, are available.speedcrunch

This lightweight calculator application is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It has only the barest minimum of user interface elements, including a blank input box and buttons for numbers and functions.


Students can use the WolframAlpha app to solve complex mathematical questions. Students can consider this as a helpful reference throughout their academic careers. WolframAlpha uses artificial intelligence to perform math homework faster than a human. wolframalphaWolframAlpha is more reliable than simply copying a friend, which is fantastic for kids but terrible for educators because of the anonymity it provides. The query is broken down into components and cross-referenced against an evolving data store.

You can also elevate your learning experience and boost your grades by obtaining Numerade free account login and passwords, enabling you to access expertly curated study materials anytime, anywhere.

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What else do websites like Mathway stand out as a superior option?

SpeedCrunch, being among both free Mathway alternatives as well as Open Source, is the ideal choice. Wolfram Alpha, SageMath, Symbolab Math Solver, and fxSolver are some websites like Mathway that also perform well.

Do you think Symbolab excels over Mathway?

Both of them can solve all differential equations, but Symbolab occasionally has trouble with even the simplest equations, like cos x = x. Wolfram Alpha's impressive computational powers make it a useful tool for tackling any problem. Mathway is helpful. However, it can be slow at times.

Is Mathway available in a no-cost version?

Math way's free, bare-bones version provides access to its virtual calculators for problem-solving. You must purchase it if you want to see how the queries are answered. Depending on how often you want to upgrade, you can pay either $19.99 per month or $79.99 per year.

Mathway vs. PhotoMath: Which Is Better?

Contrasting Mathway vs PhotoMath, the Slant community has decided that Mathway is the better option. Regarding the inquiry, 'What are the greatest Android apps for math problem-solving?' The results show that Mathway is the top choice, while PhotoMath comes in at number four. The software can recognize and solve a mathematical issue if you take a picture of it.

Is Mathway worth the price tag?

Ultimately, Mathway can be used as a quick way for sure students to get to the solution, but it is also an excellent resource for guiding students through complex issues.


Mathway may be the most popular online calculator platform, but it is far from unique. There are fantastic websites like Mathway. MathPapa, Quick Math, and Microsoft Math Solver are among the best options in this list.

Some are only available in web-based forms, while others offer dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android. Consider your goals, evaluate your options, and choose the right one.

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