Have you ever had trouble turning off the captions on CBS All Access? Are you sick of having the text at the bottom of your screen interrupt your attempts to view your favorite television episodes and motion pictures? If you want to learn how to turn off captions on CBS All Access, we have you covered in this article. In addition to giving you a step-by-step tutorial on disabling captions, we will address other related questions in this article.

To turn off captions on CBS All Access, please follow these steps, start the CBS All Access closed caption video you wish to watch playing; the controls for the video player will become visible when your mouse is moved over it in the lower right-hand corner of the video player, select the “CC” button, the captions will be disabled as a result. If the “CC” button is not present, pick “Subtitles/CC” from the menu that displays by clicking on the gear symbol in the video player’s bottom right corner. Lastly, choose “Off” to disable the captions. You can now watch the video without interruptions by turning off the captions.

Further, In addition to giving you a step-by-step tutorial on how to turn off captions on CBS All Access, we will address other related questions in this article. Hence, we have you covered whether you use a PC or a mobile device; read on. 

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About CBS All Access

Your favorite shows are available for live viewing on CBS All Access. Thousands of live TV episodes, including sports and news, are available. For the convenience of its users, CBS All Access also permits closed captioning and subtitles on its films and television programs. Because the text will be displayed on the screen as a guide, it helps viewers grasp what they are witnessing.obsess over orignals Activating or deactivating the CBS app turns off closed captions and subtitles are simple. You can either enable it when necessary or disable it for programs you’ve previously seen.

Disabling Captions On CBS All Access

How you control your captions on CBS and All Access varies depending on your streaming device. The process might be effective on your phone but differs on a smart TV or TV stick. See the various options for controlling your closed captions and subtitles on CBS All Access. To turn off cc on CBS all access follow the given instructions:-

Using a Smart TV

Using a smart TV enables you to enjoy television on a larger screen. But, the procedure varies even more based on the model of your smart TV. Generally speaking, you must navigate to the Settings tab and select Accessibility. The option for closed captions will be visible.

The instructions below will let you know how to turn off captions on CBS all access. Please be aware that the subtitles button on your TV’s remote control will vary based on the model.

  1. Find the settings menu on your TV after turning it on. General, followed by “Accessibility Menu,” should be chosen.accessibility option
  2. Choose “Caption Settings” next. Depending on the model, you may find an indicator to determine if your TV is on or off. (Be aware that some TV models will offer three options under the “Caption Setting” menu to allow viewers to change the subtitles.)caption setting
  3. Viewers can use digital captions to change the color, font, and style of the captions onscreen.language option
  4. The viewer can select their preferred language in caption mode. The broadcast service will nevertheless pick the available selections.closed caption
  5. With separate closed captions, viewers can specify where they want the subtitles to show on the screen.

Using a computer

Use a browser of your choice to manage captions on your computer.

  1. Visit the CBS All Access webpage. Open an account and log in.cbs all access
  2. The video you wish to watch should be set to “play.” Press the pause button.pause button
  3. Find the CC icon, then click it. You can now select whether to use subtitles or not.

Utilizing a portable device

If you are streaming on a mobile device, follow the directions to CBS All Access to turn off subtitles.

  1. On your smartphone, launch the CBS All Access app. memo 618
  2. Choose closed caption from the settings; you will find how to turn the captions on and off.

Using a Roku device

To control your subtitles, use the Roku remote.

  1. Open the CBS All Access application on your Roku box. Sign up with your account. Watch any movie.roku
  2. Select the asterisk option. And click on Closed caption. Pick the option for your subtitles that you prefer.

Via Fire TV Stick or Amazon Fire TV

When managing subtitles, your Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick virtually functions like a Roku device.CBS all access turn off subtitles fire tv procedure is given below:-

  1. Open the CBS All Access application. Play any movie you choose. Choose the solution you like.amazon
  2. Choose Audio and Captions. Your Fire Stick’s menu button should be pressed.amazon settings

Now you know how to Turn off captions on CBS all access, and you are ready to binge-watch without any disturbance. 

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Do I need a login to disable captions on CBS All Access?

To disable captions on the platform, you must have a valid CBS All Access account. If you already have an account on the CBS All Access website, you can register for a free trial or purchase a subscription.

Why is there no option for me to disable captions on CBS All Access?

It can be a system bug or a technical problem if you cannot disable the captions on CBS All Access.

On CBS All Access, are captions accessible in languages other than English?

Depending on availability and licensing arrangements, some of CBS All Access's series and movies have captions in several languages. These choices are available in the video player's Subtitles/CC menu.

Can I disable the captions on my mobile device for CBS All Access?

Yes, using the same procedures as on a PC, you can disable subtitles on CBS All Access on your mobile device.

Does CBS All Access's audio quality suffer if captions are disabled?

No, turning off captions won't change how well the audio on CBS All Access sounds. The audio will still be audible and as clear as before.

Can we caption a feature that can be activated on CBS All Access?

Yes, you may enable captions on CBS All Access. The process is the same as turning them off; choose On from the subtitles/CC menu instead of Off.

Will disabling captions on TV also affect connected hardware and software?

It's crucial to remember that broadcasts and apps with subtitle support also provide them. Streaming service customers like Netflix and Hulu must turn off subtitles on each platform.


We get how annoying captions may be when attempting to enjoy your favorite shows and movies, and we’re happy to have offered a straightforward solution to this problem. This simple guide on disabling captions on CBS All Access has been useful to you because now you know how to turn off captions on CBS all access. And then know about free fubo tv login.

We’ve also addressed some of the most frequently asked questions about turning off captions on CBS All Access. Your inquiries have been addressed in this post, so you can continue watching CBS All Access content.

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