Ubisoft Connect, or Uplay, is a communications/multiplayer service that provides some of the best and most popular games in gaming history. If you love and are enthusiastic about gaming, you should know Uplay. To enjoy all the features, get free Uplay accounts. 

To change your Uplay account username, visit the account information page first. After that, click on the pen where your current icon is mentioned and change your current username.

To download Uplay accounts for free, you can access the login credentials this article mentions. Directly copy and paste these pieces of information to enter into the login page of Uplay to avail of the premium features. The generators found online can be helpful too. You must be at least 13 years old to access the games on Uplay. 

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Downloading Uplay accounts for free

If you wish to play a game like Assassins Creed on different platforms, you cannot get a costume for free in the game unless you purchase it. Uplay offers this and many other features of games that otherwise do not work on other gaming platforms.

That’s why individuals often seek alternatives like finding a Dokkan Battle account for free, expanding their options beyond traditional methods when looking for a free Uplay account login.uplayFree Uplay accounts allow you to play games – many of them for free. With a fully active Uplay gaming account, you access many such advantages. Usually, you would have to purchase or subscribe to premium video games to unlock a wide range of features. But after the Uplay login, you can avail of these exclusive features without paying a penny.

Assassin’s creed chronicles- RussiaAssassin’s Creed Brotherhood- Deluxe
Assassin’s Creed 2nd edition (standard)Tom Clancy’s End-War
Far Cry 5 (gold edition)Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon

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Getting Uplay accounts – free

There are primarily 2 methods by which you can sign in to Uplay

  1. Using free premium generators like FLC Gen .Entering the usernames and passwords mentioned in the table further

premium link generator

Disclaimer: the credentials this article displays may not work when you see this later, as other users before you could use the information and change their passwords. You must apply the trial and error method to get the free Uplay accounts finally. 

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1st method- generators for an Uplay account for free 

Numerous generators are available for you on the web that you can use to generate the login credentials of free Uplay accounts. What these generators do is that every time you click an option indicating an account’s generation, the details show up on your screen. The free generators usually have a limit of producing an account for you- a maximum of up to 10 accounts per day. 

Many generators are online, and you must find the best option immediately. For instance, the FLC Gen is a great online generator that can provide you with the username and passwords of an Uplay account for free. This is how you can use this option for free Uplay accounts-

  • Step 1- from your desired web browser, visit the official website of FLC Gen. You can log in to this site via your Google account or sign up separately.google account
  • Step 2- After signing up or logging in, you have to click on the Tools option at the left menu bar. Under that, select the Free Generators option. ubisoft git
  • Step 3- The site then takes you to their page showing the websites for which they generate premium accounts, including free Uplay accounts.link generator
  • Step 4- Click the generate option under the Uplay Box to get an account username and password. Copy the username and password one by one. copy and paste
  • Step 5- now go to the website of Uplay/Ubisoft, followed by their login page. ubisoft websitePaste the credentials every time you copy them. If there is an Uplay login error, see which accounts are enabled to sign in on the generator. Enjoy the exclusive games here. 

Visit: Ubisoft

Changing the credentials on Uplay

Once you log in successfully, you may change some of your profile information. Like several other sites, Uplay allows you to change your user id and password. You can change these once every 30 days only. 

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How to change Uplay username

 Go to the accounts information section on the Ubisoft official site. Click on the pen icon beside the username you want to change.change username for uplay accounts Edit your old one to the one you want as the new id. After you think the new username is okay, click Change to save and replace the old id. Once this is changed, a confirmation email goes to your address in your Uplay account, notifying you of the change. 

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How to change Uplay password

if you want to change your Uplay password, log in to your free Uplay accounts again. When the page appears, click on the Forgot your password option. On the next page, enter the email address you want to reset your password.

After completing a captcha verification and clicking Submit, Ubisoft sends the email.captcha for free uplay accounts Go to your email account, look for the email Uplay sent, and follow their instructions. The email has a link that takes you to another page to reset/change your password. Confirm your password and your account is updated.

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 Second Method-Free Uplay accounts 

Following a table of free Uplay accounts, you can access your favorite game’s excellent features.free uplay accounts Copy and paste these when you have logged in to the Ubisoft website. You may also want to get free PUBG accounts.

[email protected]1832Kmg1
[email protected]ionion22
[email protected]simple123
[email protected]Starl1ght
[email protected]ab081391
[email protected]shuffle96
[email protected]Baseball1
[email protected]Ryohei84
[email protected]A4kme4it

[email protected]imc00l


Does Uplay delete inactive accounts?

Uplay does not remove any inactive accounts except for local legislation rules or severe protection measures. They never interfere with any account. Unless the account violated their terms/rules that harmed their reputation, Uplay would not delete any account.

Are Uplay and Ubisoft accounts the same?

Yes, they are. Uplay is currently known as Ubisoft Connect PC and is part of the Ubisoft Connect platform.

How much does an Uplay account cost?

Ubisoft+ offers 2 memberships on a per-month basis. A PC access costs you $14.99/month. Apart from the free games, Uplay will allow you to play all the games in their library on a PC system only if you subscribe to them.

Can I have 2 Uplay accounts?

Yes, you can. However, Ubisoft does not support game sharing, unlike Steam. You will have to activate the same game separately for each account.


You can quickly get some free Uplay accounts with the methods mentioned in this article. The generator can create a free but limited number of usernames for you. If you finish the daily limit, you can also try out the other accounts given here. Enjoy your gaming journey on Uplay!

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